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his child eat from off a golden dish every | people who would give it, because he misday. He was blind, childless, and poor.- trusted his own felicity, and dreaded that vol. 3, p. 153.

-so frightful in those days-Invidiam Nu

minis. (?)—Ibid. 419. Four things, according to the Pend Nameh, are undoubtedly the work of Satan, “ Tristitia enim, non secus atque tinea sneezing, bleeding at the nose, gaping, and vestem, vitam rodit.”—Van Helmont, p. vomiting


A Moor who had been in England said M. Petit, a French physician, asserted to Lancelot Addison, it was a shame to see that St. Augustine "avoit la force de boire women, dogs, and dirty shoes admitted into beaucoup, et s'en servant quelquefois, mais a place sacred to God's worship.

sans s'enivrer."-BAYLE, vol. 2, p. 551.

“Videri B. Aug. non invalidum potorem The Roman ladies used to dye their hair fuisse,” is the title of Petit's chapter on his

Homeri Nepanthes, and he quotes a passage yellow, (that being the favourite colour),

from the Conf. in which Augustine prays with the flowers of the mullein, or of the genistella, -probably of both.

against a propensity to tippling. “ Some of the fathers went so far as to

HARRINGTON'S Mechanics of Nature,esteem the love of music a sign of predes

and his notion that spirits produced distination; as a thing divine, and reserved for

eases.—See his Works, xxxix. the felicities of heaven itself."-SIR WILLIAM TEMPLE.

Aques, it is said, have not unfrequently been cured by electricity ;-the mode by

drawing sparks through flannel or the Timothy Rogers says, melancholy is

clothes for ten or fifteen minutes, either at one of the sad effects produced by that

the time of the fit or before it is expected. black humour that has vitiated all the natural spirits.”—MICHAELIS, N. T. xi.

The botanical theory of diseases. The

sorts which blossom, seed, and die. They "Do not attribute the effects of mere dis- will not grow in every soil. The fungous ease to the devil, though I deny not that the

tribes, as wens, cancers, &c. devil has a hand in the causing of several diseases. The envy and rage that he is

ALKAHEST—the universal solvent of Van filled with prompts him to disturb the

Helmont. health and peace of man; and, by God's permission no doubt, he brings a great many LANGUIS held that all diseases were anisicknesses upon him."-Ibid. xv.



“I would not have you bring a railing Thomas Bovius, an empiric, who called accusation against the devil, so as to attri- himself Zephiraelim, after his tutelar and bute to him a thousand things wherein he assistant spirit, contrived a preparation of has no hand at all." - Ibid. xvi.

mercury and gold, which he called his HerSee pp. 104, 5, of Tim. Rogers.

cules, and an aurum potabile." He wrote

Flagello contro de medici communi delti What is the authority for this anecdote rationale. Veneci, 1583, et Fulmine contro of Augustin,—that once a year he turned de medici putatiti rationali. Verona, 1592. beggar, and received alms of the common

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PHOSPHORUS was discovered by Nicolas some of these rooms fire is lighted at winter Brandt (or Sebastian), in a course of ex- time according to the desire of the sick, and periments upon urine, made with a view of they are fondled with silk cushions, good extracting a fluid proper for converting beds, &c. for the spring, when madness is silver into gold.

particularly raging. The madmen sick of

mystic love are seen to lie here chained like Cucupha, a cap with cephalic powders lions in their dens, looking to the basin, and quilted therein, worn of old for such dis- speaking in the cant of Kalenders. Others orders as particularly affected the head. dispersing in the garden amongst the flower

beds, yell and shout to the song of the nightMNEME Cephalicum Balsamum. The ingale, without measure or art. In the seapower of which was to preserve in the mind son of the flowers, the sick are often cured the memory of all things past. Charles only by the sight and smell of them; and Duke of Burgundy gave an English physi- some lose their wits by the sweet scent of cian 10,000 florins for the receipt, for which them. The greater number of the madmen SENNERTUS, Pract. lib. I, cap. 5, is referred enchained here are love-sick, and their sight to. What would some princes give for an may cure those who are in danger to beamneme, &c.—a counter balsam !

come mad by the number of pretty faces to

be seen here. Some of the mad are cured We read in the History of the Academy | by music; and therefore Sultaun Bayazed, of Sciences, of a musician who was cured of the founder, established a living for some a violent fever by a concert at his bedside. musicians, who come thrice a week and play

in the winter and summer rooms to the sick The red oil of the glass of antimony- and mad. The mad begin then to jump like the universal medicine of Basil, Valentine, apes at the tunes, Rast, Neva, Siyah, Bheand others, for which Kerkring has given hargah, but above all to the tunes Zeugoole an unintelligible process. He says he saw and Boslik, which being accompanied by the a confirmed dropsy cured by it, the patient great kettledrum gives particular pleasure swimming in his own exudations, which ran to the mad. Briefly, there is no hospital in drops through the bed upon the floor. (Dareshifa), and no madhouse (Bimares

taun), in the whole world like that of Adri. Montagne, (vol. 8, p. 213), says it was anople. The sick and mad receive three an opinion held by some gardeners, “que les times in four and twenty hours, not only roses et violettes naissent plus odoriférantes common food, but birds and all kinds of près des aulx et des oignons, d'autant qu'ils aviary dainties from the kitchen founded succent et tirent à eux, ce qu'il y a de mau- for that purpose. Twice in the week the vaise odeur en la terre."

apothecary's room is opened, and medicines

are distributed to all those who ask for it; “ Non si sanano le malatie de gli huo- preparations of cardamom, caryophils, and mini con le contemplationi di medicina.”— all kind of aromatic spices. On the door Lodovico Dolce, Dialogo de Memoria, ff. of the room a curse is written against those 104.

who without being sick should ask such But contemplation will bring on diseases, medicines, that they should fall sick immethough it cannot cure them.

diately." Evlia EFFENDI concludes this

account with a benediction, which he freHospital of Sultaun Bayazed at Adria- quently uses, but seldom with such pronople, with a medical academy.

priety as in this place,-“ Ilealth to you." There were eight rooms here, which “are -Vol. 3. ever full of sick people, poor and rich. In


and prayer.

“A COUNSELLOR at law once asked me,” “ QUÆDAM enim ignorantibus ægris cusays HUARTE, “what the cause might be, that randa sunt; caussa multis moriendi fuit, in the affairs where he was well paid, many morbum suum nosse.” SENEC. de bred. cases and points of learning came to his vitæ, $ xvüi. vol. 1, p. 312. memory; but with such as yielded not to his travail what was due, it seemed that all HENRY VIII. a quack.—Ellis's Original his knowledge was shrunk out of his brain." Letters, vol. 1, 287. Whom I answered, “ that matters of interest appertained to the wrathful faculty,

Vices and diseases.-BISHOP REYNOLDS, which maketh its residence in the heart, and vol. 3, p. 299-302. if the same receive not contentment, it doth

“ I THINK it be troubled with the worms: not willingly send forth the vital spirits, by

Carduus Benedictus and mare's milk were whose light the figures which rest in the memory may be discerned: but when that the only thing in the world fort.”—Knight findeth satisfaction, it cheerfully affordeth of the Burning Pestle. natural heat, where through the reasonable

MUSICAL medicine. See a treatise by soul obtaineth sufficient clearness to see

CASPAR LÆSCHERUS. “Dissertatio historico whatsoever is written in the head."

theologica de Saüle per musicam curato."l “ A vessel lying at Gainsborough some

Wittemberg. 1688. time ago had on board a sheep, which was become a good sailor, would eat beef, pork, The kind which goes out only by fasting

Question of possession. A diseased will. and biscuit with the crew; made no scruple at mutton, and took the water like a dog." -Naval Chronicle, vol. 26, P.


PARALLEL between a legislator and a phy. “ On the 17th of November, 1807, dur

sician.—PASQUIER, vol. 2, p. 326. ing an inundation of the Rhone, a beaver

“AFTER I've beat thee into one main bruist, was killed in the island of La Barthalasse,

(bruise) opposite Avignon. M. Costaing has given a

And made thee spend thy state in rotten very particular description of the animal,

apples."— BEAUMONT and FLETCHER, and among other things, remarks that the

Love's Pilgrimage, act iii. sc. 3. fourth toe of each hind paw has a double nail, the parts of which close on each other, so as to form a sharp and cutting beak, king's evil but a prince.”—Euphues.

“ There is nothing that can

cure the opening and shutting like that of a bird of prey."Panorama, vol. 6, p.


History of the three Welsh physicians. ASCLEPIADEs the first physician who

- Cambro Briton, vol. 2, p. 313-15.

prescribed wine, and allowed his patients cold

Laws for the chief physician.—Ibid, p.

396. water."-BAYLE. “Utilitatem vini æquari vix deorum potentiâ pronuntiavit."-PLINY,


MALCOLM'S xxiii. $ 1.

London, vol. 2, p.

381. Pierre Briscot, a French physician of

"The reader may see some very curious rethe sixteenth century, was the first who per- marks in the celebrated John Smith's Discourse ceived that the Arabians had corrupted the of Prophecy, on the words, Bring me a min science of medicine; and who endeavoured strel, 1 Kings, iii. 15, p. 264. to bring it back to the precepts of Hippo-jectured, --but both the folios have bruist, and

? Dyce bas edited bruise, as Southey concrates aud Galen.-BAYLE, vol. 4, p. 143.

probably it is right.–J. W. W.

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Why a physician should be chearful.- duces death by attrition, and that therefore Euphues his England, Q. e.

the way to preserve life is to retard pulsation.—CROKER's BoSWELL, vol. 3, p.

398. AUGSBURG. Dr. Hahnemann believes that the miasma of the cholera proceeds ANCILLON, whose fine library was pillaged from very small insects, which escape from by the priests after the revocation of the the eye, and fasten themselves to the hairs of edict of Nantes, bought always the handthe head, the skin, and the clothes. The somest editions he could get.

“ Il disoit vapour of camphor being fatal to these in

qu'il est certain que moins les yeux ont de sects as well as others, Dr. Hahnemann pre- peine à lire un ouvrage, plus l'esprit a de scribes a spoonful of camphor dissolved in liberté pour en juger. Que comme on y spirits of wine, and mixed with warm water, voit plus clair, et qu'on en remarque mieux every minute.(?) Rub the body with cam- les grâces et les défauts lorsqu'il est imprimé, phor, put on a camphorated garment, and que lorsqu'il est écrit à la main, on y voit fumigate the room with camphor; and then, aussi plus clair quand il est imprimé en beau if the disease is produced by these invisible caractère, et sur du beau papier, que quand insects, and his theory is right, the patient

il l'est sur du vilain, et en mauvais caracinfallibly recovers ! — Times, July 17, 1831. tères."-BAYLE, vol. 2, p. 70.

Ancillon used to say, " On trouve dans BURLEIGH's gout.-Ellis, vol. 3, p. 35. certains auteurs negligés, des choses singu

lières qu'on ne trouve point ailleurs: et ne “ Die of the jaundice, yet have the cure fût-ce que du style, on y trouve toujours


own dust and the heat of the brick kilns."-| "Waiting for second editions.-Ibid. And

Beaumont and FLETCHER's Thierry and value of first.
Theod., act v. sc. 1.

MARC Antony's daughter, Antonia, had “ Oft taking physic makes a man very a pet fish (muræna), and adorned it with patient."— B. Jonson, Every Man in his ear-rings; so odd a fancy, that many perHumour, vol. 1, p. 23.

sons went to see it. Where did the lamprey

wear his ear-rings ?- Pliny, vol. 9, c. 55. Simple remedies.-Eras. Adag. p. 121. BAYLE, vol. 2, p. 145.

MEDECIN d'eau douce sometimes the safest BALDUS, when he was asked why laws practitioner.

were so often contradictory, used to say,

quod intellectus, qui ratiocinatur, non HIPPOCRATES

«θεϊόν τι εσιν εν τησι


sit idem, sed varius.”—— BAYLE, vol. νοσήσι, μάλισα δε των γυναικών.-Ga- | 3, p. 53. rasse. Doc. Cur. p. 696.

Cardinal Mazarin said, que les plus

habiles gens étaient comme les victimes ; DAIMONIAN diseases. The devil is in them qui, pour si exactement qu'elles eussent été but too often.

choisies, avaient toujours quelque chose de

mauvais, quand on en examinait les enSir Edward BARRY (Dr.), author of the trailles.”—Ibid. vol. 3, p. 58. book on wines, thought that pulsation pro

A BASE opinion of P. Rapin in the same ! Mr. Dyce quotes SCHRODER's Hist. of Ani. mals us they are useful in Physick_“ They are

page : “Que souvent la réputation ne vient swallowed of country people against the jaun. point tant aux héros par l'adresse qu'ils ont dice.” P. 154, 1659, -J. W. W.

de faire voir leurs belles qualités, que par

6 fort en

vous vous

celle qu'ils ont de cacher les mauvaises, et as long as they are slaves to the bull. And de ne se pas laisser pénétrer.”

these heard of the whore of the hills, who

had a herd of bulls, and how she milked HERMOLAUS BARBUONI raised the devil, them, and obtains exceeding great riches by that he might learn from him the meaning this milk; and they believed in the whore of Aristotle's word, évtelexeia, which is of the hills, for her bulls were token to rendered perfectihabia.


Pahat begat Balunder, and Balunder be“ BELZEBUL, maître mouche," said M. gat Boddarajon, and Boddarajon begat Matras to a devil of this name,

Phun, and Phun begat Ryhot, and Ryhot nemi des Huguenots," who threatened to begat Merdar, and his brothers Doal and strike him, “Belzebul, maître mouche, si | Dorel, and Myrrhdur.

jouez à moi, je vous battrai en The whore of the hills, and yet a pure diable ;” and taking a stick, he frightened virgin, and the bread which she did eat was this devil, who beat every body else.”- mutton. BAYLE, vol. 3, p. 208.

Therefore they scorned their own bull

for her, because he gave no milk, and they Some of those remembrances which used turned unto the whore of the hills, and beto be our gala thoughts go into mourning, lieved in her, that she was a pure virgin, as the friends of our youth drop off; and and that the bread was mutton, and whatwhenever we lose one whom we dearly love, ever she commanded them to do, this did a part of our own existence mortifies. they, and they worshipped her herd of bulls.

The daughters of Pahat were Truhust, DALETH occurs in the Scriptures 32,530 and Phort-hin, and Undurs-tand-din, and times.

Cheef, who was his favourite child, and he called them all Mig, which was the title and

honour that he gave them. century began. Pye's Carmen Sæculare. Di- lle said by the power he would make his luvian world, and what happened therein. people to see also. The creation of the pig, and Noah's son, are

Corn and oil and wine for her bulls, yea, told by Eulia. Also the history of Eve's silks also, and cloth of gold and of silver ; second fall, the forbidden potatoe, and her and silver and gold also, and precious stones. son Mirphi.

And she made a brazen bull, and did heat She brought forth a son, and she called it with fire, and put there all those who dehis name the Great 0, query in Hebrew ?

nied that she was a pure virgin. And the great 0 begat Kainor, and Neehil, and Mairah, and his brethren; and Kai- Noah left ten volumes. nor begat Faelim, and Faelim begat Thadi, Some say he made the circumnavigation and Thadi begat Mahoc, and Mahoc begat in the ark. Mirphi, and Mirphi begat Mahoone, and Mahoone begat Patteric, who is Pahat, and Pahat's lamentation for having forgotten in her days was the deluge.

the wet firel which Mirfi had made. Noah Balunder would imitate Jeroboam, and cannot let him in, because of the mischief so he set up a calf, but it was a live one, and he would do. He admits this, “ I dare say a bull calf , and all the people when he

I should set the beasts a fighting."

He up, worshipped the bull.

Jupiter, Lavir, they kill his bull, and make a feast and eat

| There is a most humorous letter of Souit : his curse that the bull shall be in their

they’s made up from this rigmarole, - which, mouths, and that the curse shall continue

no doubt, some day or another will be printed. - J. W. W.

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