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on, 198.

Seam, Priestesses of, 54.

Elizabeth, 583; sermon an. Smugglers, their idea of mur.
Seasons, alteration of, 165.

nually preached at St. Leon. der, 359; saying of the
Seat of honour, some thing ard's on Botanical Philoso- Christ Church ones, when a
about, 636.
phy, 575.

comrade is drowned, 361.
Sea-Weed, the cutting of, for Shrove Tuesday, 119.

Snake, and the Little Boy,
kelp, injured the Scottish SHUFFLEBOTTOM, ABEL, hints pretty story of, 426; killed
fisheries, 708.

for Poems of, 196; amatory by swallowing a porcupine,
SEDGWICK, DR. story of, 613. sonnets of, 199.

SENESINO and Farinelli, a- SHYLOCK, story of, from G. Sneezing, extraordinary case of,
necdote of, 572.
Leti's Life of Sixtus V. 339.

SENHOUSE, H. Esq. of Nether- | Siamese Heaven and Hell, Snoreham, Essex, Rectory of,

hall, Southey's old friend, Hermits, 42.
colonized the Solway Frith Siberian earth, superstition re- Snowdon, Eagle of, 139.
with good oysters, and first lative to, 239.

Snow-drops, called in Norfolk
sashed his windows in Cum. Side, left, why respectful to

“ Fair Maids of February,”
berland, 405.

take among the Germans, 368.
Sentence, most absurd of its


Snuff-box, hints for Poemling
kind, 690.

Sentences, 44, 80.

Life of, 240; extracts rela- Society, Christian, what like to,
Sepulchre knocking, 244.

tive to, 321; saying of, that

Sermon, The, when it teaches "he never found wisdom, Society, POLITICAL AND So-
nothing else, teaches pa-
where he found not courage,

CIAL, Extracts, Facts, and
tience, 642 ; remarks on, 639; extracts, 456, 483. Opinions, relating to, 662,
Sight, quickness of, 585; cu•

Serpent, the deaf one, 146;

rious restoration of, by a Soil, bloody, near Battle-field,
charmers of, 227.
cow's lacerating the eye, 552.

Servant burnt voluntarily with Silence, extracts relative to, Soles, require prawns and
her mistress, 80.

577 ; good remark about, shrimps for their production,
SEVIGNE, MADAME De, ex. from Lady Pomfret's Let- 446.
tracts, 644, 668.

ters, 620; saying of Am. SOLOMON, reported by Suidas
Sexton of Tunbridge, story of,

brose, 626.

and Cedrenus to have written
Similies, 6, &c. 52, 260.

of the remedies of all dis-
SHAFTESBURY,, his remark, Simples, 482,

eases, 549.
that profound often leads to Sion Chapel, Hampstead, great SOMERSET, The Protector,
shallow thought, 466.

place for marriages about omen of his fate, 160.
Shakespeare, members sworn

1716, 377.

Sommona Codom, Siamese dei.
on, in mistake for the Bible, Sire, name by which the an.

ty, 40.
398; extracts from, passim. cient Barons affected to be Son of Man, and Sons of men,
Shawl, Indian, curious one, called, 270.

Luther's remark, 415.
price 500 guineas, 399. Skiddaw, view from the bottom SONNERAT, extracts from, 246,
SHELDON, ABP., his desire for of the first summit, 423.

the gout as an antidote to Slares, learned ones of Greece, Sonnet, by B. W. H. 46; un.
apoplexy, 551.

bought up by illiterate Ro- less strikingly good, imme-
Shells, rare specimens, 401. mans, who considered their diately forgotten,-likeness
SHENSTONE, extracts from, and learning as their own, 715. of, to Greek Epigram, 258.
remarks on, 335; his un- Sleeping naked, 164.

Sophonisba, drinking the Poi.
common felicity of attract- Slug, the slime of, a cure for son, a Monodrama, 193.
ing the love of his readers, chafing, and hence called the Sorrow, Steele's remark on,
338; imitated by Cunning- Doctor, 555.

hame and Cowper, ib. Small Pox, American Indian's Souls, descent of fallen, com-
Sherbet, or Sorbet, derivation name for, 228 ; increased pared to the Fall of the
of, 223,

in England by Inoculation, Ganges, 42; St. Evremond's
Shepherds, Guide, &c., curious 377 ; infusion of juniper remark on the immortality
account of, 536.

wood used against, in the of, 637; extracts relative to,
SHERLOCK, Vindication of the Island of Skie, 548; New 560,

Trinity, South's remark on, England preserved from by Sounds, Evening, the harshest

strict laws vigilantly en- harmonized by distance, 200;
Ship returning to port, idea for forced, ib.; originally occa- remarks on, 572.
Sonnet, 193.

sioned, Dr. Lister thought, South, extracts and sayings,
Shipping, Anglo-Norman, 26. by the bite of some venom. 640-2; horrid passage con.
Shoreditch Bells, and Queen ous creature, 551,

cerning original sin, 667.

on, 561.

SOUTHCOTT, JOANNA, her cra- far statuti." - Ital. Prov. tion, 239; manner of hand.
dle, 391, 393.

ling a, 575, 600.
SOUTHEY, ROBERT, Verses on Steinkirk, muslin neckcloth, Succubus, account of, 156.

the first day of his residence why so called, 261; the bat- Sugur, said to cause melancho.
in London, 38 ; easily and tle alluded to was fought the ly, 493; why put into the
painfully affected, 195; his beginning of August 1692. mouths of the dying, 555.
belief that spirits of good STERLINGE, LORD, bis Poem Suicide, suggestion for a paper

men behold the earth, 198. on Doom's-day, 16, 214; re. on, after the manner of Ad-
SOUTHEY, Thomas, Captain, marks on, 328; extracts, dison, 9; account of a, 101;
R.N., acute observer of na- 631.

notable argument against,
ture, 4, 186.

STERNE, L., remarks on, 341; 612; induced by gaming,
Sow, Mayor chosen by, 341. question as to the reason of

Sow's ears may prove good his wife and daughter's re- Sully, opinion of the four per.
sauce albeit no silken purse, tiring to France, 342.

sons he employed to write
saying of Strafford's, 675. Stinkurd, old appellation of the his memoirs, 601.
Spaniels, story of the late Duke

rabble, 709.

Sumatra, the Battas of, their
of Norfolk relative to the St. STEVENSON, MATTHEW, au. notion of their ancestors,
James's, 479.

thorof Norfolk drollery,347. 540.
Spaniard, swallowed up like Stiper-stones, burst on, 394. Sun-dial, motto on that at All
Amphiaraus, 77.


BENJAMIN, Souls', 336.
Speech, Isaac Vossius, remarks

notice of, 350.

Suns, Five, according to the
STOKES, CAPTAIN, stories of, Indians of Culhua, 159 ;
Spectacles, reason for wearing, his superstition, 361.

Gondomar's message to from

STONE, that produces water, England, 353.
SPEED'S Works, the world in.

86; field of, in Shropshire, Supernatural, the, a story, and
debted to Sir Fulk Greville

241; omen of the coronation an explanation, 426.
for, 316.

stone, ib.; with smell of Superstitions, barbarous, 87;
SPENSER, remarks on, and ex-

corpse, 242; Battle - Stone

Savage, 244.
tracts relative to, 310-312. field, ib.; thrust down the Surgery, extracts relative to,
SPENCE, Joseph, amiable man, throat of a New Zealand

the Phesoi Ecneps of Tales babe, to give him a stony Swallows, angling for in Italy,
of Genii, 351.

heart, 599; conjoined with 485; cruelty of making oil
Sphinx, or Singh, Hindoo su- St. John's Gospel, virtue of, of, 557.
perstition of, 255.

646; warming stones, 433; Swan, swimming of, 200.
Spirits, ex tracts relative to

in bladder, immense one, Swantowith, white horse of,

541, 603 ; three orders of,

Cardan's notion, 460.

Stonehenge, superstition con- Swartmour, near Ulverstone,
Spirits, Ardent, formerly used cerning, 405.

as cordials, 552.

Stories, Ideas for Jewish, Gre- Sweat of deuth, at a bull-fight,
Spleen, all distempers attribut. cian, Runic, &c. 11.

“ and now the death-sweat
ed to, 1662, 556.
Storm at the Cape, grandeur of,

darkens his dark hide,”–
Springs, - sacred, South's re- 5; awful one in Worcester Thulubu, p. 285, 5.
mark, 357.

and Shropshire, May 28, Sweden, prophecy that the
SPURTZHEIM, DR., shews there 1811, 394.

Queen of, shall talk Greek,
is a great difference between Story, long one, how to tell, 69.
the skulls of men and wo- 601.

Swedenborg, 381; story of his
STOWE's Survey, extracts from, acquaintance with St. Paul,

Squirrel, formerly might have

gone from Crow Park to

STRADA, extracts from, 639. Sweet Johns, and Sweet Wil-
Wytheburn Chapel,--shew. STRAFFORD, his hope for bet- liams, 38.
ing the quantity of woodland, ter days, striking passage, Swimming women, 180; pranks

in, by Galup, a Catalan, 371.
Staggers, extraordinary cure STRATHMORE, COUNTESS of, Sword-dance, Italians had one.
for, 554.
anecdotes of, 514.

Chiaberras' Sonnet, 462.
Stags, a herd led by music, 570. Struwberries, seemed formerly Sycamore Fig-tree of Egypt,
Star-shoot, i.e. Tremella Nos.

to have required more care 180, 228.

Sycamore-seeds, quantities that
Stars, Paracelsus' notion of Striding-edge, fearful place,

sprung up during the mild
tenebriferous ones, which


winter of 1819, on the green
bring on the night, 510.

Strong man of Andalusia, 383. at Greta llall, 535.
Statutes, a head for, “ Capo da | Subjects for Literury Composi- | Symbols, Christian, 148.

men, 433.

than now,

toc, 546.

in the "
pyé," 89.

Thunder-storm at Cintra, eagles tude- - as we should plant

scared by the lightning, 5;

one, story of, 543; Euro.

Turkish idea of Novogorod, pean dwindle in tropical cli-
Taghuirn, or Torrent Dirina- god of thunder, 47.

mates,- like men, 702.
tion, 39.

THURCILLUs, vision of, 130, T'repunning, remarks on, 588.
Tailor, determination to be one, Till to, i.e. to set, to prepare, Triad, Welsh, 45.
and nothing else, 452.

A. S. 523.

Tribes, The Ten, their locality

moun taynes of Cas-
story of on being refused an Tilts, Water, at Easter, 119.

interview with Cottle, 517. Timanthes, death of, 226. Tribby, an American abbrevia.
TALBOT's Sword, 135.

Tipis, efficacy of the water of, tion, 480.
Tansillo, extracts, 469.


Trinity, revilers of, effect of
Taste, not confined to the Titicaca, Peruvian lake, 176. Mr. W. Smith 's bill for re.

mouth. See Arist. Eth. Nic. Tixal Poetry, extracts from, pealing the laws in force

against, 384.
Taylor, JEREMY, extracts Toad in a stone, happiness and Trichomata Parastasis! 176.
from, 625, 645.

tranquillity of! 195; call Trim, ('orporal, the name pro-
TCHINTSONG, Emperor of Chi- him ugly and useless, quo- bably borrowed by Sterne,

na, and the Buuk, story of, tha! 199; remarks, and ex- from the Funeral, 612.

tracts on, 429; in fountain, Tristan, Romance of, 282.
Tea, how taken on its early 486.

Truth, all necessary truth le.
introduction, 402.

Tobucco, extracts relative to, gible and plain, 625.
Tea-Green, how proved by Dr. 593; prevents worms and Tryon, Thomas, epitaph on,

Lettsom to be unwholesome, greasy heels, and creates a 634.

tine coat in horses, 594 ; Tunbridge Castle, the enclosure
Tears, Ali's remarks on, 651. Captain William Myddleton, of, turned into a vineyard,
Teeth-cutting, death from, at the first who smoked to- 409.
the age of 96, 444,

bacco in London, 595; Turdilli Turdi, “ tuti contu.
TEMPLE, Sir W. formed his Adam Clarke's Pamphlet meliæ causâ,” 608.
style upon Sandys' View of against, 385.

Turquoise, virtue of, 420.
State and Religion, 325; say-

Toby Philpot, the original | Turk, George I. had one for
ings and remarks of, 637; of, Mr. Paul Parnell, 392. his rulet de chumbre, 376;
his heart buried at Moor Tooke, HORNE, request rela- wholesome feeling of, on the
Park, near Farnham, 405. tive to, 580.

instability of human bless-
Tench, the Doctor fish, 555. Toon, Lord Liverpool's tailor, ings, 690.
Tenderness, 54,

story of his honesty, 367. TUSSER, THOMAS, extracts
Testicles pulverized, virtue of, Tootiu Flower, gathered by from, 290.

oculists at Eyesti as a grand Twamby the Great, story of,
TIIALABA, original sketch of,

specific for diseases of the 357.
181; alterations, 189; notes

Tyber, skating on, to the sur:
for, 212.
Tortoise-shell shields, 16.

prise of the Romans, 354.
Theatre, remarks on, 561;

Toulon, story at the evacuation Tyrannicide, suicide of Spa-
Bishop Hacket's remark,
of, 194.

nish, 77.

Trade without restriction, re- Tythes, in new colonies, 693,
THEOCRITUS, story of, 613. marks on, 689.


Tradesmen, retired, stories of,
Thieres, adroitness of, in 1717, 354; repeated by an over-

sight, 422.
Thinking of nothing, good re.
Traditions, &c. 240.

mark on the phrase, 611; Translation, remarks on by S. Unction of Charles V. of
« close and thick," a saying
T. Coleridge, 609.

France, 171.
of Eachard's, 637.

TRAPP, JOSEPH, first Profess- Unitarian Writers, not to be
Thistle, grounds laid out in the or of Poetry at Oxford, 349. trusted, 705.
shape of, hugest absurdity,

Trareller, cast on his own re. University, motives in, 1647;
618; why Southey might sources, compared to a bear for founding one in the me.
have taken it for his motto,
in winter sucking his paws,

tropolis, 687.

Urine Doctor, celebrated one,
THORKILL, Voyage of, 31. Trurelling, Sir Hildebrand Ja- 556.
Thomson,' the Poet, passage cob's way of, in 1735, 355. Utensils, shape of, extracts re-


omitted in the Seasons, 346. Trees, extracts concerning, 167; lative to, 559.
THORN, JOSEPH, who ? 298. felling of, in token of grati-

eye, 574,

P. 174,

VOLTAIRE, did he speak of the Weam, i.e. belly, 355; “A

Church of Rome as the wamefou' is a wamefau."
Vaccination, insisted on by the whore ? 383.

St. Ronan's Well, vol. 33,
Bavarian and Danish govern- Volutella, simile of, 52; extra.
ments, 394, 412,

ordinary plant, 111. Weapon-salre, principal ingre.
Vaches, Runz de, cet air, si chéri

dient in, moss of a dead
des Suisses, 264.

man's skull, 551.

Vade, always used by Lyly for

WEBSTER, fine instance in his
fade, 300.

Wad, i. e. black-lead, 531. Appias and Virginia of the
Vule of St. John, great beauty Wadham College, altar-pieceat, passionate use of familiar
of, 532.
how wrought, 425.

expressions, 315; extracts,
VALENTIN, French Dancing Wager, queer one, 378.

648, 505.
Master, story of, 604. WAKEFIELD, GILBERT, his in- Wedding, Welsh, invite to,361.
VALENTINE, Bp. 135; number flexible honesty, 190.

Weeds, how accounted of, 673.
of letters on his day, 354. Wales, description of, from the Weeping Cross, 300.
Valley of Stones, near Linton, Polycronicon, 136, &c.; wars Weird Sisters, query? 715.
account of, 520.

in, 154; warning against, Well, The Boiling, near Bristol,

Valour, True, 658.

6; St. Winifred's, 62; of
Vanini, question of his Athe. WALLER, the Poet, 308.

Zemzem, 112; St. Keyne's,
ism, 429.

WALLIUS, his manner of bor. 154; the boiling, 275; the
Vaudoisie, what? 712.

rowing from the ancient, like wishing, 406; at Brough,
VAUGELIN, NICHOLAS, his ró- Ebenezer Elliot's from the 422; of Cumberland have
mantic notion of a pastoral moderns, 706.

each a Saint or Patron, 536.
life, 430.

WALPOLE, H. extracts and re- Welsh · Manners, 39; lances,

marks, 619, 620; striking 140; raggedness, 172; Monk-
Velhy, an interjection of sur. saying of, 621-2; remarks hatred, 175; superstition of
prise, -Valho me Dios, is the on Gray, 344 ; his disap-

offering an enemy, 375.
Portuguese exclamation,326. pointment as to making folly Wemme, what? 260.
Vellum, the best material for! wiser, 720.

WENIFREDE, St. 58; well of,
Wundering Jew, suggestion of,

VENN, so elated at the near 9; story of one who set up WESLEY, John, story of, and
prospect of dissolution that for, 360,

kindly disposition, 472.
the very excitement tended

Wannion, query? meaning of, WHALLEY, Jerusalem, why so

to prolong life, 551.

called, 375.
Verrain Anrulet, Dr. Morley's, WARBURTON, his saying, that Wharling in the throat, habit

the people are much more of the people of Charleton
Vice, “let no worship ever be reasonable in their demands in Leicestershire, 393, 415.

paid to any,” saying of xii on their patriots than mi. Wheatears, abundance of, on
Tables, 615.
nisters, 636.

the South Downs. 407.
Villain, turned Enthusiast, War-engine, Archidamas' ex. Whigs, Bottomless, a saying of
above all law, 689.
clamation on, 164,

Johnson's, 666; Swift's re-
VILLEGAS, translation from, War-Pole of the North Ame.

mark on, 667.

rican Indians, 199, 229. Whiskey and Earth, given to
Vine, why planted by Noah, Warriors, (North American infants by Scotch midwives,

Indian's) rejoicing Day, 230.
Vincent's, St., Rocks, intended WARWICK, Sir Pu. sayings White Boys, Busby's name for
local Poem on, 195.
of, 640.

his favourite scholars, 239.
Vineyard, our, the duty in these Wasps, mischief done by, 352. White-Circle, Indian supersti.

times of fencing it, 686. Waste, great, of good advice tion of, 229.
Vipers, Arabian, 149; vipers and good intentions, 613. WHITE, JOSEPH, wealthy mer.

and the balsam tree, 227; Wusters, i. e. cudgels, 88. chant of Poole, story of,
viper wines, mentioned by Water, boring the earth for,

Aphrodisiacs, 491.

WHITESIDE, MR. Dissenting

Water-drinker, killed himself Minister of Yarmouth, who
VIRIATUS to the Lusitanians, by secret drunkenness, 354. destroyed himself,lines found

Water-spouts, Capt. T. Sou. in the pocket of, 92.
VITUS, St. dance, music a re. they's account of, 6. Wuttington's epitaph, 119.
medy for, 486.

Watson, BP, a schoolboy at WiCLIFFE, the virtue of his
VLADIMUR, message to Con. Hensingham, 539.

dust, 242.
stantine Porphyrogenitus, Wealth, National, when whole. Wigs, remarks on, 512, 582;
some, 662

clever observation of Cum-



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berland's in the Choleric | Wives, Petition of the London,
Man, 620.
50; pains, sympathetic, 442.

Will, singular one, 391; will Wolf, tame one of a lady near
for deed, Scripture authority Geneva, 592; cross with a

XARIFA and FATIMA, original
for, 703.
racoon, 392 ; baiting of, at

and translation of, 261-2.
WILLIAM III.Prince of Orange, Ispahan, 425.

XENOCRATES, wise order of
remark to Sir W. Temple, WOLLESLEY, ROBERT, 347.

relative to children, recorde-
of Charles II. 379.
WOLSEY, CARDINAL, stone cof-

by Plutarch, 413.
WILLIAMS, Edward, seditious fin of, given by the king for XERXES, why he wept, an
bookseller, 364.
the body of Lord Colling.

why we should, a saying o
WILL WIMBLE, parallel in- wood, 385.

Mlle. de Gournay, 638.
stance in the Natural Son, Womb, babe crying in, 244.

Women, fight between two at

a hectic fever by outwar
Winander Mere, notion that the Hockley in the Hole, 1722,

applications, by a Moorish
bottom is paved and smooth, 378; other instances, ibid.;

woman, 700.
like polished marble, 536. extracts relative to,496, 558;
W'ind, The, hath a human voice, condition of, 664.


Wood, foundation in Fifeshire YAMEN, God of Death, 247.
Window, if there were one in for twenty old men of the

YE HE WAH, the author of
men's breasts, a shutter name of, 385.
would soon be agreed upon, Wood-house, on London bridge, | York Cathedral, custom as to

Vegetation, 228.
entirely without nails, 419.
Wine, called by Mahomet," the Wood-lice, how best taken me-

Residentiaries there, 355.
mother of sin,” 214; love dicinally! 551.

Young, DEAN, extracts from,

for, 638.

Woots, meaning of, 329.
ll'ings, property of genius, 636. WORCESTER, MARQUIS OF, his

Young, The Poet, remarks on
Winsley Dale, story of, 426.
reply to the Maior of Bala YSIARTE, La Ardilla y el Ca.

his poetry, 346.
Winter, Southey's view of, 193; relative to the King and the
evening, eclogue on, 194 ; Parliament, 414.

ballo, and translation, 269.
Keswick on, 538.

Words, abuse of, 701.
Wish, A threefold, 645.

Workington, paintings on the
Iit, not such unless it consist altar-piece, 531.

Zemzein, well of, 112.
with wisdom, 641, 647. World, “ so whirled,” deriva- ZIMMERMAN, Dr. his opinion
Witchcraft, extracts relative tion of! 431.

about the sensibility of a
to, 589, 412, 424, 450; hor. IVormhood, was formerly as a man's nose, 557.
rid persecution at Arras for,

flea-fuge, 290; infused with ZINZENDORF,CARDINAL, bath-
712; something concerning, beer, “an oxeye of worm- ed his legs in pig's blood as
hood," 425.

a remedy for the gout, 556.
WITHER, GEORGE, remarks Worship, indispensable, Aris. Zisca, stratagem, of, 142,
on. Southey's wish to edite totle's remark, 703.

a collected edition of his Wounds, gun-shot, Arab cure never took a fee except from
Poems, 292; extracts, 635,
for, 231.

the rich, racy saying of, 551.



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