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and also any bits of carpet on the floor. Get a little chloride of lime, and sprinkle it wherever there is a bad smell; or mix some of it with water, and let it stand in the room. But air and cleanliness are after all the best things to prevent infection.

6. Do not allow crowds of friends to visit you. We sometimes see a sick person's room thronged with visitors. This is bad both for body and soul. The presence of a friend now and then, especially if he be a Christian friend, is soothing and profitable. But it is good for

you sometimes to be left alone with God, and to commune with your own heart.



“In the day of adversity (says Solomon) consider.” This, my dear Friend, is “the day of adversity” with you. God has laid you aside for a while; and it is your duty to consider. In the days of your


you were hurrying on perhaps a little too fast. God saw this, and in mercy stopped you. And now He bids

you make this illness a kind of your journey—a kind of haltingplace by the way—a time for “considering your ways,” for buckling on your armour, and for making a new start heavenward.

pause in But let us come a little to particulars; for there are certain Duties which a time of sickness specially calls forth.

1. You have a favourable time now for the study of God's Word. Perhaps your

Bible has been hitherto a book but seldom read. Take it down from your shelf, and open its precious pages. Do not look into it carelessly, as you have often done; but search it, as one seeking for a hid treasure. It contains the words of eternal lifeGod's message to your soul-a re

medy for all your spiritual wants. You have probably more spare time now than you ever had before. Spend much of it in the careful and prayerful reading of that Book, which is your guide to heaven. Your time, if thus spent, will prove to be a time of unspeakable profit to you.

And when you read, lift up your prayer to God, and ask Him for His blessing. Entreat Him to write His word in your heart, and to bring it home to your conscience. “ Receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your soul.”

You will find in Chapter VII. some hints as to what passages are more particularly suited to a time of sick


2. Welcome the visits of your Clergyman. God sends him to

you: receive him as His messenger. Speak freely to him.

Tell him the state of your heart, and ask him to guide and When he is


think much of the words that he has read or spoken to you. This is the

way to make his visits profitable.

Some like their Minister to speak smooth things to them, so as not to

direct you.

disturb their peace.

But is it not far better that our peace should be disturbed, if it is not resting on a right foundation ? The Surgeon probes our wounds, and makes us flinch; but it is that he

heal us.

And so must it be with our spiritual Physician. He

He may speak very home to us, and make our consciences smart; but no matter if it is to do our souls good. He tries perhaps to make us feel sorrow for sin—but why? It is that we may find joy and peace in Christ. Ask God then to make the visits of your Clergyman a blessing to you.

Give yourself much to Prayer. When health and strength were yours, and all seemed to go on smoothly, prayer was perhaps used merely as a form. You knelt down night and morning, but it was only

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