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lish Literature in Bowdoin College; a learned scholar, a gracious personality, a well-rounded man. He was a lover and instructor of youth, and his best memorial is to be found in the deep affection which he invariably commanded from all who came under his vitalizing influence.

John Shaw Billings, surgeon-general, author, and Director of the New York Public Library; one of that large class of men who do great things in obscurity, and who are never so sorely missed as when they die. Vigorous and precise, his energies were directed by a rare skill, and were sustained by a heroic perseverance.

And from our roll of Honorary Members*

John Pierpont Morgan, financier, and lover of art; for whom it may fairly be said that he occupied an exceedingly difficult position with sincerity and self-honesty. He dealt familiarly with tremendous responsibilities, and brought to the task a personality of tremendous power.

The names of six gentlemen have been added to our roll of resident membership:

Allan Forbes,
George Emery Little Field,
Edgar Htjidekoper Wells,
Charles Lemuel Nichols,
Samuel Chester Clough,
Charles Grenfill Washburn;

and one to that of our Honorary Members, —
William Howard Taft.

The year has been marked by gratifying activity in the Society's Publications. This is due, in large measure, to the notable generosity of certain members who have contributed over S6000 for immediate use in getting out the Publications. Of this sum, more than $5000 was given by two of our Resident Members. The Council wishes to express in formal terms its lively sense of gratitude to our associates who have made this work possible.

As a result of this activity, Volume II, containing the Massachusetts Royal Commissions from 1681 to 1774, which has been many years hi preparation, has at last been published and distributed.

Volume XIV, containing the Transactions of the Society from April, 1911, to February, 1913, inclusive, has also been completed, is now in the hands of the binders, and will be distributed within a few weeks. REPORT OF THE TREASURER

Volumes XV and XVI, containing the Harvard College Records, are now well advanced, and work is being prosecuted upon the index. It is impossible, as yet, to say with certainty just when these two volumes will be ready.

Volume XVII, another volume of Transactions, has been begun and has been set up and stereotyped to page 142.

The material for still another volume (or volumes), which will contain the Massachusetts Royal Instructions, is gradually being collected, but since there are many of these Instructions yet to come from London, the work of printing has not yet been begun. Work on the Harvard College Records, contained in Volumes XV and XVI, will be continued just as fast as the funds are forthcoming for its support. It is perhaps needless to remind the Society and their friends that these two volumes promise to be of exceptional interest and value. The Council sincerely hopes that there will be no delay, through lack of means, in getting these volumes ready.

The Council ventures to recommend a more general attendance on the part of the Society at the stated meetings during the year, and they make this recommendation in the belief that the members would find these meetings exceedingly pleasant and profitable. The surroundings are all that could be asked. In the quiet and comfort of the American Academy's house there is to be found everything that may conduce to a full enjoyment of the occasion, without distracting noises, or physical discomforts or interruptions. The communications presented are of a high order of interest and value. If a large attendance were to be found at these meetings, it would not only serve as a stimulus to those who are generous enough to offer communications, but the practice might awaken a similar ambition in the minds of those who are not in the habit of making such communications, and so the scope of the whole Society be widened and enriched. Your Council makes this recommendation with the conviction that in letting these stated meetings go by unattended, many of our associates are losing a rare opportunity for rest, relaxation, enjoyment and profit.

The Treasurer submitted his Annual Report, as follows:

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In compliance with the requirements of the By-Laws, the Treasurer submits his Annual Report for the year ending 17 November, 1913.



Balance, 16 November, 1912 $530.62

Admission Fees $60.00

Annual Assessments 550.00

Commutation of the Annual Dues 200.00

Sales of the Society's Publications 66.07

Sales of the Society's paper 8.04

Contributions from two members 5,323.16

Editor's Salary Fund, subscriptions 700.00

Interest 2,920.71

Sale of old material 7.74

Mortgages discharged or assigned 12,900.00

Conveyancers Title Insurance Company, demand loan

made to it . 2,000.00 $24,735.72



The University Press $4,872.55

A. W. Elson & Co., photogravure plates, negatives, and

plate printing 540.70

Folsom & Sunergren, relief plate 7.50

Clerk hire 91.55

Boston Storage Warehouse Company 24.00

Postage, stationery, and supplies 75.04

Andrew Stewart, auditing 10.00

C. W. Phillips, distributing Publications 35.00

Albert Matthews, Salary as Editor of Publications . . . 1,000.00

Mary H. Rollins, indexing 125.00

Lucy Drucker, services in London at the Public Record

Office 316.95

Carnegie Institution, annual subscription towards Bibliog-
raphy of American Historical Writings 50.00

Subscription to International Congress of Historical

Studies 5.02

Miscellaneous incidentals 504.26

Mortgages on improved real estate in Boston 13,000.00

Interest in adjustment 146.07

Deposited in Provident Institution for Savings 500.00 •

Conveyancers Title Insurance Company, demand loan,

with interest 2,000.00 $23,303.64

Balance on deposit in State Street Trust Company, 17

November, 1913 1,962.70

825,266.34 The Funds of the Society are invested as follows:

$56,400.00 in First Mortgages, payable in gold coin, on improved property in Boston, Cambridge, and Brookline 800.00 deposited in the Provident Institution for Savings in the Town of Boston




Cash . . . $1,962.70

Mortgages $56,400.00

Provident Institution for Savings 800.00 57,200.00



Income $1,962.70

Editor's Salary Fund $300.00

Publication Fund 6,400.00

General Fund 10,500.00

Benjamin Apthorp Gould Memorial Fund 10,000.00

Edward Wheelwright Fund 10,000,00

Robert Charles Billings Fund 10,000.00

Robert Noxon Toppan Fund 5,000.00

Robert Charles Winthrop Jr. Fund 3,000.00

Andrew McFarland Davis Fund 2,000.00 57,200.00


Henry H. Edes

Boston, 17 November, 1913


The undersigned, a Committee appointed to examine the Accounts of the Treasurer for the year ending 17 November, 1913, have attended to their duty and report, that they find them correctly kept and properly vouched, and that proper evidence of the Investments and of the balance of Cash on hand has been shown to us. This Report is based on the examination of Andrew Stewart, certified public accountant.

Allan Forbes
Charles S. Rackemann


Boston, 21 November, 1913

The several Reports were accepted and referred to the Committee of Publication.

On behalf of the Committee appointed to nominate officers for the ensuing year, Mr. George V. Leverett presented the following list of candidates; and, a ballot having been taken, these gentlemen were unanimously elected:















After the meeting was dissolved, dinner was served. The guests of the Society were the Rev. Dr. James DeNormandie, Dr. William Sturgis Bigelow, Dr. Robert Montraville Green, and Messrs. Augustus George Bullock, Livingston Davis, Francis Henshaw Dewey, Charles William Eliot, Charles John Mclntire, Edward Kennard Rand, Henry Paul Talbot, and William Roscoe Thayer. The President presided.

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