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[blocks in formation]

ion Church, 98.

144. Formerly applied to coat of cotton - Ear pieces

black earth of Peru to make
miniatures, or pictures in of the Morion hinder the ink of, 574.
little, 336.

word of command, 644.

Meditation, Jeremy Taylor's Millstone of Novogorod and St.

&c. 369, &c. All favoured
remarks on, 45.
Antony, 621.

by the Pope as lessening
Medoc, derivation of, according Milton, defends the regicides

the power of the bishops,
to Bollendus, 608.


by quotations from Calvin
Meekness, the way to win gain- and his followers, 191. “No | MONETARICS, THOMAs, insur-
sayers, 66.
Bishop no King," manufac.

rection of German peasants
MEITZADE, the tomb of, 521.

tured out of the Aphorism,

encouraged by, 119.
MELIADUS, quoted, 319, 320, “ One Pope and one King," | Monkey catching, 588.
325, 332.


Mendoza, in Chili, the vine.
Mimosa tree, a guide to water

yards of, 533.

in the desert, 580.

MONSTRELLET, quoted, 340.
Menu, Institutes of, quoted, Minarets, Quære? Were they

Badge and arms of the Count
422, 432, 433, 461, 463, 492,
ever used as beacons ? 445.

d'Armagnac, 341, 349, 356.
503, 504.

The shaking minarets at the

MONTAIGNE, quoted, 205, 207.
Men milliners, 301.

Monterey, extraordinary state-

mosque of Jethro, 447.
Merida, the windmills of, 648.
Minerer, what? 335.

ment as to the immense num.
MERLIN, prophecies of, 344,

ber of cattle in the neigh-
Minho el Rio, 270.

bourhood of, 523.

Ministers, aged, the duty of Montezuma's way of keeping
tauracion de Espana, 264,
providing for, 35. Painful

up the population in poison-
treatment of, 36.

ous districts, 522. Descrip-
Methodists, labour of the local Mint and Pimento, Turkish tion of the ambassador of,
preachers among, 32.
drink of, 647.

Metre, remarks on Spanish and

Miracles never cease, 7. Lying MONTRO,ANTONIO DE, impiety
Portuguese, 249.

miracles, 57. Day of, gone of his poetry, 240.
Mexicans, bloody religion of, by : vain claim of the Romish Moon, rising', dispels clouds,
and their predisposition

False, 119. 615. Speech of men in, 651.
thereby to receive the Chris- Question of evidence con- Moorish metre, specimen of,
tian faith, 62. Atrocious cerning a remarkable one, 242. Customs adopted by
custom of, 522.

the Spanish women, 270.
Mexico, extreme heat in the Mirrors, steel ones of Damas- MORALES, quoted, 283, 378,
sound of, 533.
cus, 426.

&c, 381, 382.
MICHAELIS, remarks on blas. Mirza Peer, the station of, 520, MORE, SIR THOMAs,and study,

phemous thoughts, 117. Misfortune, superstitious ap- 14. On the question of
MICHELTON, Mary, impostor, peal to, 623.

sanctuary, 90.
inspired in favour of the Co- Missionaries, French, in Cana- MORE, HENRY, 333, 334.
venant, 195.

da, 59.

MORELL, quoted from the
MICKLE's curious account of Misson, MAXIMILIAN, account Mass. Hist. Coll. Indian cun.

Portuguese sacred drama as of James II.'s instalment in ning and training, 660, 661.
represented at Lisbon in

the royalty, and poem on the | MORETON, Bishop, self-devo.
1780, 289.
expected birth of the Pre-

tion of, during the Plague,
Microscopic animals, wonders tender, 50.
of, 116.

Mittunis, i.e. mittins, or gloves, Mosques, Turkish, morning
MIDDLE AGES, &c. 295, &c. 310.

hymn for, 450. Form of,
MIEDES, the historian, rascally Mocha, the walls of, 519.

remarks of, 291. His men-

Moc-moco, the herb, used for Mosul, clever way of crossing
tion of K. Jayme el Con-

preserving butter fresh, 592. the river at,without a bridge,
questador's skill in surgery,
Moguls, miraculous sally of,

318, 319, 326, 330.
Miges, natural courage of, 537.

481. Mogul women's look. Moulting time of sea birds,
ing glasses, 494.

Milicia Indiana, by D. Ber-

Molluscæ take the form of sea.
nardo de Vargas Machuca.

Mount Hope Neck, 640.
Cotton cloths used as a de-

Mouse and scorpion, matched
fence against the arrows of Monachism supposed to have against each other, 594.
the Chichimecos - Recom- been introduced into Britain MOYNE, LE, quotation from,
mendation of short swords-- by the Heresiarch Pelagius,
Long hair a hold for the


snakes, 604.


Mules, Dobrizh offer's covert
enemy, 643. The sayo, or MONARDES, his account of allusion to, 532.


[blocks in formation]


MULEY MOLuc and his slave Huge ones seen by Flinders OLIVAN, PEDRO DE, and the
Mirwan, 453.

near Point Possession, 647. Franciscans, 57.
MusÆus, lots or oracles of, si. NICHOLAS, Saint, tale of, from Olive trees of the Morea, their

milar, according to Mr. Da. the Roman Breviary, 80. value first brought into no-
vies, to the Caledonian Druid Nichols, JAMES, Calvinism tice by the Venetians, 578.
Merddru, 652.

and Arminianism compared, Ollamh-Filea Feircheirtne, who
Muscadine, draught of, in Wi- extracts from, 191, &c.

and what, 343.
ther's days, 302.

Nicholson and Burn's, Cum- OLYMPIAS and the serpent, 422.
Music, loss of the art of, 655. berlan't and Westmoreland, Omens, with reference to
Musk of Khoten, its excellence, quoted, 295, 321, 323. Tra. Charles I. 141.

velling expenses in 1656, Onion, a nostrum for the
Mussulman, faith of a good one, 325. Trial by combat of plague, 339.

arms, 338.

Opium, use of among the Turks,
Mysoor, rule of evidence in, NIECAMP, quoted, 428. Plea- and the casuistical question

i. e. every witness supposed santness of eastern evenings, as to the use of brandy, 447.
to be a liar, until truth is 430,

otherwise supported, 428. Nijaguma, wonderful book of, Orchards, rapid growth of the

first American settlers, 657.

NIMROD, the first who wore a ORDERS, Notes for the Religi-
Nabob, meaning of, 409.

crown, 450.

ous, &c. 368, &c.
Nadir Shah's new palace, 504. Niwegal Sands, 631.

Ordination, question of canoni-
Nalson's Collections, account Nonconforming Ministers, cha- cal, 15.

of, 146. Extracts from, &c. racteristic anecdote of one, Orja, the marvellous tree of,
143, 163, &c.

that portends war, 448.
Nanda, the River, 483. Northern Signs of Spring and Oriental Sports. quoted, 407,
Napoleon, an old name for a Summer, 632.

414, 430. State of the Na.
devil, 661.

NoTHISDALE, EARL OF, Straf. bob Vizier of Oude's coun-
Naptha, fuel of the everlasting ford delays admitting to be

try, 441.
fire of the Persians, 420. of the Council, because he is ORIENTALIANA, or Eastern and
Narbonne, siege of, by Wamba, a Papist, 181.

Mohammedan Collections,

Norus Homo, splendour of, 636.
Narsinga, who ? 410.

NUNEZ DE Quiros, El Nuncu ORIGEN, bis conjectures and
Naseby, battle of, 160.

opinions turned into here-
NASROLLAH SEMMAND, the Nunjengode, massacre of priests

sies, 78.
Fisher of the Desert, 521. at the temple of, 448. Original Sin, 3.
Natchez, the, extirpated by the Nurses, under what circum. | ORMONDE,the man in the world

French, and sent to St. Do- stances Gonzalo Gustios re. the Irish rebels shewed most
mingo, 527.
commended two, 639.

hatred to, 189.

• The most
Nature, correspondences in,

excellent subject the King is
how they lead on to proper


Lord of,' says Clarendon,
thoughts, 72. Beauties of,

190. The Ormonde family

Oak, evergreen oak of Devon. traditionally supposed to be
Narel, Hindoo notion that it shire, 596.

the heirs of Becket, 203.
cannot be destroyed by fire, Oars, by way of sails, 618. Ormus, prevention against the

Oath, the old tradesman's at excessive heat in the isle of,
NEDHAM, MARCHEMONT, pub. Lucca, 661.

lisher of the Mercurius Bri. Oboe - Hautboy - QuÆRE, a OSANA, SAINT, and the rector's
tannicus, Pragmaticus and corruption of Theorbo, 333. concubine, 51.
Politicus, 155.

Occupations of Scripture Cha- Osmanlu, transparent stones of
Negress's twins, in 1638, one racters, 402.

the mosque of, at Tauris,
white, the other a negro,
O'HALLORAN'S account of Oil.

460, 461.

liol and the lovely Moriat, Ossat, CARDINAL DE, in his
Negroes, cruelties inflicted on 355. Airghtheach, or, of latter days, from what he

at Cayenne, 61. The Ne. silver, origin of the term, had heard and seen of them,
gro's call to prayer, 62.

362. Moran the Wise, 363. could not recommend the
Negromancy, travel to the Ni. Oil, wounds cured with, and restoration of the Jesuits,

gra Rupes by the aid of, 622. the wounded blessed and 374.
Nero, idea of some of the early

psalmed, 51. Balsamic of Ostriches, account of, 585.
Christians that he was Anti- Kentucky and Tenessee,645. Otaheitan funeral prayer, 634.
christ, 107.

Old use of to still the waves, Othomacos of the Orinoco, their
Nests, finches', curious, 580.


lamentations over their dead

402, &c.

por, 219.

[blocks in formation]


every morning at cock-crow, | Parsons, Sir William, a which is built by oppression,

knave of the first water, 204. 445. Beggars buried up to
Oltar, or attar, from the Kash. Father Parsons, 317.

the neck, on the anniversary
meer rose, 487.

Party-dirisions, evil of, 67. of Hosein's death, to excite
Ovid, lines applicable to all Passion, a sign of honesty in charity by a show of piety,

ignorant enthusiasts, 146. Lord Keeper Guildford's 446. Way of eating, 496.
Owen, epigram on Don Anto- opinion, 205.

Peruvia Custom of chewing
nio, Rex Portugalliæ, 285. Pastors, why formerly in con- the Coca leaves, 530.
On himself as a Frater Mi- stant motion, 97.

PETERS, Hugli, said to have
nor, or Minorite, 395. Paternoster Row, formerly in.

been expelled from Jesus
Owl, offered to Gunga, 435. habited by mercers and silk. College, Cambridge, and to
Oxalis Acetosella, use of, 602.

men, 619.

have acted in Shakespere's
Ozages, mud of the river of, PATRICK, Saint, and the spirit Company, 150.

that prayed in his inside, 13. Petrary, two knights set in,
His Horn, 51. A wonder. and hoisted over the castle,
ful Preacher, 124.

PACIECIDOS, Libra 12, &c. 250. PAUL V. Petition of eleven

PHARAOH's Bath, Arab stores
PACHECO desirous of going on Priests confined in Newgate of, 443.
the Indian Mission, 526.

to, 83,

Padalon, the Hindoo, 403. Parperism, increased danger

LAYNE's, referred to as illus.
P. DE ALEXANDRO. Arms of of, 609.

trating the want of disci.
Achilles · Hector arming, Peace, the true way to, to put pline in Charles I.'s army,

out the seeds of sedition and 148. Quoted, 324, 325.
Palatinate, war with, aversion rebellion, 665.

Phengites, transparent, in the
of Strafford to-One of the Pea-fowls, of Jungleterry and
most considerable passages Terriagully, 431.

monastery of St. Luke of

Stiris, 476.
in his Letters, 169. Went. PEDRO DEL REY D. 241.

Philippine Islanders, supersti.
worth advises to secure it, Chronica de Conde Don, 277, tion of, 606.

Phoca Vitulina, uses of, by the
Palm-tree, climacteric of, 464. Pelican, why called the Cha-

Aleutian Islanders, 560.
Male and female trees, ib. meau d'eau, 458.
Utility of, 502.
Pellets, of the Owl or Eagle,

Pictures, Popish, curious mis-
Pamphlets, corrupt ones,

take about, 152.
Ga- 645,

briel Harvey's Espostula- | PEMBROKE, Earl of, his visit
tion against, 651.
to Oxford, 323.

quoted, e g. 425,440. Death

of his wife, 631.
Paned-hose, what? 322. Pemican, food of the Chepe- | Pigeons, the carrier ones of
Papal Darkness, 8. Intrigues wyans and other Indians,
of France with the Papists, how made, 644.

Bagdad, 447.

Pigs in Italy, destroyers of
Advice of the Pope Penitence, gate of, 108.

the Locust larvæ, 655.
that the Papists should not People, bad and good every-
be too ready to furnish where, 94.

Pilgrims, privileges of, 58.
Charles I. with money, 188. PERAZA, ALONSO DE, Romance

Pimento and Mint, Turkish
To be converted by the fecho por el Bachiller, 222.

drink of, 647.
sword in one hand and the PERCEVAL, Romance of, quot-

Pinto-Tree, 666.
Bible in the other, 196. Pa- ed, 367.

Pirates, passage to Ireland in.
pists in Ireland, in Claren. PEREIRA, GABRIEL DE Cas- fested by, in Stratford's time,
don's time, reckoned
TRO, 214.

twenty to one, 203,

PEREYRA Lys, his Elegiada, Pisa, FRANCISCO DE, quoted,
Papyrus, 508.

Cross of oak,

261, 262
Purable, Indiun, on the subject Pero Nino, Spanish expression

266, 275, 282.
of God, 437.

of, 615.

Pistachio Tree, 470, 471.
PARASU - RAMA, account of, PERRONET, CHARLES, in com. | Pistols, Pocket, Proclamation
munion with the Father and

against, in James I.'s reign,
Paredes, Coplas del CONDE

the Son, 22.

DE, 214, 215.

Persecution, desire of Charles Plaintain leaves, used as plates
PARIARS, Quære? The Abo. I. and the Bishops to do by the Hindoos, 422. Trees,
rigines of India ? 433.
away with, 188.

coolers of the atmosphere,
PARNELL, JAMES, the Quaker, Persia, Funeral of the Kings 649.
of Colchester, his death and of, 431.

Plantations in Ireland, Pro-
cruel treatment, 364, 638. Persian Botany Bay, 403. No. testants favourable to, 181.
Parroquets, artificial, 524. tion that no house endureth Mentioned by Stratford as


[blocks in formation]

ven, 120,

an appanage for our young Preciosa, A, by Sor MARIA DE Quaker's Grass, a name in ex-
master the Duke of York, CEO, 250.

istence before the sect, 123,
182. Charles I.'s opinion | Predestinarian Doctrine, effects Quash, Russian drink, made
of, 198. Rent to be paid by, of, 46.

by pouring hot water upon
199. Some envious against Pre-eminence, love of, 24. rye bread, and leaving it to
in England, 202.

'Prentices, London, the insub- ferment, 596.
Plates, Hindoo plates of leaves, ordination of, 322.

Quern, use of, in California,

Press, liberty of, in revolution. 563.
Plenty, God's, feeding true ized France ! 652,

QUINTANA, 265, 274, 283, 289.
Piety, 6.

Preux Chevaliers and Knights Quintin, CRAUFURD's Sketch-
Polycronycon, quoted, 334, 336, Mumelot, their distinction, es, &c. the dolé and tamtam,

508. Oriental war instru-
Pomegrunate seeds, dried by Pride, spiritual, not confined ments, 510. Women's dress,
the Persians to flavour ra- to the rich, 53.

ib. Oriental dress, 511. The
gouts with, 598.
Princes of the nations in Hea.

Jamu, ib. Account of the
Pomp, considerations on reli-

Good, produce dress of the Khatries, 512.
gious, 69.

good subjects, 339.
Poor, question about the sup- Principles, false, 118.

port of, Bp. Sanderson's Produce of the Earth influenced

Rabbit Warrens, established
views, 91.
by man's sins, 96.

formerly near the metropo.
Popery, Charles I.'s aversion Prognosticators of Elizabeth's

lis for the value of the fur,
to, especially after he had days, enactment against,

viewed the practice of it in 637.

Rain sulphureous, like ink, 602.
Spain, 141.

Provencal Poetry, poverty of, Rainbow, caused by falling
Pope's Supremacy, 17, 29. 248.

waters, 535.
Temporal over Spain denied | Prudence, religious, 63. Raisins of Persia, 514.
by the Spanish clergy, 278. Prynne, account of

, 175. His Ramiro, K. and Ortiga, story
Porcupine, very destructive in

own penitence, ib. His ears

of, 360.
gardens, 648.

grew again after they were Ramists, the, formed a party
Porrage or porridge, and pot. cut off and sewed on, ib.
tage, derivation of, 647.

as late as James I.'s time,
Psophia crepitans, 605.

Portugal, change of military | Pudding, favourite dish of our

Rashid, fertility of the country
terms in, 358. Religious forefathers, 298.

about, 502.
darkness of, 639. Mean con- Puff-ball, powder of, stops | Rationalists, new sect of, in
duct of the Court of, 285. bleeding, 598.

Charles I.'s time, - Their
Portugucze Languuge, 257. Pulpit, antics in, 14.
Postal Directions in 1549, 295.

doctrine, 190-1.
Pullets, or, Sr. EPPALETS, 53.
Potato-Pie, 301.

Ruts, plague of, between Mut.
Pumpkin Pies, had in New
Pottery, skill of the Hottentots

tra and Delhi, 588.
England on Thanksgiving Rattle-Snake, charmed by mu-
in, 634.

Days, 614.
Poultry, greater use of, in for- | PURCHAS, quoted, 419, 421,

sic, 604. Soup made of, 649.

Rebuke them sharply," 4.
mer days, 354.

429, 432, 448.
Pover, COLONEL, account of, Purchasing, rule worthy to be

Recluse, summary mode of
forhent in, 339.

making one, 108.
Prayer, remarkable answer to, Purgatory, doctrine of, 99, Recreation, lawfulness of, 3.
37. Praying and saying 381.

Red-Hall, at Leeds, why so
Prayers, the difference be. Puritans, Christian

called, 162.
tween, 89. Extempore, 105.

among, 38. Encroachments Rein Deer Moss, 579, 612.
Fervency of, 126. Ostenta. of, 50. The fathers of Eng. Rein Deer, destruction of their
tious, 285. Holy Prayer, lish liberty, just as the devil fawns by the Estrus Rangi.

was the cause of Job's final ferinus, 529.
Preacher, how to distinguish a earthly prosperity, 192. Reformation, the, 52. Com.

true from a false, 48. Po. Those formerly so called, pared, in some parts, with
pular, 109. JAMES II.'s di. now, says Milton, called the French Revolution, 364.
rections to, 124.

Brownists, 295. Counterfeit Relic, marvellous present of,
Preaching, Puritanical, South's elect, 306.

110. Of the archangel Ga-
remarks upon, 39. Lengthy, Prvah, JONATHAN, story of, briel, 381.
and Love-feast, 41. Mili- 34.

Religions, divers, the spawn of
tary, 62. Suber, 81. Plain,

faction, 104.
102. Women's, Johnson's Quails, mentioned as a dainty Religious Improvement, 1. In-
remark upon, 126.
by Wither, 304.

tolerance, 7. Falling off, 8.


[blocks in formation]

Respuestas, Lus, 400, extracts When they raised contribu- Sailors' swearing and praying
from, 285, 288, 291.

tions for Charles, 1639, the just the same, 125.
Rhè, Island of, unfortunate Pope ordered them to de- Saint, appropriation of the title
descent upon, 178.
sist, 205.

of, 119.
Rheumatism, infants about Romance, carelessness of the Salas, Juan YAGUE DE, Los
Pittsburg in Pennsylvania composers of, 347.

Amantes de Teruel, 254.256,
subject to, 596.

Ronas, the Indian grape, so 287, 293.
RIBEYRO, BERNARDINO, 214, celebrated for its dye, 480. SALAZAR, FrancisCO DE, on
Rice and Cotton Fields in the RONSARD, Venus in her lament the exercises of the Jesuits,
East, 427, 430. In the Ce. for Adonis, 635.

376, Good consideration
lebes, 442. The rice of Na- ROQUE, DE LA, Les Puits de that “all creatures except
vapoura, its excellence, 497. Salomon, 478. Ancient ha- man fulfil the end of their
Planting of, 516.

bitation of Libanus, 479. creation," ib.
RICHEOME, Plainte Apologe Rosary, borrowed by St. Do- Sallinas, all description and
tique, 372.

mingo from the Moslem, no ornament, 210. Epitaph
RICHELIEU, his saying con. 399.

on Fr. Manoel, ib.
cerning Stratford, that “the Rose-leares, a substitute for Salsette, Bees in the caverns
English nation were so fool.
tea, 598.

of, 418.
ish that they would not let Rose, Romaunt of, extracts Salt Provisions, quicker lose
the wisest head among them from, 315.

their saltness by soaking in
stand upon its own shoul. Rose Lake, supposed suction salt water than in fresh, 596.
ders," 164. Prime com in, 593,

Sam, the juice of, and its
missioner on the treaty of Rosline Castle, superstition re- effects, 505.
marriage, 177. Employs specting, 357.

Samaritan Fable, 653.
French Capuchins in Scot- Rotten-wood, advantage of, to Samson Agonistes, quoted, 640.
land, 187. His notion of be. fatting swine, 596.

Sanctuary, question of, 90.
coming Patriarch of France, Royal Buckler, quoted, 323, Sund-filter, 600.

Sand, White, sprinkled on
Ring and Saruzen, what? 638. Ruby of Paradise, 439.

stacks, a preventative against
Rings, antiquity and use of, RUDYARD, Sir BENJAMIN, his mice, 597.

remark on the quarrel be- SANDERSON, BISHOP, his in.
Ricers, encroachment of, in the tween preaching and prayer, most thoughts, 1. His aug-
East, 422.

146, Indemnified with lands, mentation of small vicarages,
Robin Hood's Day, 299. His 148. Remark on religion, .9. Averse to extempore
bottle purchased, 436.

sermons, 31. His Visita-
Robin, the poem of Robin Con- Rump, the burning of, 323. tion and Assize sermons,

science, or Conscionable Ro- Rural Deans, great use of, 68. On the support of the poor,
bin, 619.

Rushlights, the antiquity of, 91. His assertion that the
Robin Redbreast, the talking, illustrated from W. Harris's extremes of Popery and

tr. of Ware's Antiq. of Ire- Presbyterianism meet, 195.
RODERICK, derivation of the

land, 351.

Sannyasi, the, their austere life
name, 261.
RusiwORTH, quoted, 130,&c.

according to the Institutes
Roger, II. in Picart, the age 146, &c. Bracewell be-

of Menu, 493.
at which a child is reckoned queathed to, but it did not Santiago del Estero, or, Maho.
to be a Brahmin, 471. Vi.

prosper in his hands, 206. met's paradise, 575.
cramaarea, account of, 471, Died of dram drinking in a Sarama Pereimal, end of, 425.

gaol, ib.

Sarazen and Ring, sport of,
Roland and Oliver, figures of,

according to Canciani, at


Sartrina, the, in religious
Verona, 353.

Sack, a cure for foot soreness, houses, i.e. the tailor's office,
Romuic-origin of the modern instanced in the case of Ni. 369.
term, 613.

cholas Ferrar, in walking Satan, delusions of, 20. Stra-
Roman CATHOLICS, Protestant through Spain, 646.

tagems of, 46.
work not to be relied upon SACOntsla, quoted, 470. Bri- SAUNDERS, DR., Cranmer's
when edited by, 16. Romish dal array, 476.


trumpery, 56. Frauds of, Saffron, Irish custom of co- Sayo, the, or, Coat of Cotton,
58, 60. Statesmen's atten- louring linen with, to save defence against Indian ar-
tion called to the cunning of charges of washing, 365.

rows, 644.
the Roman court, 88. Priests Sugamores, or Indian kings, Scenery, description of, 618.
impudently imprudent, 148. 660. The Sagamore and his Schools, Public, question of,
Flatter Cromwell,
154. notch cane, 667.


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