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The Montessori Method




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of Scientific Peda-
gogy as applied
to Child Education
in the “Children's

For N.E.A. Delegates and Friends

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A Notable
Contribution to
Kindergarten and
Primary Education

to and through



Five years ago Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator, opened her first “House of Childhood” (Casa dei Bambinı) in Rome, and began to apply her revolutionary methods of education to the teaching of little children. To-day her methods are transforming the schools of Italy, and are making rapid progress in other countries. The method aims toward the full functional development of the individual child. Remarkable attainments in reading, writing and arithmetic result naturally from a basic sense training method.

For anything like a complete understanding of the spirit, methods and materials of this wonderful system, it is necessary to read Dr. Montessori's book itself, which is glowing with the inspiration of a great idea, and is thorough in its treatment of every detail.

Every American teacher and every mother of little children should own and read this remarkable book. The accompanying coupon, properly signed, and enclosing 20 cents, will bring to you a descriptive booklet of absorbing interest. You should mail the coupon to-day.

in through standard and tourist sleepers leaving
Chicago, Union Depot, 6.30 P.M., July 12th

Touring the Park in stages, stopping at the
splendid, world-famous hotels, or by stage and
in camping party.

Reservations for a large party have already been made, both at the hotels and camps.

Decide right now to make this summer memorable for its perfect vacation. By all means send for a copy of the special folder containing full details.



For the enclosed 20c. to cover cost of printing and postage, please send me
your 52-page booklet describing the Montessori Method, and illustrated catalogue
of the Montessori Didactic Apparatus.

(P. E.) Address..

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Height 5 inches “ Clipless "'--that one word ought to tell the story. This unique little instrument fastens together from two to ten sheets of paper instantly and without a clip; the paper itself forms the fastening.

Either the stand machine, as shown above, or the hand machine, like a punch, does the same thing. Each is made of the finest tool steel, as carefully as a surgical instrument. Guaranteed for five years.

The coupon above is just as good as 50 cents to you. Use it. You will wonder how you ever got along without a Clipless."

With one of these machines on your desk it is the simplest
at one move. Think what that will save you- no lost
sheets - no hunting for pins or clips, each set of papers
when desired. Get a Clipless” when you are in Chicago.

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mercial, Normal and Civil Service Departments.



That Tired
That comes

to you every spring is a SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION. sign tbat your blood is wanting in By M. V. O'Shea. Boston, New York,

vitality, just pimples and other Chicago: Houghton Miffiin Company.

eruptions are signs that it is impure.

One of the great facts of experience Woman Tells the Secret of Her Com It is refreshing to take up a volume on and observation is that Hood's Sarsaplete Cure So That It Never education that is written from the point of parilla always removes That Tired Returned

view of the scientist, the conclusions of Feeling, gives new life and courage. which are founded upon actual experiment Do not delay treatment, but begin at in studying and training children. Too

once to take "

From deep de many of our educational theories are still Hood's Sarsaparilla spair to joyjur sat- based on the existence of an ideal child or change in my feelings, average child and not on actual knowledge Get it today in usual liquid form or when I found an easy of the child as an individual. “My point of chocolated

tablets called Sarsatabs. tressingly bad growth view,” says Dr. O'Shea, “might properly, I of Superfluous Hair, think, be said to be that of the naturalist after many failures

rather than that of the logician or philosoand repeated disap

See Foreign

America pointments.

pher, or even the moralist or idealist. The A full and com


00 plete description of

problem before me constantly has been how I cured the hair what can we do in social training, conso that it has never sidering the nature of the individual and

UP returned, will be sent his social needs, rather than what ought

CRUISE (absolutely free and without obligation) we to do viewing the matter from an ideal Berth and Meals Included (First Cabin) to any other sufferer standpoint.” Part I of this volume de To Halifax, Nova Scotia and St. who will send her scribes the typical attitudes which the child

John's, Newfoundland, via

(stating whether Mrs. tends to assume toward the persons with
or Miss) and a 2-cent whom he comes in contact, and explains

You cannot spend a more delightful and interesting

summer vacation than by taking this grand cruise to Mrs. Kathryn Jenkins, Society stamp for reply, ad- these attitudes in the light of fundamental

the cool North. As truly foreign as a trip to Europe,

and costing much less. The splendid, new, large tells Free How She was "Cured Chapelle, Sec'y, 486 principles of mental development. Part tourist steamships *Stephano" and "Florizel, offer Her Hair Blemish so that it K. B. Delta Street , II undertakes to outline a plan of education

every modern equipment for safety and comfort. No

hotel bills. You live on the ship. 7 days at sea. 5 Never Returned. Providence, R. I.

days in port. Splendid cuisine. Orchestra. designed to make the individual socially

Send for ha::d some liustrated Catalos n. efficient. The volume is full of interesting BOWRING COMPANY, 17 Battery Place, New York "IF YOU WANT A THING TO APPEAR IN and illuminative material for the student, YOUR NATIONAL LIFE, PLACE IT who has been given every aid in the way of IN YOUR SCHOOL SYSTEM."

marginal headings, résumés, test questions,

etc. The book will repay careful study on Home Study Courses DIXON'S ARABHA PENCILS the part of the teacher, for it is one of those

Over one hundred Home Study Courses

under professors in Harvard, Brown, Cor. are a part of the school system of all prominent cities rare volumes in which not a word has been

nell and leading colleges. and towns in the United States. ill considered or wasted.

Academic sad Preparatory, Agricultural, ComThere are schools that have used them for thirty years

Preparation for College, Teachers' in spite of strong competition, and these schools stand at

Prof. Genung and Civil Service Examinations. the head of their profession. Won't you follow their THE MONTESSORI METHOD. By Maria

250 page catalog free. Write to-day. example? The use of the Dixon Pencils may lead to a

THE HOME CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL higher degree of scholarship in the schools under your Montessori. Translated from the Italian

Dopt. 183, SPRINGFIELD, MASS. charge. On receipt of 16 cents in stamps, abundant samples by Anne E.

George. New York: Frederick will be sent to any

who are interested in the use of good | A. Stokes Company. materials in their schools.

66 The appearance of this book has been JOSEPH DIXON CRUCIBLE co. preceded by many lectures and magazine

articles, but after all, Dr. Montessori is the Jersey City, N. J.

will be brighter than your past if you let Prof. best exponent of her own methods and every Beauchamp read your character from your handwriting.

teacher should study them at first hand. His accurate revelation and helpful advice will enable THE

you to realize your desires. Many say he is the best of The book is not a scientific treatise, but

his profession, but write and see for yourself. Enclose

Money back if not satisfied. Address G. E.

BEAUCHAMP, 2583 Eighth Avenue, New York. Montessori's early experiences as an eduA school of modern methods.

cator and her experiments at the “ChilPrepares in one year for teaching and super-dren's House” of Italy.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES vising in Music, Drawing, Domestic Science, Any system of education that claims

Kindergarten, Book BindDomestic Art, and Physical Education. to teach children of four to write in six

ing and Industrial Supplies,

Yarns, Looms, Reeds, Raffia, We equip a capable student for teaching weeks, even when some of those children and supervising these branches. THERE ARE are sub-normal, should be absorbingly

Chair Cane, Construction THOUSANDS OF SMALLER CITIES THAT interesting to teachers, even if it does not, Canvas, Entertainment Books and Teachers'

Papers, Burlaps, Cross-Stitch WOULD GLADLY PAY A GRADUATE in all respects, commend itself to them. TEACHER AN ADDITIONAL SALARY FOR

Aids. 80 pa ge Catalogue free. SUPERVISING THE WORK IN ANY OF




110 So. Wabash Avenue, Chicago, ILL. Helen Thomas, A.M., New York, CinWhy not combine this with your regular nati, Chicago: American Book Company.

PRIMARY METHODS teaching work and earn more money?

If you are teaching at the present time and are The importance of paragraph study can

A course of forty lessons in Primary

Methods, including Courses and Methods, interested in improving your income, why hardly be over-estimated by the English

Nature Study, Busy Work, and Phonot consider getting a leave of absence and teacher, and the method proposed in this

netics, taught by Dr. A. H. CAMPEELL,

Principal of our Normal Department. coming to our school for a year for the special book has been found remarkably successful

We have helped hundre is of teachers work that we offer? in teaching the three principles of composi

Dr. Campbell to secure more congenial positions ano

etter salaries. 250 nage catalogue free. Write to-day. Detailed information will be furnished by tion writing - Unity, Coherence, and Em THE HOME CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL phasis.

Dept. 550

Springfield, Mass. BQX 14, 3207 MICHIGAN AVENUE CHICAGO, ILL.

By Marie Irish. 172 pages. Paper. Price,

30 cents. Chicago: A. Flanagan Company. KINDERGARTEN This new book has been planned to supReaders of Primary Education should ply dialogues and plays for little folks

SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER know about our popular and successful

We mean just what we say, We are de Home Kindergarten Course; also about the ages five to ten years. Part I contains new,

termined to prove to the public generally, Course in Primary Methods which we easy dramatizations of six familiar child

methods. If you love the beautiful, wo offer under Dr. A. H. Campbell , Principal stories. Part II has seventeen original

guarantee to teach you Art. You learn

right at home, by mall and in your spare Dr. Campbell We have helped hundreds of teachers || plays and comedies, a number of which are

time. Great artists your instructors. Same

methods employed as are used in the great secure more congenial positions and better salaries. interspersed with little songs arranged to

ateliers of Paris. WRITE at once for beau250 page catalogue free. Write to-day

difully Illustrated Prospectus and full explanation of our Pree Scholarship HOME CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL

familiar tunes. The collection is unusually Offer. Remember, thia efter la lluited to a few in each lxallu to answer ad | Dept. 551

once. So write today. Fine ArtsInstitute. Studlo 8415 maha, Neb. Springfield, Mass.

fine and varied.


TECHNICAL NORMAL SCHOOL) describes, in an interesting way, Dr.

IOC. .



the Secretary

PLAYS AND COMEDIES FOR Little Folks. Complete Scholarship


the wonderful success of our exclusive

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My proposition is the greatest aid to stuchildren in school. I want a few more agents among teachers. Apply at once. Over 70,000 of this proposition have been sold by teachers

We have room for a few more agents. Our thus in giving her experience with the use of “ Hawthorne Certificates” in securing a free terms are very generous. A very high grade 372 AWARDED FOUR GOLD MEDALS

The World's Masterpieces in Art ONE CENT EACH

For 26 or More

POSTPAID, SIZE, 51 x 8. Plan to use them in your school the very first of the new school year. Use them for gifts at the close of school in June. Send 25c. for a little collection for yourself now.


No tendency is more inherent in school logue of 1,000 miniature illustra

children than that of GUESSING about what tions, two pictures and a colored Bird picture. It also tells about

they could be SURE of. In no way can the the half-cent size, two-cent size,

THE five-cent size and Bird Pictures.

teacher better combat this tendency, in no All for three two-cent stamps.


way better inculcate that passion for exact Smaller, half-cent size, 3 x 3).

knowledge that is the distinctive mark oi

Extra Size, 10 X 12, 5 for 35C.
Bird Pictures in Colors. 13 for 26c.

the scholar, than by insisting upon frequent Large Pictures for Framing. 75C. Feeding Her Birds

End of Day

Baby Stuart use of WEBSTER'S NEW INTERNATIONAL THE PERRY PICTURES COMPANY, Box 1, MALDEN, MASS. pany). Nor will insistence by the teacher

DICTIONARY (G. and C. Merriam Com

long be necessary, for no pupil beyond the "MCINTOSA LANTERNS ARE HONEST LANTERNS”

primary years long uses the NEW INTER-
NATIONAL without learning that it is an
inexhaustible mine of things interesting to
Him, without regarding every new word as
worth looking up, without being ashamed
to say “I think" when by a reference to the
new work he could say "I know"; — with-
out, in short, catching the dictionary habit.

For Lantern Slide Projection - $50.00

At the present time there is no trip, in the

world that should prove as vitally interesting Improved College Bench Lantern

to Americans as that to the Panama Canal is a high grade lantern for schools—designed especially for lantern slide and also technical At no time can one find a short cruise at an work and combining

equally low cost that is more delightful or Quality - Efficiency- Versatility

rewarding than this sail over southern seas. It is constructed of the best material and is carefully tested — handsomely finished

Particular interest is centered on the canal and absolutely guaranteed.

just now, because of the opportunity, that It is of correct scientific and optical design and everything is required to be properly

will never come again, of seeing its marvelfitted and constructed. Even the lenses must conform to our specifications. It is simple,

ous construction and unrivalled engineering accessible, easy to operate, and produces the best possible results on the screen.

feats, at present exposed to view, but shortly It can have accessory apparatus added from time to time for microscope, vertical and to be hidden by the flood of water that will opaque projection.

rush through its massive gates. Merely to Our little booklet, “Projection Pointers,” will help you select an outfit. Our read of what has been accomplished by Catalogue of other lanterns and slides is mailed free on request. Ask for it by postcard.

American energy and skill, fills the patriotic McINTOSH STEREOPTICON

countryman with pride, but actually to set

this “eighth wonder of the world” is an 424 Atlas Block, 30 E. Randolph Street, Chicago

important part of a liberal education. All educators attending the “N. E. A.," July 6-12, are invited to see our

Notwithstanding opinion to the contrary, demonstration in our own hall, Atlas Block, 30 E. Randolph Street.

a summer trip in so uthern waters is unusually refreshing and delightful. The luxurious steamers of the United Fruit Company, whose advertisement appears elsewhere in

this issue, are specially built for tropical A BOOK OF OVER 200 PAGES

travel. The staterooms are air-cooled and

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, and every room is an outside one. The

whole story is told in an attractive illustrated booklet, “Cruising the Spanish Main, "

issued by the Company. Intercolonial Railway

HAVE something that will appeal to every

intelligent man and woman and I take it RAILW Prince Edward Island Railway

that a good many teachers will be glad to

earn some extra money during the summer.
Is illustrated in color and in half-tone. It contains a well written description of
the country contiguous to these railways in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,
Prince Edward Island, and is replete with historic incident, legend and folk lore.

Send Ten Cents in Stamps
Send for the following enclosing a two-cent stamp for each.
St. John — The City of the Loyalists.
Prince Edward Island - Garden of the Gulf.
Storied Halifax — The Warden of the Honour of the North.

Each of the above thirty pages-illustrated with thirty to fifty half-tone pictures-
with the covers historically and artistically designed in colors.

dents, teachers, speakers, and parents
with the idea, and from the first were enthusiastic.” Miss Thompson writes
library for her school. The full story, told in her own words, is contained in a 16 pagę proposition. Address
illustrated booklet issued by the Educational Publishing Company, Boston, New York, and
Chicago. It is sent free.


'Forest, Stream, and Sea Shore'


The Canadian
Government Railways


8 years Postmaster, Detroit, Mich.


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and students during the summer vacations

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54 Lafayette Avenue, Detroit, Mich.

Box 4


the smaller cities that would



Mr. Russell Hinman, a Director of the SUMMER SCHOOL

American Book Company, and Chief of its MM: JULY IST TO AUGUST TOTH Editorial Department, died at his home in Summit, N. J., on the 28th of April.

Famous English Chemist's Wonderful eurses will be offered in the usual subjects

Mr. Hinman was born in Cincinnati, i ig to the degrees of A.B., B.S., M.A, Ohio, January 23, 1853, and was descended

Free Secret Makes Them Possible D.

from a family noted in the early history of ecial Courses for Architects, Librarians, the Connecticut colony. He was educated

for All: also long, Silky Eyeergartners, High School Teachers, In- at Antioch College, Ohio, where he received ors in Physical Education, Social Workers, the degree of Civil Engineer, and at once hers of Backward Children, Physicians obtained employment in his chosen pro

lashes and Well-Arched Clergymen. Systematic Group of fession with the Southern Railway, which xes for Elementary School Teachers, inwas then under construction,

Eyebrows ig the recent results of educational

In 1878, he entered the editorial office of "ch, centered about the School of Obser, each grade of which is in charge of an

Van Antwerp, Bragg & Company, of t representing a noted school system or Cincinnati, publishers of school books. ng school for teachers.

His natural bent and professional training

led him to take an active interest in the tematic Courses in Psychology, with Dr; geographic publications of that house, and er's Psychological Clinic and Model he was soon busily engaged in making the ds, Architectural Drawing-rooms, Botan corrections and revisions necessary to keepnd School Gardens, Chemical, Physical ing geographies largely in use in the schools Biological Laboratories, University Mu- accurate and up-to-date.

Library, Gymnasium, Swimming-pool In 1888, his “Eclectic Physical Geogthletic Grounds.

raphy” was published and was recognized circular and information, address at once as an original work of great merit, JUNCAN YOCUM, Director of the Summer although when first issued, it did not bear

the author's name. !, Box 32, College Hall, University of

The Eclectic Geographies, which had a ylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. wide use when Mr. Hinman first began his

Without beautiful eyes, no one is really beautiful, Demand for Physical Directors work with Van Antwerp, Bragg & Com while even a homely face is made attractive by eyes that

please. Through the wonderful discovery of a famous pany, were subsequently thoroughly re

English chemist who gives the benefit of his advice free to Is Greater To-day Than Ever vised by him, even to the extent of practically all, you may now have eyes as radiant as the Evening Star

re-writing the series; and the books profited eyes that attract and fascinate-eyes that have the power The Physical Culture greatly by his clear and forcible style and

to influence others -eyes that people call wonderful.

His secret will also enable you to secure long, silky eyeIllinois, will have a special exact scholarship.

lashes and thick, well-arched eyebrows, which are to a summer school beginning

beautiful eye, what a fine setting is to a brilliant diamond. July 1st.

In 1890, Mr. Hinman declined an ap In addition, this remarkable discovery makes weak Learn a profession that is pointment as Geographer of the Eleventh eyes strong, and quickly overcomes smar ting effects of

wind, dust and sun, besides clearing the eyes of not overcrowded.

Census, and came to New York, where he bloodshot” and yellow sear. If you wish to make your There are thousands of entered the Editorial Department of the

eyes bright and beautiful, write today, enclosing 2 cents gladly pay a grade teacher an American Book Company. In his twenty- and address your letter to Prof. A. P. Smith, Dept.

in stamps for reply, stating whether Mr., Mrs. or Miss, additional salary for supervis- two years of service with the Company, 486 B. Pine St., Providence, R. I., and you will receive e of the Physical Training School,

Why not combine this possibly more manuscripts of school textd Blvd., Chicago with

$430 EUROPE 1912 67-68 Days work and earn more money? the benefit of his advice and suggestion in will be conducted in all branches in which we

First class on steamers. Visiting England, Holland, lept beginners, also those who have had some ex- process of publication, than have been

Belgium, Germany, Italy, France. We will also offer additional material for similarly treated by any other editor in the Extension to Ireland, $35 extra. ning the scope of work for teachers seeking adinstruction.

country. Besides revising many geographies Apply to MISS MARY E, FITZGERALD field is open to both men and women. he was co-author of a widely used series,

224 N. Hamlin Avenue, Chicago, Ill. Boards of Education all over the country are in addition to his physical geography. " People are born not made who know how to take t of physical directors.

Miss FitzGerald is a natural Authors and educators generally, who came 3wn our quarter-of-a-million dollar building.

leader."— Mrs. Eva D. Kelloge in Primary Education in contact with him, were always impressed ad a recognized school. Address Y, BOX M. 42D ST., AND GRAND BLVD., CHICAGO with his sicentific attainments, his broad

knowledge, and his exact scholarship, as
well as with his indomitable energy and

Supplementary leaflets

Arithmetic intense application.

(graded), used in Cleveland Public Schools. In 1903, Mr Hinman became a Director Send 10 cents for sample, stating grade.

The Britton Printing Co., Cleveland, O. of the American Book Company, which office he retained until his death. He is

Address Department P survived by his wife and four children and

his aged father, who resided with his son at Summit.

Short-Story Writing ANNOUNCEMENT! Mr. Hinman was a rapid and accurate

A course of forty lessons in the history, worker, a man of active and constructive mind. His great experience in selecting

Lippincott's Magazine. ENNESS M. BRADEN

Over one hundred Home Study manuscripts and seeing through the press

Courses under professors in Harrard, books on a wide range of subjects and of all

Broun, Cornet and leading colleges. EDUCATIONAL WORKER

350-page catalog free. Write to-day. grades, gave him an unusual breadth of

The Home Correspondence School,Dept.374,Springfield, Mass. *TURER-AUTHOR-TEACHER view and a well-trained jugdment of how

best to meet the educational demands of PRIMARY SPECIALIST

the schools. He was a public-spirited SUMMER SCHOOL DES ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR AND citizen, active in promoting the interests of FIVE

For Kindergarten and Primary Teachers his community, and was held in high esteem CHERS' INSTITUTES & ASSOCIATIONS for his attainments and character.

June 18 — August 9 STUDIO & OFFICE


in Kindergarten Education. Credits offered This ad is worth $10 to

on one third of regular first and second year E HAPPY METHOD IN NUMBER

you. Special Proposition

ingenious method of teaching primary numbers. It
's Froebel's law oj strong contrast.

for all primary and inter-
We will show you

SPECIAL COURSES in Primary Methods, order real leading to accuracy through self-activity mediate grade teachers.

Nature Study, Art for Primary Grades. how this ad will benefit you this much, or trong in illustrations and suggestions." he very best American Primary Number Work." more, with no effort at all on your part.

Games adapted for Primary Grades. 'rogressive teachers cannot afford to be without it."

Address at once

Write for folders giving full information. --District Superintendent ipies can be obtained of the Author, Price, 55 cts. C. DICKERSON & SON


Weedsport, N. Y.



the secret free.


you on a summer tour.

form, structure, and writing of the Sbort Story, taught by J. Berg Esenwein, Editor

Mr. Esen wela



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