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Voted, That the gift of our honored senior member, Mr. William Endicott, and other of our associates, of funds for the erection in the First Church in Boston of a memorial to Governor Hutchinson, to be offered to the Church in the name and as the gift of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, be gratefully accepted.

Voted, That the President be authorized and requested to appoint a Committee of three members of the Society to confer with the Memorials Committee of the First Church, and to make all arrangements for preparing and placing this tablet.

The PRESIDENT appointed as this committee Mr. HENRY HERBERT EDES, the Rev. CHARLES EDWARDS PARK, and Mr. Thomas MINNS.

Mr. FREDERICK L. Gay exhibited several books and a photograph of a portrait of Hugh Peters, and made the following remarks :

On reading the Quinquennial Catalogue of the Officers and
Graduates of Harvard University, I was surprised to find no
mention of the names of the members of the first Board of Over-
seers. The names of those appointed by the General Court "to
take order for a colledge at Newtowne," and of those who held office
at the first Commencement, seem worthy of a few lines of printer's
ink, to say the least. They were all men of distinction in their
time, and to ignore them entirely is to blot out the memory of their
help to the cause of learning in this country. Their names are
practically buried from sight. To find them one must dig up the
pages of the Massachusetts Colony Records and New Englands
First Fruits. On November 20, 1637:
Comittee as to yo For the colledge, the Governo, M: Winthrope, the
colledg at New

Deputy, M: Dudley, the Treasurer, M: Bellingham, M
Humfrey, M. Herlakenden, MStaughton, MCotton,
M: Wilson, M. Damport, M Wells, M' Sheopard, &
M: Peters, these, or the greater part of them, whereof
M* Winthrope, M: Dudley, or M Bellingham, to bee

alway one, to take order for a colledge, at Newetowne.l This body of men made up the first Board of Overseers of Harvard College in 1637. Its membership was unchanged, so far as we know,

· Massachusetts Colony Records, i. 217.


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