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live upon it in all the rich varieties of its manifestation loves them too, for they taste His love every moment, and that fills every soul in heaven under the immediate in pressions of Divine love, when the poor trembling, doubting

from the full assurance of the love of God! What tonger



hearts bleed for you, victims of the devil, slaves to your sinful lusts! Oh that you could listen to the voice of father, conscience in sober moments, if such you have! The secrets fearful scene at the head of this is no uncommon one, may soon be yours ; time flies, death approaches, judgment where waits ; " they that do such things cannot inherit the sam kingdom of God.” But yet there is hope.

“Jesus ready stands to save you,

Full of pity, joined with power.” Flee to Him-repent, believe, and listen—"Him that cometh unto me, I will in no wise cast out.”

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No. III. As our knowledge, our love, and our holiness are in. perfect on earth, our joys must be so also. The mistakes and the follies to which we are exposed from below, and the sin that is restless and ever working within us, will bring forth fruits of present sorrow.

A saint in this world will groan under these burdens, and it is natural for him to cry out,

“O wretched man, who shall deliver me from the body of this death!” But the spirits of the just mau perfect are in peaceful and joyous circumstances ; the know God, for they see His face ; they know that they love Him, for they feel and enjoy it as the warmest all sweetest affection of their hearts; and they are sure Gal

And what unknown and endless satisfactions of mind arist can express, or what heart can conceive the sacred pleasur



believer, that knows himself to be infinitely unworthy of the favour of God, or of the meanest place in His house, shall be acknowledged as a son in the midst of his Father's court, and amidst millions of congratulating angels; and through the length of all their immortality there will not be the least interruption of the sweet intercourse of love. The inhabitants of that city, of the heavenly Jerusalem, " shall no more say I am sick, for the people that shall dwell therein shall be forgiven their iniquities. No lion shall be there, nor any ravenous beast shall go up thereon;

it shall not be found there, but the redeemed shall walk there, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away; and God himself shall never be absent, and therefore they can never be unhappy.

M. B.

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My mother's God is here." Mary S. was the daughter of honest and industrious parents. At a very early age she showed great fondness før reading, especially Scripture history. When about ten years of age she became seriously impressed by reading the history of Hagar, who exclaimed, “Thou, God, seest me." This conviction took such fast hold of her mind as to influence all her future conduct. When about twentytwo years of age she became a mother. Often in the stillness of the night would she take her precious babe in her arms, and lift up her heart unto that God which seeth in secret, imploring wisdom and direction to train


her child. As the child grew older, not a leaf, an insect, or a lower attracted its observation without its mind being directed to the all-wise Creator. Every little incident of the day was improved by this pious mother to lead her tender offspring to see the hand of God. So gentle and so pleading were the instructions given to the little one,

that the theme on which the mother loyed to dwell became its


" to the dying bed of a lovely young Christian. Firing



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chamber to seek that God who has, ordained His praises the

be the theme of your constant thanksgiving. God will 234 chief delight. When her little household affairs were steri arranged, she made it a rule to retire with her loved one to share her chamber, and there, lifting up its little hands, this or her anxious mother would seek the Divine blessing on the same pious instructions she daily strove to bestow. When this dear child was about eight years

of she went to visit her mother's sister. Walking in the garden with her aunt, “My dear," said she, you may als gather some of this fruit, if you like."

“ I thank you,' i aunt, ” said the little child ;

“ but my mother would not like me to do so."

“But your mother is not here," replied the aunt,

" and I am sure a little fruit would not hurt you."

" But my mother's God is here!" said the child, “and I could not ask His blessing if I had disobeyed my mother, even though she were absent. Oh, aunt!” said the precious one, “ do you not know that God is present everywhere, and that the eyes of the Lord are in every place beholding the evil and the good ?”

With tears in her eyes the aunt embraced the child, and returned quickly to the house, where she retired to her should proceed out of the mouths of babes and sucklings Oh! how must this pious mother have rejoiced when ber sister related to her the happy Mothers, strive to allure your precious ones to listen

Let His truth, “Thou, God, seest me !” be engraven on your hearts, on your door-posts, reward you, as he did this mother, and cause the good to spring up and bear seed a hundredfold.

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means of her conversion

the Divine presence.

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“I was called in the early morning," said a friend

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her eyes on me with an expression I can never forget, she said with deep anxiety, My father, I have lost my happy feelings! By her side koelt her sister, in a state of anguish, with one hand supporting the sufferer, the other ifted to heaven, while she prayed earnestly. I spoke words of comfort to the tried young Christian, and ended by saying, you will soon be above the tempter's power in glory.' With a happy smile and sparkling eye she took w the words, 'in glory!-in glory!'-and saying this she passed away."


The two sons of a pious father were engaged in a healthful game with many

others. At the time the father expected them to return they did not appear. The thought occurred to him that perhaps they had been tempted to secompany some of the party to the inn. He walked to the spot and found it was even so. What did he do? Did he


the party, talk loud, and treat his sons * naughty little children? No. He walked quietly into the midst of the group, took his seat by them, and after sitting a short time he very gently walked out of the room,

His two sons immediately followed; they were all soon united in the happy home-circle.


A grain of sand is a part of the earth; a drop of water is a part of the ocean; but a thousand years is no part of eternity.

Every day is a little life, and our whole life is but a day repeated.

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Contentment. A Fact. By M. A. London : Wertheim and Co.

A pleasing, instructive, and cheap little book for children.


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Be gentle

True story for our young frierds, 30,


A child's letter

57 Little children

***...........174, 218
A day with the cottager's wife and Little comforters

her Bible....
12 Love

A few words to Christian parents,9, 47, 68 Maternal meetings

...7, 24, 219
A mother's love and influence 181 Melancholy sight

.94, 208
Bad example

18 Mother, keep liold of your son

115 Mother, teach your boy from the
Begin early ...

....4, 23, 45, 73, 90, 110 Bible
Be sure your sin will find you out... 176 New homés
Better land, The

128 Not ashamed of ridicule
Be yourselves all you wish your chil Note of encouragement to mothers.
dren to be


Notices of books, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100,


120, 140, 160, 180, 200, 220, 256
Chapters in family history

138, 154

Old woman..
Cruel father

70 Onr dear ones in heaven
Dead (The) and the living working

Paper read at the formation of a


Maternal Association
Dead mother's influence

134 Parental influence....
Dirty Christians..

..157, 172 Parental love...
Doest thou well to be angry?..... 146 Passionate children
Do not frighten your child, mother. 106 Piece of blue cambric
Don't forget your mother

229 POETRY :-
Drunkard's home


Dying child and her mother
Earthly honours are passing


How to treat slander
Encouragement to mothers


Lines for the blank leaf of a Bible 220
Encouragement to tract distributors 119 Lines for a birth-day
Every heart knoweth its ow'n bitter-

Lines suggested by a paper found

13 in the portfolio of a lady
Faith in a storm

179 Lost son ..
Family circle

Nature and faith
Foolish mother, and a boy badly

Sailor's mother

153 Serenade
For our friends who conduct maternal

The pass of death.


Thou art in the land that is afar of
Fragments for spare moments, 20,

Treasures in heaven ......
39, 59,79,100,120,159,179, 199,219, 234 Why this cup ? ..........
Glauce over the past


Woman's mission
Grandmother Windward.

209 Yet will I trust Him
Have you a family altar?..

Hint by the way

Prayers of parents to Jesus of

Hint to the tired and weary mother 56

Price of self-will

Home training

Sayings and doings of little children

Household “good night"

Spoiled children

How are saints employed in heaven?

Streak of light across the grave, 15

32, 92, 113, 11
...198, 213, 232 Stream of life.
How to pay for a new gown


Sympathy of Jesus with mothers

I don't want to be naughty

Teach the little children hymus

The medicine God prescribes
I have been giving my mother a

The principal's story
good scolding.

Industry 102, 132, 145, 166, 193,205, 227

The shadow of a life, 61, 86, 104,124,

I will have my own way

I wonder whether my father and

They never read the Bible

Too late
mother are in heaven

Jewish mother

Kind words to the erring...

.38, 54

Two dead sons
Lamb of the missionary field
Last lessons

..75, 85

We shall have a reporter there ....

...161, 184, 201 What a child may do
Leaving home

Light and shadow.

Working man's home
Little child and its mother


Your mother

Young mother's reward

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Idle persons


49, 72, 97, 117, 137, 151,170,



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