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1. The Representative History of Great Britain and Ireland, being

a History of the House of Commons, and of the Counties,

Cities, and Boroughs of the United Kingdom, from the earliest

Period. By T.H. B. Oldfield.

2. Plan of Parliamentary Reform, in the Form of a Catechism,

with Reasons for each Article, with an Introduction, show-

ing the Necessity of radical, and the Inadequacy of moderate

Reform. By Jeremy Bentham, Esq.


II. Beppo, a Venetian Story.

- 327


1. A Course of Sermons, preached at Great St. Mary's Church,

before the University of Cambridge, during the Month of

April, 1816. By the Rev. W. Sharpe, A. M. The Second

Edition, with an Appendix.

2. A Theological Inquiry into the Sacrament of Baptism, and the

Nature of Baptismal Regeneration, in Five Discourses, preached

before the University of Cambridge, in April, 1817. By the

Rev. C. Benson, M. A.

3. The True Test of Religion in the Soul : or Practical Christianity

Delineated. A Serinon preached before the University of

Cambridge, March 9, 1817. By the Rev. Charles Simeon. 333

IV. Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand, performed in the Years

1814 and 1815, in Company with the Rev. Samuel Marsden.

By John Liddiard Nicholas, Esq.



1. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Benjamin

Franklin, LL.D.

F.R. S. &c. Written by himself to a late Period, and con-

tinued to the Time of his Death. By his Grandson, William

Temple Franklin.

2. The Private Correspondence of Benjamin Franklin, LL.D.

F.R. S. &c. comprising a Series of Letters on Miscellaneous,

Literary, and Political Subjects: written between the Years

1753 and 1790 ; illustrating the Memoirs of his Public and

Private Life, and developing the Secret History of his Political

Transactions and Negotiations. By his Grandson, William

Temple Franklin.




1. Narrative of an Expedition to explore the River Zaire, usually

called the Congo, in South Africa, in 1816, under the Direc-

tion of Captain J. K. Tuckey, R. N. In which is added the

Journal of Professor Smith; some general Observations on the

Country and its inhabitants: and an Appendix, containing the

Natural History of that Part of the Kingdom of Congo through

which the Zaire flows.

2. Loss of the American Brig Commerce, wrecked on the Western

Coast of Africa, in the Month of August, 1815 ; with an Ac-

count of Tombuctoo, and of the hitherto undiscovered great

City of Wassanah. By Jaines Riley:

3. The Narrative of Robert Adams, a Sailor, who was wrecked on

the Western Coast of Africa, in the Year 1810, was detained

Three Years in Slavery by the Arabs of the Great Desert, and

resided several Months in the City of Tombuctoo. With a

Map, Notes, and an Appendix.

4. Narrative of a Journey in Egypt, and the Country beyond the

Cataracts. By Thoinas Legh, Esq. M.P.

5. Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in Africa ; by the

late John Leyden, M.D. Enlarged and completed to the pre-

sent Time, with Illustrations of its Geography and Natural

History, &c. By Hugh Murray, Esq. F. R. S.E.

- 416


1. An Address to a Meeting holden at Bath, under the Presidency

of the Hon.and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Gloucester, on

Dec. 1, 1817, for the Purpose of forining a Church Missionary

Society in that City. By the Rev. Josiah Thomas, A. M.

Archdeacon of Bath.

2. A Defence of the Church Missionary Society against the Objec-

tions of the Rev. Josiah Thomas, M.A. By D. Wilson, M.A.

3. A Letter to the Rev. Daniel Wilson, A.M. in Reply to his De-

fence of the Church Missionary Society, and in Vindication of

the Rev. the Archdeacon of Bath, against the Censures con-

tained in that Publication. By the Rev. William Baily White-

head, A. M.

4. A Reply to Mr. Wilson's Defence of the Church Missionary


5. A Letter 10 the Rev. W. B. Whitehead, M. A. on the Question

of Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction over Voluntary Charitable Asso-

ciations, particularly with Reference to the “ Protest” of the

Rev. Archdeacon of Bath. By W. A. Garrat, Esq. M. A.

6. A Second Protest against the Church Missionary Society ; ad-

dressed to Lord James O'Brien.

7. A Letter to the Rev. Josiah Thomas, A. M. By a Member of

the Church of England.

8. Free Thoughts on the Bath Missionary Society, and on the Ad-

dress to that Assembly, by the Rev. Josiah Thomas, A. M.

By a Friend to Consistency.

9. Counter Protest of a Layman, in Reply to the Protest of Arch-

deacon Thomas, By George Pryme, Esq. M. A.

10. A brief Defence of the Archdeacon of Bath. By the Author of

Free Thoughts.

11. A Defence of the Protest of the Rev. Archdeacon Thomas, in

Reply to the Rev. Daniel Wilson ;. with Strictures on the

Rev. T. T. Biddulph's Letter to the Rev. F. Elwin. By a

Member of the Church of England.







ART. I.-THE LATE PRINCESS CHARLOTTE. 1. A Cypress Wreath, for the Tomb of her late Royal Highness the

Princess Charlotte of Wales : containing original Tributes to her Memory, by J. Gwilliam, and others: with a Selection of the best Pieces that have appeared on the Subject : to which is prefixed, a Biographical Memoir of her Royal Highness, by J.

Coote. 12mo. pp. 208. Sherwood and Co. London, 1817. 2. A Biographical Memoir of the public and private Life of the

much lamented Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales and SaxeCobourg : illustrated with Recollections, Anecdotes, and Traits of Character, including incidental Observations upon Persons and Events connected with the Subject of the Memoir ; accompanied by explanatory and authentic Documents in an Appendix. 8vo.

pp. 352. Booth. London, 1817. 3. A Sermon delivered in the Tron Church, Glasgow, on Wednes

day, Nov. 19, 1817, the Day of the Funeral of her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte of Wales. By Thomas Chalmers, D.D. Minister of the Tron Church, Glasgow.

8vo. Second Edition. Whyte. Edinburgh, 1817. 4. A Poem on the Death of Her Royal Highness the Princess

Charlotte of Wales and Saxe-Cobourg. By the Rev. R. Kennedy, A.M. late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and now Minister of St. Paul's Chapel, Birmingham. 8vo. pp. 38. Hatchard.

Hatchard. London, 1817. THERE are three descriptions of writers to whose pens the melancholy loss which the nation has lately sustained has princi



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