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Churchmen, sometimes preach their own follies, not the Gospel, i. [ 255. Time-servers, covetous, &c. 256. Their deficiency in : the Latin, Greek, and Hebrew learning, 257. Their weak

ness, in calling on the civil magiflrate to affist them, iii. 334. By whom to be inaintained, 369. Lived at first upon the be

nevolence of their hearers, 381. Cicero, an enemy to tyranny, iii. 139. Approves the killing of

Cæsar, iji. 231. 253. Affirms that all power proceeds from the

people, 268. Cingetorix, a petty king in Britain, assaults the Roman camp, iv. - 37. Is taken prisoner by Cæsar, ibid. Claudius, the emperor, is persuaded by Bericus, though a Briton, to

invade this ifland, iv. 41. Sends Áulus Plautius hither with an · army, ibid. He comes over himself and joins with Plautius, . 43. Defeats the Britons in a set battle, and takes Camalodunum,

ibid. Returns to Rome, leaving Plautius behind, ibid. He has

exceffive honours decreed him by the senate, ibid. Clemens Alexandrinus, no authority for bilhops being above presby- ters, to be found in his works, i. 73, His counsel to the pref,

byters of Corinth, 108. Clergy, should be patterns of temperance, and teach us to contemn

the world, i. 147. Advised not to gape after preferments, 1939 · Their condition in England, vi. 421. Clergy, British, their bad character by Gildas, iv. 112. Cliguellius, an ancient British king, iv. 23, Clodius Albinus succeeds Pertinax in the government of Britain for

the Romans, iv. 65. Is vanquished and fļain in a battle against

Septimus Severus, 66. ... Cloten, reigned king of Cornwall, iv. 17, Clatenus, an ancient Brițith king, iy., 22. Cloud, one sometimes fiery, sometimes bloody i feen over all Enga

land, iv, 206. Coillus, an ancient British king, iv, 22. Coilus, the son of Marius, leaves the kingdom to Lucius, iv, 64. Colafterion, a defence of the doctrine and discipline of divorce, sa · called, ii. 240. Comail, and two other British kings, flain by Beaulin, and his son

Cuthwin, iv, 115. Comet, one seen in August 6.78, in manner of a fiery pillar, iv. 141, · Two appear about the fun, 146. Portending famine, and the

troubled state of the whole realm, 204. Or blazing star, seen to,

stream terribly over England, and other parts of the world, 251. Comius of Arras, sent by Cæsar to make a party among the Britons,

iv. 28. Commodus, Nain by his own officers, declared an enemy to his coun· try, iii. 233; Commons, with the king, make a good parliament, iii. 267.277. Their grant to K. Richard ll, and K. Henry IV, 283.'


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