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angry, 654.


Scorpion and Mouse, matched | Sheep and Goats, what? 42. growing young, 324.
against each other, 594. The Sheep called by name, illus-

sea, a sign of land, 578.
scorpion the cure of his own tration of John x. 3., 70. Snow-blindness, among the An-
poison, 599.

Ancient care of, in Wales, des, 530. Remedy against,
Scote faire la, supposed origin 358.

of the term, 370.
Sherbet, 467.

Snuff, to take it in, i.e. to be
Scots, the, Strafford's remarks SHERLOCK. Wickedness in a
upon, 184.
Scotland, ex.

poor estate the cause of more Snufflers, Puritanical, “As if
tracts relative to, 195, &c. poverty - Improveable ta- the way to heaven
The canny Scot, 332.
lents, 86.

through the nose,” 153.
Scythe, Military, 318.

Shin-wood, why so called, 605. Soap, vegetable, in India, 429.
Sea - Calves and Seals of the Shiraz, robber tombs near, Societies and Orders, religious,
Gulph of Bothnia, 601.

analyzed, 70.
Sea, the Grass Sea, why so SHIRLEY, quoted, 340-1. SOCRATES Scholasticus,quoted,
called, 583. Spuma maris, Shoes, shining, 335.

or, excrement of the sea, Siamese notion of the end of Soldier English, where well
584. Chopping seas, 614. the world, 421.

fed, fearless of death and
A tamer of ferocity, 657. SIDNEY, SıÁ HENRY, down to danger, 667.
Sea-Cow, Steller's, disappear. Stratford's time the good Soldiers, enrolment of, 664.
ance of, 603.

deputy of Ireland, 198. SONNINI, his account of the
Sectaries, wisdom of leaving Sign-boards, common use of, Mountain of Birds, 468.
them alone, 31. Divers, 58. 331.

Quoted, 490, 491, 492, 495,
Seelig Michael, monastery of, Silks-shot, Quære ? 333.

499, 500.

Silk, interdicted by Mussul. | Sophia, Saint, the tesserated
SELDEN, released by the inter- men, and the interdiction Mosaic of, 614.
vention of Laud, 135.

eluded by the intermixture Sophis, head dress of, 409.
Selemnus Rirer, or, the Lover's of a little cotton, 448.

SORBIERE's mistake about a
cure, 613,

Silver, the first got in Ireland, ship with two keels, and two
Selymus II. his ambassador's sent over by Strafford, an foremasts Rare use of
chamber, 508.
ingot of 300 ozs. 197.

forks and ewers by the Eng.
Semana la Dirinu, 252. SILVERA, FERNA DA, Trovas lish, 667. Why they ad.
SENECA, 142, 145.

de, 242.

mire their own language, ib.
Sepharud, the, who ? 653. Simoniucal corruptions, 63. Sorbus Aucuparia, or, Moun-
SEPULVEDA's Collection of Singadi, or Night Tree, Man- tain Service, 589.

Ballads, references to, 284. delslo's account of, 494, and Sortes Biblicæ, 113.
Sermons, advertisement for sale Sir William Jones's, ib. Soul, the doom of one who
of, 1807, 103. Reading of, | Sins, parallel of our own and

despises his, 365.
prohibited by the lesser Jewish, 76. Monstrous pro- | Souther, Robert, his regret
Council of Lausanne. 109. position that God is the au- in Cumberland for the flow.
An hour, the length of, ib. thor of, 105. Worse than ers and insects of his child.
Reciting by rote, 114.
leprosy, 319.

hood, 602. His brother's
Seronge, les toiles peintes de, Sir, origin of the term, and its account of chopping seas,
qu'on apelle OBITES, 514.


Serpent, great jewel taken from Siribio, the magician, and South's Sermons, extracts
the head of, &c. 347.
prophetic bird, 467.

from, 4. Drum ecclesiastics,
Serro and Cochilhas, what ? | Sisebut, 271.

12. An orthodox man with.

Sisters, succession through, in out religion, 13. Mysteries
Sesamum Orientale, oil of, 431. Malabar, and


the revealed to the meek, 26.
SHADFORD, GEORGE, the her- Natchez, 409.

Painful treatment of the
mit, 24.

SKELTON, extracts from, 308. Christian ministry, 36. Un-
Shadow, Hindoo superstition, Dame Pallas to the Queen

prepared ministry under the
of Fame The Countess of

usurpation, ib. Remarks on
SHAFTESBURY'S Churacteris- Surrey deviseth a Coronet of Puritanical preaching, 39.

tics, quoted, 69, 70, 72. Lawrell for Skelton, her Difference of ministrations,
Shugreen, what? 464.
Clerke, ib.

God's witness of him.
Shamachy, the grapes of, 520. Skopshorn, mountain of, 624. self, ib. Triumph of vice,
Shard-borne, derivation of, 646. Sleeping at Church, remarks 103. Interpreting gifts of
Sharks, danger of, living or

on, 25.

fanatical preachers, 105.
dead, 590.
Slingers, Irish. 339.

Men's hearts most forestall
Shurk's Teeth, instruments of Sloe-juice Ink, 602.

them in heaven, 106. World-
Snakes, eaten, a receipt for ly wisdom of the Romish

wide use,

War, 351.

[blocks in formation]

church, ib. Itch in the ear, of, concerning the root of all ped of Woolsley in Stafford-
107. On reciting sermons our confusions, 87.

shire, 600.
by, rote, 114., Description Stones, Spirit, of the Indians, Street-lighting, early at Paris,
of true wit, 121. Fanatical

persuasion, 124 His high Stools, or, Moreable Seats, 340.

STRYPE, 2. Expenses of the
opinion of Abp. Laud, 134.

three constant martyrs in
State of insecurity during Storks, believed by the Turks

Bocardo, 16.
the rebellion, 145. Puritan

to make pilgrimage to Mec- Student's directions, according
claptrap addressed to the

ca, in their annual emigra- to the Institutes of Menu,
daughters of Sion, 146. Ma-

tion, 459. Of Tripolitza, 504.
hommedan story: where did


Stuic, or, Stoc, what? 331.
South find it ? 449. Pain Storm, dreadful one of 1196 as STYLITES, SIMEON, and the
felt differently by different

described in Hoare's Giral- bucket rope, 616.
constitutions, 653.

dus, 632. In Forbes's OriSubsidies, Strafford's care for
Sow that had devoured a child,

ental Memoirs, 634.

in Ireland, that the rich
execution of, at Meulont at-

STRAFFORD's Letters, extracts might bear the burden as
tested, 606.

from, 134, &c. Would have well as the poor, 182.
Spaniards, factious affection to, no one to be a bishop before Subterraneous Fires, 620.

in Elizabeth's reign, 638. forty, 135. Expression of SunrAC KING, the wailing of
Spanish, corruptions, 277. his obligations to Laud, 136,

the fortunes of, 512.
SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE 155, &c. 164, &c. Recom | Sugar of the Canary Islands,
LITERATURE, 209, &c.
mendation to the King rela-

its sometime excellence, 610.
SPAIN, Lord Clarendon's opin- tive to fines of delinquents, Sugar-cane in Hayti, planted

ion of, and of the Spaniards, 165. Thanks Laud for his by one Aquilon, a Canarian,
particularly as respects their good advice, 166. No desire 569. Drink made from, 597.
Îiterature, 140. Schemes to be Lord Treasurer, 167. Sultania, Mosque of, idea that
for reducing Ireland under Account of his means, and the well of water there comes
Spanish dominion, 203. vindication of his expendi. underground from Mecca,
Change of arms in, 358. ture, 170. Obligations to

Speaking loud, Stratford's re- Laud, ib. His desire to hurt Sumatra, extraordinary creep-
marks upon, 181.

no one, but confession of a er of, 409.
Specie, defined sense of, 661. natural stiffness, 172. The Sun-rising', ancient custom of
Sphinx, quoted, 364.

Abp. of Tuam's valediction the Christians assembling to
Spialls, Henry VII.'s use of,

Offered his life if he view from the steps of the
defended, 665.


urge the King to Epis. Basilica of St. Peter discon-
Spirit, fanatic, a deadly one copacy, 173. Letters and tinued, as savouring of Gen-
Perverseness of spirit, 6. dispatches, extracts from, tilism, 44. Caution of com-
Holy Spirit, as described by 177, &c. Naturally not sus. batants to get the sun of
Huntington, 125. Spirit- picious, 178. Opposed to all their adversaries, 359.

stones of the Indians, 593. non-residents in Ireland as Superstition and Enthusiasm,
Spiritual Exercises, 374, &c. well lay as ecclesiastical, ib. evils of, 64. Forced abolition
and Directorium in Exerci- Care against ill bishops,

of, 119.
tia, 375.

179., Constant integrity of, Superstitions, 302. Influence
Spurs, Par esperons on com- - Advances his own money

of, 621.
mence soy armer.Proverb, to save the crown, ib. His Surinam Moat, 526. The line

trustiness, 191. Advises the of, ib. Razor-grass of, ib.
Squantumite, A,who and what? King rather to employ men Sussex, religious destitution

of fortune than adventurers, of, 3.
Stable, the Elector's, account 183. Letters to Laud, 183. Suttee, the passing of, 451.

of, by Fynes Moryson, 348. Advises the re-establishment Suyzaros, the sword of, what ?
Stage-Plays, ordinance for the
of the mint, 200. Advises

suppression of, 153,

the King not to let gun. Swallow, the, a blood staunch-
Stags as coach drawers, 639. Powder be made in Ireland, er, 310. Of Honduras, 592.
STANIHURSTUS, Rich. de rebus 201. Purchases the customs, Why the friend of man, and
in Hiberniâ gestis, 359.
which had been usurped or

why it nestles in his dwell-
STAPLETON, born the very day
Sir Thomas More was put
alienated, for the crown, ings, 622.

ib. No rebellion in Ireland Sweuring profane, 114.
to death, 362.

if Strafford had lived, 203. buked and silenced, 115.

Intimacy with Vandyke, Sword, a warrior's, broad and
ion of, 284.

short, 343.

to, ib.


STEPlens, Edward, opinions si rawberry, large double crop- Sycamore Trees, near Dorches-


[blocks in formation]


ter, described by De Foe as

can recompense for a certain Tlascallans, West Indian tribe
a harbour for flies, 647. change, but a certain truth, of, 531.
SYLVESTER II. marvellous ac- 142. Old Testament divines Tobacco, use and pleasures of,
count of, 624.

who have too much squinted 350. Persian love for, 493.

towards Moses, ib. Govern- Mildness of the Turkish,499.

ment of the church by bi- Indian smoking of, under de.
Tabasco, town of, 531.

In- shops, ib. Lineally descend- liberation of great matters,
dians of, make wells on the ed from the martyr, Rowland 527. Introduced into Italy
shore, to procure fresh wa- Taylor, 194. Saying of, 205. from England, 608, 641.

Diversity of saints, and their Toddy-tree, account of, from
Table Mountain, 616.

particular charge, 389. Woodard's Narrative, &c.
Tacitus, extract from his An- Tea, imitation of, from leaves 430.

nals, apposite to Cromwell, of the hornbeam, 592. Toilette, Women's, by V. Luisa
142. To Charles and his Teeth, Black, in esteem a- de Carjaral, 292.
Parliament, 145.

mongst the Banyans, 415. Toledo, Alcacer of, 261. Ad.
Tagus, Etymology of, 260. Its Singular custom in Trinidad

vantages of, 278. Verses on
source, 268.

Bay of grinding down the the wall of staircase in the
Talmud, story from, 647. teeth to the gums, 524. town of, 288. Early use of
Tamaraca, theft of, 530. Teflis, glazed windows at, 508. the word for a sword, by Lly-
Tanistry, law, or custom of, TEMPLE, SIR WILLIAM, on in- gad Gwr, bard to the last
in Ireland, 204.

flammatory causes, 608. 0- Llewelyn, 320.
Tanjour, the Rajah of, and the

pinion of the Spaniards, 642. Toleration, during the great
description of commodities State of the Low Countries rebellion, more harmful than
for which a demand can ex- in 1670, ib. Further cha- any persecution for seventy
ist, 452.

racter of Spain, 643.


years before, 150.
Tariga, population of the val.

glish polities that live only Tomich, PERE quoted, 341.
ley of, 524.
by the day, 663.

A good precedent for with-
Tatars, American, 529.

Temporalities, wisdom in re- holding supplies, &c.- The
Tattooing Iwian, 634.

storing, without which no habit of a conqueror not the
Tauris,petrifying springs near, man will take pains, 135.

habit of the conquered-Lo
Termites, delicious food, ac-

Rey Ceremonios, 343.
TAVERNIER, 464. Les Char.

cording to Dr. Winterbot- Tonga Mythology-Tonga Bo-
latans à Baroche, 465. Gor-
tom, 532.

latoo, or, Island of the Gods,
geous heretical mosque at
Tertzena, in the Morea, excel-

626. Initiation of their chil.
Tauris, 466. Wood in the
lence of the wine of, 584.

dren in cruelty, 638.
desert, &c., 468. Mahom.
Testudo Aboriginal, or, the

Tongue, necessity of speaking
medan dread of Christian
Yucutan instrument of the

in one understood by the
defilement, 469. Size of the
tortoise shell, 570.

people, 2. Division of tongues
Pistachio Tree, and Pista.

after Adam's exile from Pa-
chios of Aleppo, 470, 471.
Thieves in the East, clad in

radise, 439.
stone doublets, 504.
Account of the wools of Ker-

TORQUEMADA, his statement
Rose water of | Tholsel, at Dublin, what ? 609.

that the Indian kings were
the women of Yezd, 473. Thorough, or Thorow, empha- war-makers on their acces-
Persian jars for wine, 479. tic use of the word by Straf-

sion, and why, 576.
Plaister like marble, 483. ford, in his letters, 171, 176.

TORPES, SAINT, account of, and
Turkish buildings and splen- | Thunder, the angel of, 439.
did interior of the Turkish TIMBERLAKE, account of the

Southey's intent to make a
houses, 484. Simplicity of

poem of it, 378.
great jewel taken from the
Persian beds- In the open

serpent's head, and used in Torquatus, &c. The Seven
air, sur leurs terrasses, 485.

Bishops, 379.
conjuring, 347.
The dancers, 492.
Cha-Se- Tinting of Arms,account of, 350.

Tortoise, age of, 598.
phi's way of mourning for TIRANTE, quoted, 341. Cere. Tournaments, places for match.
his murdered wife-Way of mony of degrading a knight, makings, 337. Armas del
warming Persian houses- 346. Custom observed in En- Torneo, ib.
Persian love for tobacco, 493. dast on the birth of a male | TOURNEFORT, account of the
Caravanseras, 495. The rice child, 354.

Establishes a ceiling of Mahomet Bey's
of Navapoura, 497. Taver- military watch at Constanti. Seraglio, 506. Angora Goats,
nier's entertainment by Cha
nople, 619.

Sefi, 503. Palanquin-bear- TLALTECATZIN, the body of-. Trabuco, used by Cortez when

Preparations in death for a his powder failed, at the
Taylor, Jeremy, Nothing change proximate to life,535. siege of Mexico. Probably

man, 472.

ers, 517.

[blocks in formation]

the last use of this machine, Uniformity in Religion pre- Vestments, Priests and Stu-
served by force, 2.

dents, according to the In-
Trade Winds, account of, 581. | Unity, Romanist, 101.

stitutes of Menu, 492.
Transformation, unhappy, 114. Unpreaching Prelates, 10. Venner, his remark on his di-
Transubstantiation, 80, 285.

Urns, Russian, heated by char- al, 668.
TRAQUAIR, Laud's opinion that Uros, their assertion that they

coal, 596.

VIEYRA, the Jeremy Taylor
he was treacherous, 196.

of Portugal, 259. Account
Treacle, etymology of the

were not men, but Uros, 533. of Pedro II.'s first-born Son,
word, 599,

Ursula, and the 11,000 Virgins, 279. Queen Maria Fran-
Treading out the Corn, in the Ushant, Isle of, 656.

cisca, 280-1. Pater-Nosters
East, 472.

and Ave-Marys in Portu-
Tree-eaters, 531.

guese, 280.

His account of
Trees, removal of large ones,

to the English Canons being the Astrologer Merlino, and
354. Marvellous one of Or-
received in Ireland, 162. the Comet of 1580, 281. Af-

fonso VI., 282, 385.
fa, 448.
Trent, Council of, originator of



DE, Historia de la Nuera
the Indices Expurgator, 389. VALENTIA, Lord, Travels of,

quoted, 429. Abyssinian Mexico, 532.
Tripeti, the Pagoda of, 411.
Tripolitza, storks of, 584. Ca- Valladolid, English College at,
mode of making bread, 431. Villa Real, town of, in Guata-

mala, 640.
parisoned horse of, 623.

remarks on-

– Thought to be Vine, the leaves of, a substitute
Tristis, Sud, assimilated use of

the immediate cause of the for tea, and the prunings
the words, 665.
Trolhätta Falls, 579.
attempt at Invasion by the

good for making vinegar and
Spanish Armada, to reduce wine, 647.
Truce and Peace, private form the English by force to the Virgin, vain worship of, 344.
of, from the Partidas, 325. Catholic Religion, 126.

The Painter and the Virgin,
Truth-telling, in John Dunton's VALLE, PIETRO DELLA, often 366. Ladders of Christ and

days, uncommon in New-
England, 651.
quoted, e. g. 425,440. Death

the Virgin, as seen by S.
of his wife, 631.
Tuum, O'Connor's wonderful VALVERDE, the Dominican, the

Francisco, 385. Image of,

at Venice, 621. The Pro-
castle at, 324.

companion of Pizarro, 656. testant Irish Gentleman and
Tub-thumpers, 109.

VANDYKE, SIR ANTHONY, love the Virgin Mary, 656.
TUBAL, some question about,

for Lady Stanhope, end Virnes CrisTOVAL DE, El

breach with, because she Monserrate de, 237, 271,229.
Tuburroch, or, Iloly Gift, 521.

would not pay the price set Virtue, add to your faith, dif-
Turf and Twig, taking posses- upon her picture, 205.

ferently understood by the
sion of by, 641.
Vappe, i. e. Vinegar, 207.

Puritans and St. Paul, 194.
Turkish Indolence, 500. Water VARGAS ALPHONSO, DE, De Vishnoo, prostration to, 437:
Fête, 512,

Stratagematis et Sophisma- Viverra Putorius, Phosphoric
TURRIANUS, the remarkable

tis Politicis Societatis Jesu, properties of the urine of,561.
speech of, to Hasenmüller, &c. 374.

Volcano, the ashes of, carried

VARGAS Y Ponze, 262, 266, the distance of 300 leagues,
Turtle-dores, sacred in Egypt, 273, 276, 289.

or more, 526. Volcanic
495, 500,

Vastil- House, destruction of islands, 586.
Tusser, quoted, 325. The geld. James Douglass'. 620. VOLNEY, the monotony of E-
ing of foals, 331.

Verdicts, origin of finding con. gypt, 499. The disappoint-
Twaddle, religious, 74.

trary to evidence in Ireland, ment which Egypt suggests,
TYNDAL's books, affection for, 205.

507. Mountains of the U.
Typhoon the, account of, from Verd, Cape de, Islands of, nited States, and course of
D). Joam de Castro, in Pur-

wrongly named, according to the Rivers, 535.
chas, 629.
Columbus, 281.

VOLTAIRE, and the Cid of Cor.
TYRAWLEY, LORD, and the Vergantines, account of Cortes',

neille, 260.
Friars at Lisbon, 276.

Tyrone and TYRCONNEL, their VERGARI, instructive story of,

remark, that all the Irish on the Seventh Command- / WADSWORTH's account of En-
that come to Spain, come for
love of them, &c. 202.
ment, 61.

glish Roman Catholic fugi-
VERSTIGAN, quoted, 261. Ed.

tives, 53. Preparations for
Ward - William — Quean

sea-fight, 332
Umbrellas, fanciful danger

Rascall, the meaning of, 317. Wakes, question of, called by

The Li in English-Origin the Puritans a remnant of
from, 358.
of the abbreviation Peg; ib.

Popery, 133.


[blocks in formation]


rope, 611.

Wales, devotion of, to Charles tification, 110. Why the WITGIFT, ARCHBISHOP,

young are more zealous than

care in drawing up his notes
Wall-painting, 316.

the middle aged, 111. Near- for preaching, 117.
WALKER's Irish Bards, ex- ness of departed ones, ib. Wiclif, opposed to the intro-

tracts from, 344. Blaosg, or Remarks on the Statute of duction of the New Song, 82.
Concha Marina, 349, 360. Mortmain, ib. The cock. Widow, curious custom in the
Interred gold discovered from fighter — Lincoln College Netherlands of the widow
a harper's song in Ireland, Experience – Passive Pray- laying the keys upon the
361. Bardish lament, ib.

- Perseverance in dry coffin of her insolvent hus.
Walsh, John, and the earth. duty An exacter of disci. band, together with like in-
quake at Lisbon, 120.

pline-Wesley and Quaker- stance of the girdle, belt,
WALTON, IZAAC, his thankful. ism, 112. Wesley and Ro. and purse, from Monstrellet,

ness for not belonging to the chester's Divine Poems, 114. 356.
bringers in of the Covenant, Quotations from Journal of, Wilford, Asiatic Researches,

115-117. Unnecessary mark- Peti-suca and his wife Ma-
Waltz, modern, the old La ing of words in poetry by, risha, 476. Contest between
Volta, 327.

648. Ilis use of the word the Dèvatàs and the Daityas,
Wanderers from church to “ Nill,” ib. His account of and how it was brought to an
church, 106.

a Chancery bill — American end, 477. Hindoo lake of the
WARBURTON, BISHOP, sugges- Independence hatched in gods - The Rajah's unhal.

tion for exposing fanatics, England, 651. Fish waiting lowed love, 480.

for their prey round a water- Wind, the poison wind, what ?
WARD, Bishop Seth, his hos. logged wreck -- Curious in- 446. Destructive winds in

pitality, 104. His College stance of new sight – His the forests of northern Eu-
of Matrons, 123.
opinion of farmers expressed

Effect of hot,
WARD's Hindoos, quoted, 427, in St. Pierre's words, 654. 618.

434, &c. Indru and Gund. Loss of the art of music, 655. Wine, mixture of sacramental
hurvusanu, 454. Mountain West India, Conquest of, quoted,

with water, first introduced
of Sheeva and Doorga, 457. 529,531, 570, 571. Conse. by Pope Alexander I. 103.
WARE, Sir James, quoted, cration of an idol --The hol. Burnt wine to fortify the
349, 355, 365.

low idol that spake -- The stomach, 334.
Water, boiled with cedar and idol Quecaleovati The Witc the, from Du Bartas,
coriander, 359. Holy water, images of Mexitili and Tez-

384. Easy way of raising calipoca Cortes' ensign, Witchcraft, a Duke of Milan
in India, 408. Effect of wind &c. 570. A certain fierie sends to a King of England
on, 478.
mountain of, 630.

for a soothsayer, or a book
Water, fresh, how to procure WESTON, his ill will to Straf- for the cure of, 622. Ex-
on the sea-shore, 601.
ford, 182.

periment in, 623.
Water tree, account of, 534. Wexford, once the most re- WITHER, GEORGE, extracts
Pools, 581.

formed part of Ireland, Ro- from, 300, &c. Christmas
Wuttle buildings in Ireland, manized by the priests, 197.

Carol by, 302. Mentions the
Wheat crop, evil anticipated

hunting of the martin and
Wedding garments, a curious from the failure of, 608. the cat, ib. The willow-

list of, belonging to the Lit. Whickham, origin of the stra- branch and the yellow hose,
tleton family, 326.

tum of burnt earth there, ib. Dainty dames and their
Welch, extensive use of the 155.

apparel, 304. Court her.
term, 345.

Whirlinds, called Dragons, dis- maphrodite-His detestation
Wells, Oriental, 414. The sing. persed by the beating of new of Hispaniolized English-
ing well at Monghyr, 429. swords crossways, 623.

men, ib. His horror of cox.
Wells of Soloinon, 478. The Whiston Cliffs, warning of, 27. combry, 307.
burning well, 587.

White, KIRKE, extracts from WITIZA, 275, 276.
WENTWORTII recommends to

papers of, 339, 343.

Witt's Recreations, extracts
Charles to secure the Pala. White powder, 337.

from, 313, &c.
tinate by all princely provi, WuTFIELD, address to Count | Wogan of the house of Wis.
dence from being possessed Zinzendorff, 18.

His ora-

ton, alias DRINKWATER,
by the French, 180.

tory lightly esteemed by Dr. supposed death of, one of
WESLEY, thoughts on the Johnson, 110. Supineness Charles's judges, 320.

earthquake at Lisbon, 28. of the clergy previous to his Wolves, rapacity of at Caun
And the Creek Indians, 60.

His mi. pore, 648. Paming of one,
One day as a thousand years, nistry never treated by Dr. 661.
106. Justification and sanc: Johnson with contempt, 117. Women professors, righteous

appearance, 113.

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