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* Homme roux et femme barbue,

“Such a feast as mends in length.” De trente pas loin le salue, Avecques trois pierres au poing,

“ Such a way as gives us breath." Pour t'en aider à ton besoing."

Ibid. Leigh's Observations, p. 411.

" HE that daily spies Twin babies in his mistress' Gemini's,

Whereto his sad devotion does impart Music practically known long before it The sweet burnt-offering of a bleeding was scientifically understood and reduced heart."

QUARLES. Emb. p. 54. to principles.

See concerning Pythagoras, Macrobius, " I wish thee as much pleasure in the 1. 2. Spectator, No. 334. Grey's Hudibras, reading, as I had in the writing."—QUARLES vol. , p. 27.

to the Reader. Preface to his Emblems.

p. 277.

“El tiempo lo hará claro, y mi motivo

“ No me fallece conocimiento para ver Los sabios, que es el pueblo á quien escribo." quanto me estaria mejor preciarme de lo BARBUENA, vol. 3, p. 163.

que callasse, que arrepentirme de lo que

dixesse."Diego de S. Pedro. Carcel de “ Fama, de los tiempos reyna, Amor. Ep. Ded. Que con vuelo immortal, y acentos graves,

De aquí, donde la obscura noche reyna, " Como quiera que primero que me deHasta donde entre músicas suaves

terminasse, estuve en grandes dudas."El alba, de oro sus cabellos peyna, Diego de S. Pedro. Carcel de Amor. Mis papeles, mis versos, mis razones Volara de naciones en naciones.”—Ibid.

“ Y si tal se hallare, por cierto mas culpa

tiene en ello mi olvido que mi querer."“E con ragione, e argomenti nuovi, Ibid. E con esempli, e con autoritate." Bronzino Pittore. Op. Burl. vol. 2,

“ The Jews say that every individual of the human race actually existed in Adam,

some in his nails, some in his toes, eyes, mouth, • fo pensiero &c. &c. and that in proportion to the proxiDí far più larga universalitate.”—Ibid.

mity of the position of any person to the

parts concerned in eating and digesting the “ If thou be master-gunner, spend not all forbidden fruit, will be their degree of guilt That thou canst speak at once, but husband and measure of punishment here. So it." HIERBERT, p. 23.

they consider that Job had his place near

the mouth.”—Grove's Journal at Bagdad, “ WHEREFORE with my utmost art

I will sing thee;
And the cream of all


" You never knew--a tripe-eater I will bring thee."— Ibid. p. 152. Become a tyrant."

CARTWRIGHT. Ordinary. “ IF I have more to spin,

Old Plays, x., p. 193. The wheel shall go.”—Ibid. p. 160.

Carcel de Amor, p. 5.

FIFTEEN reasons “ Now, foolish thought, go on; why men ought not to speak ill of women, Spin out thy thread."— Ibid. p. 162. and twenty why they ought to speak well.

p. 16.

“Mas yo que por tan alto paralelo Fuera voy de caminos ordinarios, Al baxo suelo vuelvo."

El Bernardo, vol. 3, p. 9.



214. HERBS declaring their properties, and how you are to hear them when they thank the Creator for the virtues with which he has endued them.

“ PERHAPS you'll find “ It was remarked from St. Mary's pulSome pretty stories in the hangings there." pit in Cambridge, on Whitsunday, that the CARTWRIGHT, p. 216. gift of tongues was not conferred on a wo

man in the miracle of that day."—Nichols's 6 WHEN I

IU. vol. 6, p. 628. Level my larger thoughts unto the bases Of thy deep shallowness.”—Ibid. p. 222. “At the opening of one of Lady Hun.

tingdon's tabernacles, a preacher took for MARRIAGE for property's sake

his text nothing but the word Bethesda, at “ The church has nought in this. Dartford. It was said that this chapel would Their lawyer is the priest that marries them, afterwards be so named in consequence, The indentures are the banns of matrimony, though Zion Chapel was already placed over The bounds and land-marks are the ring the door."—Ibid. p. 674.

that joins them. May. Old Couple. Old Play, x. p. 388. “ I CANNOT subscribe to this sense as full

enough : let it go for a branch ; call it not “There may be an emptiness in vanity; the body of the tree.”—TH. ADAMS, Deri's but the mind of man would be still emptier, Banket, p. 2. if it were totally without it."— Danby,' p. 280.

" If there is any obligation on either side,

the World is certainly as much indebted to MALbacco in the play says,

him for his book, as he can be to them for “For I, poor man, joined woe unto my name reading it.”—MAJOR JARDINE's Preface. By choosing out a woman for my wife.” Grim the Collier, p. 193. Old Plays, “ It is not uncommon in Morocco to put xi. p. 193.

a doctor to death for letting his patient die,

if a prince or a great man." — Ibid. vol. 1, Grim himself says, “every night I dream I am a town-top, and that I am whipt up and down with the scourge stick of love and

“And why, Sir, must they so? the metal of affection." ?-Ibid. p. 206. The why is plain as way to parish church."

As you like it, act ü. sc. vi. * One whose conversation and sweet temper would drive

“ TAERE lives within the very flame of love Tediousness out of time."

A kind of wick, or snuff, that will abate it." DAVENPORT's City Night Cap, Ibid.

Hamlet, act iv. sc. viii.

p. 176.

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no sabe el preso que guarda,
con ser su consejo proprio.

CALDERON. Caballos de Absalon.

" Plotinus-animas quasdam esse dixit, quas non alieno vocabulo sulphuratas nominari posse existimabat, quod ob egregiam indolis morumque consensionem statim primo congressu altera alterius amore inordescat."--Ibid. p. 242.

The trull in CALDERON's play, El Garrote mas bien dado, says

“ bien se sabe que yo barbada el alma naci."

“ Cowslip water is good for the memory."—WEBSTER, vol. I, p. 146.


“Lycurgus dedicated an image to Laugh- DR. GREGORIUS LAMPRECHTER, Chanter, which he made a god, or at least would cellor of Wirtemberg, and afterwards of have to be worshipped for a god, to make Charles the Fifth's Council, used to

that the people merry at their public feasts and every prince should have two fools, one meetings."—HAKEWELL, p. 312.

whom he might hear, and the other who might hear him.

“ Einen den er vexert, “No let, no stay, nor aught perturberance den andern der ihn vexert."-FLOGEL. GesShall cause me to omit the furtherance chicte der Hofnarren, p. 7. Of this my weighty charge.”

Apius and Virginia. Old Plays, The Silesian baker. — Ibid. p. 5. Like vol. 12, p. 360.

the Poet Laureat of Trowbridge.


“Ego in re tantâ non ex animo loquar ?"

Flogel thinks that in France the Court TERENTIUS Xtn. Naaman, p. 11.

poet was also Court fool by virtue of his

office. “Fou du Roi en titre d'office"-80 “Go break me up the brazen doors of dreams, that the epigram upon Cibber might in that And bind me cursed Morpheus in a chain, country have been a mere truth.- Ibid. p. 4. And fetter all the fancies of the night.”

FABLE that when Prometheus made a Rob. GREENE, vol. 1, p. 114.

man, he took something from every beast “ Er siquis quærat, cur hæc proferre more

to make up the heterogeneous compound;

timidity from the hare, cunning from the Tuta juvant; nulli delituisse nocet. fox, pride from the peacock, fierceness from Non duros ungues, morsusque verentur ini- the tiger, &c. Horace, lib. 1. Ode 16.

Flogel. Komisch Litterat. vol. 1, p. 103.
Sub lare privato quæ sibi quisque canit.
Hîc mihi sum judex, hîc sum mihi lector, et

"I REMEMBER asking the pilot the name

of a very beautiful island, and the answer Omnia; nec plausu si qua merentur, egent.

was 573, the number assigned to it in the Hîc mea me positis dum pascunt otia curis, hydrographical survey, and the only name Quid possit voto plenius esse meo ?”

by which it was known.”—Capt. HAMILTON. WALLIUS, p. 180.

Men and Manners, vol. 2, p. 197.

On the Mississippi. -"Ut quimus quod aiunt; quando ut

“ IIERE is overmuch wit in good earnest.” volumus non licet." — TERENTIUS Xtn. Ne

GREENE, vol. 2, p. 112. hemias, p. 9.

“ The wine runs trillill down his throat, “ PRODUNT animorum semina vultus."- that cost the poor vintner many a stamp WALLius, p. 59.

before it was made."-Ibid.



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p. 240,

“ The greatest clerks are not the wisest; | and to have had extremities. But the thigh and a fool may dance in a hood, as well as and leg did not exceed eight feet in length, a wise man in a bare frock.”—Ibid. p. 115. while the foot extended to six feet,-a pro

portion, altogether, which implies that the MAKE you a why of that ?"

extremities assisted the animal to crawl. Ibid. vol. 2, p. 7. rather than they were capable of bearing

its weight."— Bell's Bridgewater Treatise, “ The thirsty earth is broke with many a

gap, And lands are lean where rivers do not run." In the catechism of the Diocese of Bruges,

Ibid. p. 139. one of the questions was “ Où est l'enfer?"

And the answer was “L'enfer est au centre “Let all men know

de la terre, et il y a précisement quinze That tree shall long time keep a steady foot, cens lieues d'ici.”—Amusemens d'Aix la ChaWhose branches spread no wider than the

pelle, vol. 2, p. 369. root."—WEBSTER, vol. 1, p. 124.

PROPHECIES from arms, badges, and “ The Egyptian mummies which Cam

Statutes, Henry VIII. vol. 3, p. hyses or time hath spared, avarice now consumeth: : mummy is become merchandize; Mizraim cures wounds; and Pharaoh is sold

W. Austin's Hæc Homo; wherein the for balsam." —Sir Thomas Browne. Urn excellency of the creation of woman is deBurial.

scribed. Dedicated to Mrs. Mary Griffith, “ Such unnatural and horrid physic.”

1639. Two portraits. Perhaps of the au

thor and the lady. WEBSTER, vol. 1, p. 10.



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““ Like those which, sick o'the palsy, and

Cannon and Ordnance. Odd, the double retain

meaning of both words. Ill-scenting foxes 'bout them, are still

“ Er forte mi bisognera ragionar un poco shunned By those of choicer nostrils."— Ibid. p. 96. piu diffusamente che non si conviene, ma

questo sara quanto io posso dire."-1 Cor. LYOnnet reckoned 4061 muscles in the tegiano, vol. 1, p. 45. caterpillar that feeds on the willow ; and wrote “as goodly a volume upon these as

“ VIDETE la musica, l'armonie della quale has ever been dedicated to the human myo- hor son grave, e tarde, hor velocissime et di logy." He was I think, says Sir Charles novi modi, et nientedimeno tutte dilettano, Bell, a lawyer with little to do.

ma per diverse cause.”—Ibid. p. 53.

An iguanadon discovered by Mr. Mantell is estimated to have been 70 feet long,

Cuvier himself designed the patterns for the embroidery of his court and institute

coats; invented all the costumes of the " It was wholesome advice that one gave University, and drew the model for the his lewd friend, that he should hang the uniform of the council, which drawing ac- picture of his grave and serious father in companied the decree by which it was esta- the room where he was wont to celebrate blished.

his debauches; imagining that the severe

eye of the good old man, though but in In one of Webster's plays (vol. 1, p. 148), effigy, could give a check to the wanton a ghost enters in his leather cassock, breeches, sallies of the intemperate youth.”—Scott's and boots.

Christian Life, vol. 1, p. 100.' “ And, O contemptible physic! that dost ARISTOTLE commends Archytas for his take

invention of rattles, because children, by So long a study, only to preserve

playing with them, are kept from breaking So short a life, I take my leave of thee !" vessels of use.-Ibid. p. 108. WEBSTER, vol. 1, p. 154.

- Et aussi pour fuir la trop grande pro" True, my lord, I myself have heard a lixité, pour laquelle certes je me sens trèsvery good jest ; and have scorned to seem

capable."—Brantome, vol. 1, p.

to have so silly a wit as to understand it."


- FOR to know it, is to be resolved of

it; and to be resolved of it, is to make no “ He had worn gunpowder in his hollow question of it; and when a case is out of tooth, for the toothach.”—Ibid. p. 247. the question,what was I saying?"-WEB

STER, Northard Ho. vol. 3, p. 147. “ The robin-redbreast and the nightingale Never live long in cages.”—Ibid. p. 267. SOME one has written the “ Life and

Death of Adam !" 12mo. 28. 6d. 1811. “ Physicians are like kings, They brook no contradiction.”—p. 292. “The Hebrew conjugations, Pibel and - Give it me in a breath !

Puhal, signify to do a thing diligently, earThey that think long, small expedition win, nestly, fervently, &c., and are only distinBut musing much o' the end, cannot begin.” jugation Kal, which simply states that the

from the . Ibid. p. 295.

thing is done.”—ADAM CLARKE, Chron. Suc. Norfolk's correspondence with the Bi- of Sacred Literature, vol. 1, p. 23. shop of Ross, Leicester, and Throckmorton was carried on by letters which were sent

CLEMENS ALEXANDRINUS advises white in ale bottles.—CAMDEN's Elizabeth, p. 132. raiment, and condemns dies of every kind

as useless and unbecoming.–Ibid. p. 119. “ It makes me smile in scorn,

He recommends women to wear shoes That wise men cannot understand them

that should cover the upper part of the foot selves,

as well as the sole.-Ibid. Nor know their own proved greatness." WEBSTER, vol. 2, p. 150. Appius

TERTULLIAN says that the apostate angels and Virg.

when they fell in love with women, taught

| This refers to the folio edition. Southey Whose essence, some suppose, lives in the

thought very highly of J. Scott's works. They

were reprinted at the Clar. press in 1826. blood." Ibid. p. 243.

J. W. W.

The soul,

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