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The Colonial Society of Wassachusetts




Printed at the Charge of the Robert Charles Billings fund

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VOLUME XVII, now completed, contains the Transactions

of the Society at ten meetings, from March, 1913, to December, 1914, both included, in continuation of Volume XIV.

The Committee gratefully acknowledges the Society's indebtedness to several institutions, and to friends and members of this Society, for permission to reproduce documents in their possession, for the gift of plates, or for other courtesies, namely: to Mr. Frederick Lewis Gay, Mr. Worthington Chauncey Ford, Mr. Albert Matthews, Miss Mary Lee Ware, the American Antiquarian Society, the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, and the Notman Photographic Company.

Volumes XV and XVI, which are reserved for the Corporation Records of Harvard College down to 1750, are well advanced and will, it is hoped, be completed in 1916. For the Committee of Publication, FREDERICK JACKSON TURNER,

Chairman. Boston, 1 May, 1915

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