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rel between the stable - boy, and young to their own house to enjoy the wedding. Hanmer the grocer next door. A lady There will be meat and drink and all other had lost a “curious” pigeon, and employed attendance such as they can afford; it shall Hanmer to get it cried and pay a reward be ready for you, not for you to take it an of five shillings if it was recovered. The excuse further that you should not be instable-boy had a hawk which he carried to vited to the bride or the bridegroom sepathe bell-man—the bell-man looked—“God rately. I do invite you for them both, and bless my soul! it is a curious pigeon!”— you go to which you please. There will be and away they went to Hanmer.—“ Well ! two musicks to divert while you are at this is the most curious pigeon I ever saw! meat, and to divert you to dance as long as I don't wonder the lady offered five shil- you chuse to stay after meat : if you don't lings for it," — and he pays the stable-boy chuse to dance, you shall have pipes and the reward. The lady however knew a tobacco to divert you, with ale, either plain hawk from a pigeon - and Hanmer was ale or sweet ale only acquaint the waiter. now come to abuse the stable-boy for a There will be a large box of snuff to wait rogue and recover the money — which he on you if you chuse to take a pinch. had wisely spent.

The musicians are David James, harper,

and Wm. Jones, fidler. *WHEN Mrs. Danvers lived at Cirencester And Henry Morgan is the Inviter. a fellow showed for a penny the fork that belonged to the knife with which Margaret Joseph White of Poole was an uncomNicholson attempted to kill the king. monly wealthy merchant. His will was very

extraordinary. He left each of his ships to Near Rownham I once met two men, the captain who commanded it for seven who were carefully lifting a square box years, after which they were to return them over a stile. I asked them what was in it? in good condition to his brother. His brothey told me " the little woman," whom ther was to use them with the rest of his they were carrying to show some lady at the fortune seven years — at the end of the Wells. They carried it with short poles fourteen Joseph expected to return to life like a little sedan something, and gimlet and reclaim his property.-A sailor in one holes were the only air avenues : for the of his vessels heard on his arrival, of his people would have seen her for nothing employer's death and was affected. Howhad there been a window !

beit, land, air, and an alehouse abated his feelings — they operated singularly - he went to the merchant's grave

:- and lay Copied from the original. It is in Miss Bar

down upon it—“Joe,” said he, “ Joe-Joe ker's possession and was sent to her uncle's

White-what-no answer?-not a word to house near Llandaff.

an old servant !- here, Joe-change me a A MESSENGER and inviter I am to the shilling "—and he threw one upon the grave. landlord and landlady of the house, and the “No answer— Ah poor Joe--such a rich rest of the family, as they arise and sleep, fellow—and now canst not give change for them that likes the journey, to the wedding a shilling ! - —" Captain Stokes, whom of David Rees, millman at Cyfarthfa, and I met at Faro, and who told me this, was Gwenny Davies, servant maid at Richard once when a boatswain with a very wicked Crawshays Esq., against Saturday the 14th of May, she come out of her own house

| The reader should refer to the notes on where they goes to live in burch grove,

“ Bride-Ale,” in Sir H. Ellis's edition of

Brand's Popular Antiquities. In my younger and he comes out of the next door, to days these things were common in North Wales, Merthyr church to be married, and back as I dare say they are now.-J. W. W.

and never

captain. One night, in calm weather, the

The prospectus for the Beauties of Senhelmsman came to him,—“Boatswain” said timent says that the Extracts are always he, “ I wish I was out of this ship. Just complete sense—and not very long. now there came a boat along side with only one man in it—and he went round the vessel Hymn after Sore Eyes. Price 6d. 1759. under the cabin window

and then they disappeared: but the captain directly came I Next with rapture view'd the meadow up storming and cursing like a mad man." round This fellow shocked his whole crew — he Which I-an oblique plain triangle found. used to


up to heaven, and curse the John LEWIS, Schoolmaster of Syston. sky and the sun and moon and stars.

London Mag. 1759.
Stokes was most amusingly supersti-
tious. He said many ships were haunted, In the Lady's Diary 17.., all the ladies'
and sailors who knew their character would


rebus's are answered by
not embark in them. A captain told him in an Elegy on his Father's Death.
that his mate at daybreak called him, to
say three vessels were in sight. After

* A woman in Herefordshire bakes two some time he came down again—he did not cakes annually on Good Friday, and lays know what to make of the vessels—whether them by. People come far and near for they were French or English — they vere

the crumbs of these cakes to cure diarrhæa. 'em on

- and he was coming up to them. Faith says they never mould At eight in the morning he again roused the fail as a remedy. captain — they were close and in dangerthey were three pinnacle rocks like the *A man in the Strand advertises that he Eddystone. It was between the Azores will contract with any person who will send and Cape St. Vincent. Stokes sailed in that him game from France, Norway or Russia ! course as near as possible to look for them —but in vain.

* Tue female Esquimaux when she stood

under the dome of St. Paul's, knowing it to A navy surgeon loved to prescribe salt be a temple, was imprest with the strongest water. He felloverboardone day: “Zounds, awe, and leant upon the gentleman who Will,” says a sailor, there's the doctor took her, as though she were sinking. At tumbled into his own medicine chest."

last she asked, “Did man make it—or was

it put here?" Major Cartwright told me “ Damn the French !” said


this. sailor, " they

such ignorant rascals ! here now," and he took off his hat and

It is a trade to write advertisements. pointed to it: “What do you think they A fellow wrote to Duppa, who he observed, call this that I have in my hand ?" “ That!

had not leisure to attend to the science. It —why a hat I suppose.” “No-damn their was his profession : he wrote four for halfeyes—they call it a chapeau!”

a-guinea. Another fellow called



said he was intimate with the nobility and A man advertises an Infirmary for dogs

could serve his work. “I suppose, Sir, you - single dogs taken in to board and nurse

allow centage." Dr. Thornton had acat half a guinea per week.



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" This l'aschal Loaf is still common in Sussex,

and, I dare say, in Herefordshire. It is renewed Great reputation of Señor Joseph Miller

each year; and the remarkable point is, that many superstitiously keep it who cannot be persuaded to communicate.-J. W. W.

for wit.


cepted this rascal's offer, who received above | ill, fatigued with visitors and lying down, £100 for him— and kept it all :—this was so that he could not see him. “No, no," his centage.

said the old man, I know the General wont be angry

go along and shew me * A FELLow exhibited a dragon-fly under the room." When he entered and saw the a magnifier at a country fair—as the great Pole so pale and emaciated with his wounds High German Heiter Keiter.

- the poor fellow burst into tears, laid

down his cake, and ran out of the room. The officers of a regiment quartered at Christ Church had offended the town's peo- Church government among the Methodple and were left to their own society. ists.—The minister removable by a synod at They made their band play in the mess London, and never suffered to remain long room from dinner till supper time as a enough in a place to attach the congregasubstitute for conversation.

tion to himself, and so become independent. * A woman who begged of Mrs. Somer

In the Ebenezer at Bristol notice is given ville told her she had been one of my La

if a servant who is of the congregation dy's groaners—she had been hired to groan

wants a place. at the Huntingdon Chapel.

What is the difference between a Bap

tist and an Anabaptist ? Exactly the * Said a Frenchman, " What a vile lan

same," said Sir John Danvers, as between guage is yours, where the same word, and

a Whiskey and a Tim Whiskey." pronounced in the same way, shall mean three different things — there is ship, un The sailors of Plymouth say, that if they viasseau — ship (sheep) mouton— and ship

are married at Stoke it holds good for a (cheap) bon marché.

month, at Stonehouse chapel for a year, but

at the old church for life. THREE Bishops are necessary to consecrate one ; but only two retained their

Pocock, the schoolmaster, by S. Michael's sees at the Revolution and took the oaths. churchyard, has a machine to punish the How to replenish their number ? — they boys, which they call the royal patent selfcaught a Franciscan who was bishop of acting ferule. Babylon and him they cajoled and terrified and reasoned into compliance. These three SAYERS the schoolmaster put arms into consecrated another — and then they went his boys' hands, and had them exercised on merrily.

during the “alarm.” They were taught

that they ought to resist their natural ene* When Kosciusko was at Bristol, 1797, mies, and by an easy and obvious logic disa present was made him of plate, and every covered that their natural enemies were the one was desirous of showing him some mark master and usher, whom they accordingly of respect. Burge, the pastry-cook made resolved to shoot. Some accident discovered him a large plumb cake, for his voyage to the plan, and prevented murder ; but it was America, and inscribed on it in coloured necessary to call in the military to reduce carroways To the gallant K.” This he them. This was hushed up, so many famicarried himself, and requested to see the lies of consequence here were concerned General. They told him the General was in it. This is supposed to be the remark of Espri.

“ What is become of your dog, Sir ella, - a Roman Catholic.-J. W.W.

John ?" said friend to Sir John Danvers.


popular prints.



is an asker."

" And do you

66 Gone to heaven,"

was the answer. “Then, gave her the ticket. It was drawn a Sir John, he has often followed you, and I | £10,000 prize, and he had the half to pay hope now you will follow him."

his partner. This is a well known fact. COARSE allegories of our common and When Edward Williams kept a booksel

ler's shop at Cowbridge, his seditious celeKeep within compass and you shall be

brity soon spread abroad. His circulating catalogue was indeed curious, the Reflec

tions on the French Revolution were entered To avoid many evils which others endure."

as the Gospel according to St. Burke; and The half-man half-skeleton prints. The a collection of Jacobinical pamphlets as tree of life and its companion. The last Directions for Duck-milking, a title which picture, where the devil catches a fellow by made all the Welsh farmers send for the his tail.

book. A son of Alderman Curtis resolved

to punish the honest old bard, and went in A SERVANT informed her mistress she to ask for the Gospel according to St. Burke. was going to be married.

“ Very well; The book was out, but Williams had a new and what trade is your husband ?" “ He copy, which he offered. "No," said Curtis, “ An asker ?" Vulgarly

“ this is Burke's Reflections, and what I called a beggar, ma'am.”

want is the Gospel according to St. Burke." think to live ?" “Oh, ma'am, he gets five

“ Indeed, sir," said Williams," it is the same shillings a day, and I expect to get as book.” Curtis said he was going out of much."

town, and had not time to read it. The

poor Welchman offered to lend it him for Mrs. DANVERS was once hiring a servant, some days. At this time a man who was the and the fellow, when they had almost agreed spy of government, self-elected to the office on wages, asked if it was pinch or plain ? in that town, came in, “ By God, Curtis, “ What do you mean?” “Why, ma'am, if we will have it!" and "By God, Mr. Spy," it is pinch, I find wax candles and Scotch said Polo,“ you

shall not.” Curtis was now coals for company."

looking every where for some sin against

government, and his eye caught a book Mrs. Parnell advises us to let Margaret

labelled Rights of Man.

What's the price kiss every black woman whom she meets, to

of this ?” “Five shillings.” He threw down make her cut her teeth easily, she has known the money. This shall go to Billy Pitt, and

he shook it in triumph at the bard. But

when he opened the book, his countenance “ A messmate before a

changed, and he exclaimed, “ Damn the shipmate, a shipmate before a stranger,

rascal—the Bible, by God!" stranger before a dog, and a dog before

Poor Williams angrily refused a pension from some wealthy brothers in the West

Indies, because he would not partake of the Many women would not upon any account gains made by slavery

. cut a child's nails till he is a year old.

His toast was, “ The three securities of

liberty. All Kings in hell; the door locked ;

a lottery ticket the key lost." between them, which the one took with him on his journey to London.

A woman of

Tell her in the words of the romance, the town was his fellow-traveller in the two Que no quiero amores day coach, and being short of money he

En Inglaterra,

it tried.

Say the sailors,




Two Bristol men


“ Is-a,

Pues otros mejores

On St. Stephen's day in Wales, every Tengo yo en mi tierra.”

body is privileged to whip another person's Quote this too at the end of a home sick legs with holly; and this is often reciproletter:

cally done till the blood streams down. i Ay Dios de mi alma!

Servants in America object to answerSaqueisme de aqui,

ing a bell; they hold it unfit that Christians ¡Ay! que Inglaterra

should be spoken to with a tongue of metal. Ya no es para mi.”

Stamping is the usual way of calling them,

or knocking. A gentleman having company “ WELL, Mary,” said my uncle to an old

rung the bell (having one in the room as a woman, “ the King of Prussia's dead." fit piece of furniture). He rang repeatedly; “ Hm-hm !" said the old woman,

at last the servant came up, opened the is-a! the King of Prussia ! and who's he?" | door, put his head in and cried, the more

you ring, the more I wont come. Poor old Mrs. Poole had been reading the newspaper just at the time when Bona- Wuen Paley first went to Cambridge, he parte had escaped from Egypt, and was be

fell into a society of young men far richer ginning his career in France, to the asto

than himself, to whom his talents and connishment of all Europe. My dear,” said viviality made him an acceptable compashe to her son, “ who is this Dr. Solomon nion, and he was in a fair way for ruin. that all the world's talking about ?” She One morning one of these comrades came was an invalid, and the balm of Gilead was

into his bedroom before he was up, and he, more to her than a dozen revolutions.

as usual, thought it was to propose some

plan of pleasure for the day. His friend, A list of all the volunteers in the Tower. however, said, “ Paley, I have not slept a A list of the subscribers to Boydell's Shake

wink this night for thinking of you. I am, speare in a large vellum volume, every sub

as you know, heir to such a fortune, and scriber having the privilege of writing his whether I ever look in a book at Cambridge name with his own hand, that his autograph,

or not does not signify a farthing. But this as well as his name, may be immortalized, is not the case with you, you have only your the king at the head.

abilities to look to, and no man has better,

if you do but make the proper use of them. * COLLECTORS.—The collection of halters But if you go on this way you are ruined; wherewith men have been executed. Of and from this time forward I am determined engraved title pages. Of odd names. Of

not to associate with you, for your own visiting cards.

sake. You know I like your company, and

it is a great sacrifice to give it up, but give * SUPERIOR London picked particular East it up I will, as a matter of conscience.” India Madeira.

Paley lay in bed the whole day, ruminating

upon this. In the evening be rose and At Gretna Green, Thomas Wallace, aged took his tea, ordered his bedmaker to make 78 years (a widower, whose wife departed his fire overnight, and call him at five in the this life the 25th ult.) to Elizabeth Job- morning ; and from that day forward rose ling, widow, aged 59. They are both pau- always at that hour; went out first wrangler, pers in Tanfield workhouse, and on account and became the fortunate man he was. of their marriage being prohibited at Tan- This he related to his intimate friend Mr. field, they set off and begged their way to Sheepshanks ; from him it came to Mr. Gretna.”— Cumberland Packet, August 26, Broome, and he told it me this evening, 1806.

October 6, 1808.

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