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and made penitent, the other is told—and he has foreseen her death. She practises with the agony of constraint—the poison magic innocently, knowing no ill-forming from the Christian.

figures of snow,

that can exist each but for The plan of the ninth must be new mo- a day. She loves Thalaba--but when she delled. Will this be better—for Mohareb names her father, he knows the name, and to discover that his death must precede is commanded to kill her, to root up the Thalaba's, and therefore to preserve his ?

This he refuses to do, and his disoand lest the sisters should destroy him, he bedience is not accounted as sinful. But restores Abdaldar's ring.

she is transformed into one of the green The conversion of Maimuna happens on birds of paradise, and hovers over him on that mysterious night when all things wor- his way. Her voice becomes soothing and ship God.

affectionate ; like the note of the dove, it is In the last book, when Thalaba has left the tone of happiness, of tenderness, not of the choice of his reward to heaven, the spi- gaiety. rits of both his parents appear, and he knows The Simorgh preserves somewhat of his that his death-hour is arrived.

oracular character by rejoicing in the ap5. Mohareb may endeavour to convert proaching downfall of sorcery, and predictThalaba. Tale of Zohak in a few lines. ing the future destruction of other evils as 6. Zohak affected by the ring on Thala

Then he informs Thalaba, ba's return.

darkly, of his way, and warns him. Dogs 6. The Paradise of Aloadin should mock are to draw him over the frozen plains and Mohammed's as much as possible.

glaciers —each with a mark on the foreA sɔn of Okba to be slain by Thalaba. head—these are they who have failed. 'Open One bred up to sorcery. Thalaba hesitates not thine eyes at the outcry thou wilt hear.' with pity. He sees his name written on the The Domdanielites follow and lash the dogs Table of Destiny—the Destroyer : and the to madden them and drive them down the young victim pleads that his father ruined precipice. The bandage is torn violently him; and Thalaba knows the name of Ho- from his eyes; he is allowed to look, if he deirah's murderer.

can be firm. Hodeirab's spirit defends him, Mohareb in the Domdaniel flies from and drives away the aggressors. When at Thalaba and clings around the knees of the the bay, the dogs, bloody and foaming, ask giant idol for protection. Thalaba strikes their reward. He gives them the bidden the image.

answer, ‘God reward ye!' and they die, The moment Maimuna looses the chain and are removed to Paradise. of Thalaba her repentance is accepted. The prison walls of Thalaba thrown down They find themselves in her cavern, and all by the Termites. the appearances of old age fall upon the Maimuna goes for the human wax. It pardoned sorceress. Her death follows. is the mysterious night. The Gouls are

Cold. Tom's' shower of fiery snow in the lying powerless by the grave, and she sees sunshine.

within the spirit of the dead, and the bunThalaba finds a young woman, a damsel, dred-headed worm that never dies, and that in an ice palace. It is the daughter of only on this night ceases to torment the Okba, hidden there by her father, where wicked. none but one with the soul-purchased ring The crime of allowing oppression must can enter, because from any other visitor strongly be stated to justify the Upas. Thus

the red headed Christian may have been 1 This alludes to his brother, the late Captain Thomas Southey, R. N. As before ob espoused to a damsel whom Mohareb has served, he was in the habit of noting remark.

taken for his seraglio, and she may escape able appearances and images.-J. W. w. and cry out to the people.

The wand of Maimuna breaks in the dun- | through the ceremony of interment, and geon. It must be introduced as her spindle. transplant that idea from St. Patrick's pur

In the garden of Okba's daughter, a foun- gatory. tain of fire supplies the want of the sun's The sunbeams should clothe him and warmth, and rolls its rivulet.

thus his garment of glory gives him light After Maimuna enters the dungeon, the through the way of darkness. This will be scene through the remainder of the book fine at sunrise, and after his prayer. must continue there. No threat, no voice, Khawla attacks him by the fire, to preno token, only the threatening of silence vent his getting the sword. He hurls her and the loss of power. From the prison into it. Okba. Mohareb. At the moment bars they see the red-haired Christian led when Mohareb, subdued, clings to the knees to execution, and Maimuna's fear explains of the great idol, Hodeirah and Zeinab apwhat they are going to make of him, and to pear. do with her.

Before he mounts the sledge, the dogs 10. The prison walls thrown down by the must implore him, if he can fear, to return Terunites. The wind incloses them as in a in time for his sake and for theirs, and they car, and they alight in the ice-cave. Death

must weep with fear. of Maimuna. Laila.

10. The prophecy will be better from 4. The ring disables Zohak as well as the Azrael, that Laila or Thalaba must die. charm of Mobareb.

The cavern, like S. Catherine's. The Okba comes. When Thalaba refuses to frozen bay. Northern lights. kill Laila, he triumphs, and thinks Thalaba It must not be told who the green bird is, has forfeited all claim to God's protection, till she speaks herself. and attempts to kill. Laila runs to stop Thalaba must have his bow, it must therethe blow, and receives it, and thus the pro- fore be mentioned, book 8, be found again phecy is accomplished, and Thalaba the in Maimuna's cave, and supply the place of occasion of her death.

the club, book 10. 11. Green Bird. Simorg. Journey. Voy- 11. Entrance. Speech of Laila. Prayer age.

of Thalaba. The sun beams. Dark way. At the entrance of the Domdaniel, Laila Glow-worm beast. Helmet. Dropping leaves him, and then speaks and requests Pass. The great serpent. Then the fire one return for her affection: it is, that he and the sword, and the death of Khawla, will pray to God to pardon her father. His and the battle with Mohareb. Okba. sword must not strike Okba, and thus his Thalaba throws his ring into the sea-as character will rise as he subdues the feeling faith is the talisman. of revenge.

There must be a great descent. Two The boatmen warn him each of the dan- Dive's hold a chain over it: they are comger by which he perished.

pelled to let down Thalaba, blaspheming. 11. Demons ready to down-thrust the 12. I must light a torch miraculously to tottering avalanch. Others below that like guide him through the dark way—it is more angels spread a cloud to receive him, and fit for painting than the sunbeams. call on Thalaba to leap and save himself. The alarm must be given, and the whole On these Oneiza darts with Sulfagar,—the army of magicians assembled. two-pointed sword of Ali snatched from the The sword in the fire lies on the white armoury of heaven.

ashes of Hodeirah. The balance in which the Japanese pil- The fire shall clothe Thalaba and progrims are suspended, should precede the tect him. sledge journey. A permitted trial. It The Şimorg tells Thalaba that the taliswould have a good effect to make him go man is in the heart of the Great Image.


Funeral ceremonies briefly run over at

The dogs. But a quiet journey. Scenery the death of Maimuna.

like that delightful print in Hearne. Ice 7. Night amusements of luxury. Per

and firs and poplar islands. The dogs keep fumed lights. Transparent dress.

the prayer hours, and turn to Mecca. No 6. Persian lilies.

terror to be excited, only a stratagem to The Mareb reservoir, and the punishment waken curiosity. of Thamud alluded to.

He should know the Peri before he trusts Euphrates esteemed unholy water by the

her ; therefore he must deliver her from a Moslem.

Dive. 3. Oneiza must sport with the bow and At sea. Let the spirit of Moath pass

him, to indicate the old man's death. N. B. Shedad was the first King of Ad. Thus, the throne of Nimrod is the altar. Certain lines to this purport: the Evil

At the hour of sacrifice comes Thalaba to Power may fence themselves round with read the inscription.

The Giant, seeing dangers, but wisdom and courage may sub- that he dies not, attempts to kill him. Thadue them all—so God in his justice had laba cleaves him down with the axe of appointed.

sacrifice. When Thalaba is taken, Maimuna calls a How then to employ the arrows? Thus, spirit, and enquires what they can do with the first foe must be the old and faithful him. The answer is, “ In the city of Mo

servant of the Queen, bewitched so as to hareb thou shalt secure thy safety."

be her enemy. He must be taken, not 5. The Angels to manifest themselves. slain. Their situation, and garment of glory bright- It must be Leoline who uses the axe of ening as the atonement proceeds.

sacrifice. All must be rewritten from his speech to the Simorg to his actual entrance into the Jan. 20, 1800. Again to be recast ! Domdaniel. It is flat and common.

The Leoline and Lady story is clumsyThe inscription which whoso reads will like a third arm—a young sixth finger. die. It is on the original throne of Nim- The strike of extermination must smite it. rod. He reads it, “ Search and find." He At landing, terrors and the funeral. Then overturns it, and discovers a key. It is in a display of the Mohammedan paradise. an island where a grievous superstition Types, &c. Art thou satisfied with this ? reigns. An ever-living old woman, Super- Then the true progressive heaven. At once stition, is the priestess. Child sacrifices, the glory is extinguished, and the dread and the dying dropt down a gulph, whose descent before him. iron doors never open but to let in a victim, A gaunt and ghastly figure guards two like the Venice prison. The boat takes him iron doors. Of what is not seen, for eterthere. The people rejoice, and tell him of nal mists are round them; nor is he seen, the inscription, which he must read, for it for the seraph guide approaches, and asks is the remedy. It is a torch he finds—the if yet ? and a dead voice only answers, the holy light of enquiry; and he must first hour is not yet born :-“ meanwhile rest in subdue the giant Opinion. The allegory the sunbeam." must be nowhere naked : and the Koran Here, dreams of futurity, and the angel ought to be his shield.

song of Oneiza, and the passing spirit of old A boat in a brook: a Peri helmswoman. Moath: from this, the voice awakes him.


with The brook becomes The gates unfold at his stroke. Within is a river, rough and wide : Wilt thou go with darkness and the fargleam of fires, and sounds me? The river enters the sea : Darest thou

that terrify; and a strong flood of wind impells him in, and the gates with a thunder

Thou wilt


go with me?

clap close him in, and then the light be found : her lover need not cease till she has comes more vivid, and the dives appear dis placed him where she found him; or an earthtinct upon the abyss.

quake may throw open the gates, to show A heath, a brook, a mountain, the mist her the power of Allah, and then the whirlaround its foot. There journey. Thou wilt wind waft them. find one tree; there lift thy voice and ask. Lobaba should not be killed as he is ; let The tree flourishes on the side from the mist; him ride off, so is the faith of Thalaba more its boughs all blasted on one side bend for- proved and pure. ward from the poison.

In the den should be the spirits of Abdaldar and Lobaba, all agony with fear.

PEDRO the Just.1
Better in a cavern where the tide enters.
On the brink of the descent a skeleton,

THE character of Pedro after the murder the chain held by no hand, nor seen whence of Inez is well adapted for the drama, just it proceeds.

but cruel ; his heart hardened by suffering A parachute of six living wings, some

and indulged revenge, yet still doating on what of Ezekiclism, and a lamp dropt down the dead. that sets fire to the foul air.

The death of Gonzales and Coello is too

horrible, nor is there anything in the story Who is the damsel of the boat ? my rea

dramatic. Pacheco escaped, on that circumders will ask, and they ought to know.

stance a tale may be grafted. Among the unsuccessful adventurers was

Pacheco has lost his sight by lightning, or Othatha. He failed because Miriam, his mis- | in battle. He labours under the agonies of tress, detained bim. She therefore is con- remorse. The priest, to whom he has condemned to waft the future destroyer. He fessed, enjoins him to say certain prayers in keeps the door of entrance.

the place where he had committed the crime;

for thus disfigured, there was no danger of Thalaba-alterations. Book 2.

A high reward has been offered for Pa

checo. A Portugueze noble has stripped his ABDALDAR's feet washed by Thalaba and

wife and daughter of their possessions, and Oneiza.

offered to restore them as the price of the Let Abdaldar first attempt by magic to destroy the boy, as by holding his hand and daughter's prostitution. She comes to Coim

bra to demand justice. Here is matter for singing to him a song in words unintelligible;

a good scene. Pedro is much affected by her by drinking of the melon juice, and breath

story. ing upon it a spell, then giving it to Tha

Pacheco begs alms of his daughter. She laba; the dagger attempt should not be till

bids him remember her and her father in spells had failed.

He knows her then, but will The garden of Irem is necessary, “not

not make himself known. on ocean, not on earth.” May he live there awhile with his mother. Her natural death trays him, and sends an emissary to inform

The priest who had confessed Pacheco bethe gap. Or shall I place the twelfth Pedro that he is in Coimbra, and receives Imam there to instruct him ?

the reward. Pacheco is thrown into prison. Book 9.

The noble whom Leonor has accused is The whole procession description may be

1 The reader will connect this intended drama transferred to Kebama, before the chariot

with La Cabu, and Roderick the Lust of the Goths. of Jaggernaut. When Maimuna has un

He should ewise consult W.S. Landor's poems bound his chain, a new conclusion must be on the subject.–J. W. W.


his prayers.

fills up

sent for by Pedro to answer the accusation. The noble's offer. Then she tells him how He first informs her of her father's impri- she could have loved. sonment, and, irritated by Pedro, offers to The conclusion does not follow from the force the prison and deliver him, if Leonor previous circumstances, one great fault. The will be his. A fine scene may be made when story admits of good scenes, but nothing very the high-minded Leonor tells him how her striking in effect; it would make an excelheart might have been won, and how she lent drama, but hardly for the mob. could have loved.

Pedro Coelho and Alvaro Gonçalvez were Pedro sends his own confessor to prepare the murderers who suffered. Diogo Lopes Pacheco for death. His remorse and resig- Pacheco was afterwards pardoned, on proof nation affect the priest; he begs for his of not having been an accomplice. The Spadaughter's sake to die privately. The priest niard emigrants given up to Pedro the Cruel intercedes with Pedro; this last request af- by the Cruel Pedro were Pedro Nunes de fects him, but he is inexorable.

Guzman, Mem Rodriguez Tenono, Ferman The day on which the corpse of Inez is Gudiel de Toledo, and Fortun Sanches Cal. crowned is fixed for the death of Pacheco.deron. The tortures are ready for him when that Vicente Amado, a Franciscan, was the ceremony shall be over. At this moment, confessor of Pedro. when the soul of Pedro is susceptible of the strongest feelings, Leonor comes with the children of Inez to intercede, her last hope. She succeeds. The noble offers his hand, and

The Days of QUEEN MARY. is refused. Leonor expresses her determi- The reign of Queen Mary is a good penation to live with her mother, and at her riod for a play. Sir Walter, a young man of death to enter a convent. Pacheco becomes fortune, is a convert to the reformed reli. a monk.

gion. He has been bred up with the prosIt opens with her accompanying priest ac- pect of marrying Mary, a neighbouring heirquainting Pedro's confessor with her busi- ess, and they are strongly attached to each ness, and requiring his assistance. This gives other. Sir Walter has a cousin, his next heir, her character and his. Leonor comes. The who knows his opinions, and envies his forinterview. As she leaves the king, Pacheco comes in, to the place where Inez was mur- Mary is a zealous Catholic, but every way dered. He sends away his guide. Scene be- amiable; and her confessor a sincere, pious, tween him and the king, who, hearing he is excellent man. come to pray there, tells him to pray for him, The man who converted Walter possesses and to curse the murderers. This may be the honourable and honest spirit of Gilbert very striking.

Wakefield.” He must be elderly, and when Leonor confronted with the noble. She the play opens, in prison. sees Pacheco, and knows him not. Arrival Mary and her confessor both abhor perof the informer. Pedro enquires out how he secution. He may have suffered it under knew him, and sends to put the treacherous Henry VIII. Walter's friend is burnt, and priest to death.

he accompanies him to the stake, though Mary News of his imprisonment. The noble's and her confessor intreat him not to incur offer. Her friendly priest relates to her that suspicion. he has visited him. She goes to attend him in the dungeon. The confessor sees him first. 2 “ He had a fearless and inflexible honesty, He intercedes, but in vain.

which made him utterly regardless of all danger,

and would have enabled him to exult in martyrIt will not well make a fifth act. The

dom.” See ESPRIELLA's Letters, vol. i. p. 41, coronation. Her last and successful effort.

third edit.-J. W. W.


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