Proceedings of the American Gas Institute

"United States patents relating to gas. Issued from October 1, 1905-to September 30, 1906": v. 1, p. 965-1004.

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Página 603 - I also agree, for myself and those claiming through me, to be especially bound by regulation numbered 65, providing for final and conclusive settlement of all disputes by reference to the superintendent of the relief department and an appeal from his decision to the advisory committee. I certify that I am correct and temperate In my habits : that so far as I am aware I have no injury or disease, constitutional or otherwise, which will tend to shorten my life, and am now in good health and able to...
Página 108 - The variation in the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of a pound of water one degree...
Página 229 - One of these cakes, when hard enough, should be put in water, and examined from day to day to see if it becomes contorted, or if cracks show themselves at the edges, such contortions or cracks indicating that the cement is unfit for use at that time. In some cases the tendency to crack, if caused by the presence of too much unslacked lime, will disappear with age.
Página 287 - ... coarse sand requires less labor to fill the interstices with the cement. The sand should be screened to remove the pebbles, the fineness of the screen depending upon the kind of work in which the mortar is to be used. The coarser the sand the better, even if it...
Página 292 - Generalized, and devested of the special form which it assumes under a monarchical government based on feudal traditions, a franchise is a right, privilege or power, of public concern, which ought not to be exercised by private individuals at their mere will and pleasure.but should be reserved for public control and administration, either by the government directly, or by public agents acting under such conditions and regulations as the government may impose in the public interest and for the public...
Página 230 - WEIGHT. For any particular cement the weight varies with the degree of heat in burning, the degree of fineness in grinding, and the density of packing. Other things being the same, the harder-burned varieties are the heavier. The finer a cement is ground the more bulky it becomes, and consequently the less it weighs. Hence light weight may be caused by laudable fine grinding or by objectionable under-burning. The weight per unit of volume is usually determined by sifting the cement into a measure...
Página 519 - I move that the report of the committee be accepted, and that the Secretary be instructed to cast the ballot of the Association for the election of these officers.
Página 82 - The atomic weight of hydrogen being 1, of sulphur 32, and of oxygen 16, sulphuric acid, being a combination of 2 atoms of hydrogen, 1 atom of sulphur and 4 atoms of oxygen, has an atomic weight of 98, and the atomic weight of sulphate of ammonia will be 98 + 34 = 132.
Página 630 - ... and then remaining in the hands of subscribers who shall have continued in such employ for the whole five years. The corporation will then by its own final determination...
Página 22 - The PRESIDENT. The next business in order is the report of the Committee on Credentials.

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