minutes of the farmers club of pennsylvania


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Página 302 - HOW Crops Grow : a Treatise on the Chemical Composition, Structure, and Life of the Plant.
Página xxxiii - SOILS.—Have a wooden box made 6 inches long and wide, and from 9 to 12 inches deep, according to the depth of soil and subsoil of the field. Mark out in the field a space of about 12 inches square; dig round in a slanting direction a trench, so as to leave undisturbed a block of soil with its subsoil from 9 to 12 inches deep; trim this block or plan of the field...
Página 443 - unfortunately the application of artificial manures to permanent pastures is often disappointing in an economical point of view. As a rule, no artificial manure gives so favorable a return as good farmyard manure, and I cannot help thinking that it would be more profitable for a farmer to apply the larger portion of his yard manure rather to his pasture land than to the arable land; for there is no difficulty in growing roots and cereal crops economically...
Página 148 - Season, 1867. less than the usual aggregate amount of rain, though a good deal fell within a short interval about the middle of November, causing floods, and hindering autumn sowing in some localities. In January, 1867, the fluctuations were very great; extreme cold and heavy falls of snow, alternating with rapid thaws, warm weather, heavy gales, and a good deal of rain. The last week of January, and almost the whole of February, were...
Página 303 - L'Agriculture et la Population. 2* édition. Paris, 1866. Lucas, NJ Englisch-Deutsches und Deutsch-Englisches Worterbuch (A Dictionary of the English and German and German and English Languages).
Página 207 - ... and even supposing the figures above given should exaggerate the difference actually occurring, there would still be a wide margin remaining, sufficient to account for the fact of no water reaching the drains excepting under the influence of an unusually large and continued rainfall. Such a fact as the one here recorded is obviously of great interest and significance. Whether the porosity of a clay soil be increased by the application of manure, by mechanical means, or by a combination of the...
Página xciii - Journalise and post into a ledger the following transactions, and draw out a Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Account, and Balance Sheet:— On the 1st of January, 1874, A.
Página 531 - I should consider to be one of the most important, if not the most important of all the scientific investigations connected with the practice of agriculture.
Página 142 - ... rather wet, and the remainder considerably warmer and drier than the average. May was, throughout, unusually cold both day and night, and there was a deficiency of rain. June was changeable, but included a good deal of hot weather, which raised the mean temperature above the average, and during the month a considerable excess of rain fell. The beginning of July was cold and wet; then followed a week of hot and dry weather; but, from about the middle of the month to nearly the end of September,...
Página 456 - Fig. 209, a (p. 464) representing the oval cavity filled with the long slender spore cases (asci) springing from the base of the cavity. The mouth of the conceptacle opening through the conical swelling is obvious; this gives the granular aspect to the head of the fungus. Four of the sacs or asci are represented at 6, still more magnified.

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