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his wife Parvadi is only a part of himself. / strength of penances, had obtained the goThe first and greatest of his sons is Pollear. vernment of the world and immortality ; He presides over marriages. The Indians but became so wicked that God was obliged build no house, without having first carried to punish him. He sent Soupramanier, who a Pollear on the ground, which they sprinkle fought him unsuccessfully for ten days; but with oil, and throw flowers on it every day. at last, making use of the Velle, arms which If they do not invoke it before they under- he had received from his father, he cut the take any enterprize, they believe that God giant in two. These two parts changed, one will make them forget what they wanted to into a peacock, and the other into a cock. undertake, and that their labour will be in Soupramanier gave them a better heart, and vain. He has an elephant's head, and rides from that moment they paid homage to a rat: but in the pagodas they place him Eswara. He enjoined the peacock always on a pedestal with his legs almost crossed. to carry him, and the cock to be always in A rat is always put before the door of his his standard." chapel. This rat was a giant, Gudje-mougachourin, on whom the gods had bestowed " VAIREVERT, the third son of Eswara, immortality, as well as great powers; which was created from his breath, to overthrow he abused, and did much harm to mankind. the pride of the Deverkels and the PeniPollear, intreated by the sages and peni- tents, and to humble Brahma, who had tents to deliver them, pulled out one of his vaunted that he was the greatest of the tusks, and threw it against the oppressor. three gods. Vairevert pulled off one of The tooth entered the giant's stomach, and Brahma's heads, and received the blood of overthrew him. He immediately changed all the Deverkels and Penitents in the skull; himself into a rat, as large as a mountain, but afterwards brought them to life again, and came to attack Pollear : who sprung and gave them purer hearts. This is the on his back, telling him, that hereafter he god who by Eswara's command will come should ever be his carrier. The Hindoos, to destroy the world at the end of the ages. in their adoration of this god, cross the He is blue, three-eyed, with two tusks like arms, shut the fist, and in this manner give crescents, a collar of heads round his neck, theinselves several blows on the temples: falling on his stomach ; his girdle is made then, but always with the arms crossed, of serpents, his hair of a fire colour, bells they take hold of their ears, and make three are on his feet, he rides a dog." inclinations, bending the knee; after which, with their hands joined, they address their “ Tue fifth incarnation of Vichenou was prayers to him, and strike their forehead. in a Bramin dwarf, under the name of They have a great veneration for this deity, Vamen; it was wrought to restrain the whose image they place in all temples, pride of the giant Bely. The latter after streets, highways, and in the country at the having conquered the gods, expelled them

foot of some tree, that all the world may from Sorgon. He was generous, true to I have an opportunity of invoking him, be- his word, compassionate and charitable.'

fore they undertake any concern, and that travellers may make their adorations and of old, Earth's wonder once, and of the fume

“ Their talk was of the city of the days offerings to him before they pursue their of Baly its great founder, - he whose name journey."

In ancient story and in poet's praise,

Liveth and flourisheth for endless glory, « The second son of Eswara is Soupra- Put down the wrong, and age upheld the

Because his might manier, whom his father produced from the

right," &c. eye in the middle of his forehead, to destroy

The Curse of Kehama, – The City of the giant Soura-Parpma. This last, by

Bely, xv. 4.-5. W. W.


Vichenou, under the form of a very little give him a place he could inhabit; he only Bramin, presented himself before him while desired the space of an arrow's flight, which he was sacrificing, and asked him for three he would shoot. Varounin consented, but paces of land to build a hut. Bely ridi- the penitent Narader, witness of the proculed the apparent imbecility of the dwarf, mise he had just given, made him sensible in telling him, that he ought not to limit of his imprudence, by assuring him, that it his demand to a request so trifling ; that was Vichenou himself, and that he would his generosity could bestow a much larger send his arrow beyond all the seas; in donation of land. Vamen answered, that which case Varounin would not know what being of so small a stature, what he asked to do with his waters. Varounin, lamentwas more than sufficient. The prince imme- | ing at not being able to recall his promise, diately granted his request, and to ratify ran speedily to Yamen, god of death, begging his donation, poured water into his right his assistance in this dilemma. To oblige hand; which was no sooner done, than the him, Yamen changed himself into a white dwarf grew so prodigiously, that his body ant, called Karia among the Indians, who, filled the universe. He measured the earth in the night time came when Parassourama with one pace, and the heavens with an- was asleep, and by favour of the darkness other, and then summoned Bely to give gnawed his bow-string in such a manner, as him his word for the third. The prince then to leave just string enough to keep the bow recognized Vichenou, adored him, and pre- stretched. Parassourama, not perceiving sented his head to him : but the god, satis- the trick played him, repaired in the mornfied with his submission, sent him to governing to the sea shore; he put an arrow to his Padalon, and permitted him to return annu- bow, which he was preparing to shoot with ally to the earth, on the day of the full moon all his strength; but in drawing the string, in November, the anniversary of his over- to give it more elasticity, it broke in such throw, to witness the fireworks and illu- a manner, that the arrow could not go far. minations, a sight of which he was very The land over which it passed dried, and fond."

formed the country of Malealon, which we

call the coast of Malabar. Parassourama “ PARASSOURAMA was only one part of recalling to mind the ingratitude of the Vichenou. He declared war against the Bramins, cursed them, and imposed this lot kings of the race of the sun, defeated them upon them, that if a Bramin should die on all, and gave their kingdom to the Bramins. this new spot of earth, he should return to He would afterwards have retired into a earth again, in the shape of an ass. Therecorner of the country he had presented fore no Bramin's residence is to be seen on them, to pass his days in tranquillity, but this proscribed coast. According to the none of the Bramins would permit him : Tamoul tradition, this god still lives on the and finding no asylum on the earth, he re- Malabar coast. They represent him tertired on the Gauts, whose foundation was rible and disagreeable figure. On the Corowashed by the waves. It was there that he mandel coast he is painted green, with a called Varounin, god of the sea, begging more agreeable countenance, holding in one him to withdraw his waters, in order to hand a hatchet, and a fan of palm leaves in

the other." | The classical reader will call to mind Ho. MER's description of strife, Iliad, A. 443. “ MARIATALE” was wife of the penitent

Ουρανώ έστήριξε κίρη, και επί χθονί βαίνει. With which may be compared the words in

2 All these materials were of course collected the Book of Wisdom, “ It touched the heaven,

for the “Curse of Kehama.” This is quoted to but it stood upon the earth.” xviii. 16.

the lines. J. W. W.

“ It chanced that near her, on the river brink,

Chamadaguini, and mother of Parassourama. one above another. These pots are adorned This goddess commanded the elements, but

with the leaves of the Margosier, a tree concould not preserve that empire longer than secrated to her. Fearing her son Parassouher heart was pure. One day, while she rama would no longer adore her, she prayed was collecting water out of a tank, and, ac- the Deverkels to grant her another child, cording to her custom, was making with and they gave her Catavareyen; the Parias that and earth a bowl to carry it to the divide their adoration between his mother house, she saw on the surface of the water and him. Mariatale is by many authors some figures of Grandouers, who were flying called the devil Ganga. They sacrifice heover her head. Struck with their charms, goats to her.” desire seized her heart. The earth of the bowl liquified, and the water mixed again “ VICHENOU resides in the sea of milk, in with that of the tank. From this time she contemplative repose, throned on Addiswas obliged to make use of a vase. This sechen, or Seja, the thousand-headed serinability discovered to Chamadaguini that pent who supports the universe. They his wife had deviated from purity, and in reckon seven seas:. 1, of salt ; 2, of butter; the excess of his rage he ordered his son to 3, of tain, or curdled milk; 4, of calon, the drag her to the place where criminals were liquor drawn from the palm ; 5, of the serexecuted, and to behead her. This order pent; 6, of water; 7, of milk, which they was executed, but Parassourama was so call tirou parcadel." much afflicted for the loss of his mother, that Chamadaguini told him to take up the “ The two Rachaders, Ragou and Quebody and fasten the head upon it

, which he dou, were metamorphosed into snakes, one had cut off, and repeat a prayer in her ear, red, the other black. They are enemies to which he taught him, and his mother would the Sun and Moon, who prevented them come again to life. The son ran eagerly to from swallowing a portion of the Amortam. perforin what he was ordered, but by a very Eclipses happen when they attack them." singular blunder, he joined the head of his mother to the body of a Parichi who had “DEVENDREN, in the figure of a handsome been executed for her crimes : a monstrous man, one day went to find a courtesan, to assemblage which gave to this woman the prove if she would be faithful to him. He virtues of a goddess and the vices of a crimi- promised her great rewards, and she received nal. The goddess becoming impure by such bim well during the whole night. Devena mixture, was driven from her house, and dren counterfeited death, and the courtesan committed all kinds of cruelties. The De

was so prepossessed of the truth, that she verkels perceiving the destruction she made, absolutely would be burned with him, though appeased her in giving her the power to they represented to her that he was not her cure the small-pox, and promising her she liusband. As she was going to precipitate should be implored for that disorder.-Ma- herself into the flames, Devendren awoke, riatale is the great goddess of the Parias, acknowledged the deceit, took her for his who place her above the Deity. To honour wife, and carried her into his paradise." ber, they have a custom of dancing with several pots of water on their heads, placed “MANMADIN once dared to shoot his ar

The sculptured form of Marriataly stood;
It was an idol roughly hewn of wood,

Artless, and mean, and rude ;
The goddess of the poor was she;
None else regarded her with piety.”

The Curse, ii. 8.-J. W. W.

In the extract from Kindersley, Poems, p. 610, there is some little difference. The quotation is to the line, Yea, the seven earths, that, each with its owII

Mount Calusay, Sjx. 6.

ocean,” &c.


rows at Eswara. The god darted flame from me, when I asked him why Cama, or Love, the eye

in his forehead, and consumed him was represented as her son."—Sir W.JONES. to ashes. Afterwards be restored him to life."

“The appropriate seat of Mahadeva (Es

wara) was mount Cailása, every splinter of “ AROUNIN, a lame Deverkel, conducts the whose rocks was an inestimable gem. His chariot of the sun. The chariot is supported terrestrial haunts are the snowy hills of at one end by Mount Merou, the rest is Himalaya, or that branch of them to the sustained by the air.

There is only one east of the Brahmaputra, which has the name wheel. It is drawn by seven green horses. of Chandrasic'hara, or the Mountains of the The Valaguilliers, to the number of 60,000, Moon." - Ibid. follow the sun in his twelve chambers, adoring him, and singing his praise.

“There the sun shines not, nor the moon “ The mountain Merou is composed of and stars. These lightnings flash not in that 8,000 small mountains. It is of gold, in the place : how should even fire blaze there? middle of the earth. The gods alone can God irradiates all this bright substance, and

there. With this mountain they churned by its effulgence the universe is enlightened. the sea of milk to make the Amortam."1

- From the Yajurveda. Asiat. R.

This may be finely applied to Eswara's “ Takin is one of the ten Brahmas. Thir

glory throne. teen of his daughters married the Penitent Cassiapen. Of these Adidi was mother * Hæc ait, et sese radiorum nocte suorum of the Deverkels ; Singinde, of Ragou and Claudit inaccessum.'

COLUMBUS. Quedou ; Vinde, of Arounin the lame; Catrou, of all snakes; Arite, of twelve lovely " JAMBU is the Sanscrit name of a delidaughters, the eldest of whom, Arambe, is cate fruit, called Jáman by the Muselmans, the dancer of the Deverkels."

and by us rose-apple: but the largest and richest sort is named Amrita, or Immortal;

and the mythologists of Tibet apply the same “ They believe that we receive from the

word to a celestial tree bearing ambrosial moon a certain vital water which gathereth

fruit, and adjoining to four vast rocks, from and disposeth itself in the brain, descending

which as many sacred rivers derive their sethence, as from a source, into all the mem

veral streams.”—Ibid. bers for their functions."-BERNIER.

It is odd that Sir W. Jones makes no re

mark upon this resemblance to the immorAll the Avatars were of a dark-blue talizing milk, or tree of life. colour, to mark their celestial descent."MAURICE.

“ GARUDA, whom Vishnu rides, is often

painted with the face of a beautiful youth, “ Maya, or, as the word is explained by and the body of an imaginary eagle. His some Hindu scholars, the first inclination of

name is better spelt Garura. He is the rathe Godhead to diversify himself (such is their tional eagle.”—Ibid. phrase), by creating worlds, is feigned to be the mother of universal nature, and of all

“Kids are still offered to Cali, the wife the inferior gods; as a Cashmirian informed of Siva, to palliate the cruelty of the slaugh

ter which gave such offence to Buddha. The 1 On“ The Amreeta-cup of immortality,” sec

Brahmans inculcate a belief that the poor victims rise in the heaven of Indra, where they become the musicians of his band.

Curse of Kehama," Poems, p. 6:24.

Notes to “

J. W. W.

“Forinerly human sacrifices were made that they may wave like the banners of to this goddess, and bulls and horses."- Cama." Ibid.

He applauds another who dances in the CAPARDIN, with thick hair, is a title of Es- sportive circle, “whilst her bracelets ring, as

she beats time with her palms.”


They suppose that the Sphinx, or Singh “ Ir powder of sandal wood finely levias they call ber, will appear at the end of gated be applied to her breasts, she starts, the world so huge, as at the instant of her and mistakes it for poison.”—Ibid. birth to seize on an elephant. This tradition was related by a Pundit to Colonel Pearse. Sir W. Jones conceives the sculpture representing it to be intended for a “I myself never was not, nor thou, nor lion, --so Singh means, so several Bramins all the princes of the earth ; nor shall we told himn who had seen it. Yet if the draw- ever hereafter cease to be.”—KREESHNA, in ing of the colonel be correct, the female the Bhagvat Geeta. breasts are visible.

" As the soul in this mortal frame findeth

infancy, youth, and old age, so in some fuOriental Images.

ture frame will it find the like.”—Ibid. " Her eyes appear like moons eclipsed, “ The former state of beings is unknown, which let fall their gathered nectar, through the middle state is evident, and their future pain caused by the tooth of the furious dra- state is not to be discovered. Why, then, gon."—Songs of Jayadeva.

shouldst thou trouble thyself about such

things as these ?”—Ibid.
“ SPREAD a string of gems on those two
soft globes ; let the golden bells of thy zone

“Let the motive be in the deed, and not
tinkle, and proclaim the mild edict of love. in the event."—Ibid.
Say, O damsel, with delicate speech, shall
I dye red, with the juice of alactaca, those

“Perform thy duty, abandon all thought beautiful feet, which will make the full

of the consequence, and make the event blown land-lotus blush with shame.”—Ibid.

equal, whether it terminate in good or evil;

for such an equality is called Yog.”—Ibid. “And Radha, with timid joy, darting her eyes on Govinda, while she musically

“Although thou wert the greatest of all sounded the rings of her ankles, and the

offenders, thou shalt be able to cross the bells of her zone, entered the mystic bower

gulf of sin with the bark of wisdom.”—Ibid. of her only beloved."

“The man who, performing the duties of “ His locks

, interwoven with blossoms, life, and quitting all interest in them, placeth were like a cloud variegated with moon


Brahm the Supreme, is not taintbeams."

ed by sin; but remaineth like the leaf of the

lotus, unaffected by the waters."— Ibid. " Place now a fresh circle of musk, black as the lunar spots, on the moon of my fore

The Yogee of a subdued mind is comhead, and mix gay flowers on my tresses, pared “ to a lamp, standing in a place without with a peacock's feathers, in graceful order, / wind, which waveth not."— Ibid.

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