Code of Federal Regulations

U.S. General Services Administration, National Archives and Records Service, Office of the Federal Register, 1967

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Página 460 - Education, Office of Emergency Planning, Office of Employees' Compensation, Bureau of Employees' Compensation Appeals Board Employment and Compensation in Canal Zone Employment Security, Bureau of Engineers, Corps of...
Página 457 - III International Regulatory Agencies (Fishing and Whaling) IV Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior Alphabetical List of CFR Subtitles and Chapters Administrative Committee of the Federal Register Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations Agency for International Development Federal Procurement Regulations System Aging, Administration on Agricultural Research Service Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service Agriculture Department Agricultural Research Service...
Página 316 - One painter of manila rope not less than 2% inches in circumference and a length not less than three times the distance between the boat deck and the light draft. (q) Plugs. Each drain hole shall be provided with two plugs or caps attached by chains, or with one cap attached by chain to the lifeboat if the cap is fitted with a setscrew to prevent its being taken off without removing the setscrew. (r) Provisions. Two pounds of provisions for each person consisting of hard bread or its equivalent in...
Página 13 - New Year's Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, but this shall not prevent the dispatch of a vessel on regular schedule or when ready to proceed on her voyage. And at all times while such vessel is in a safe harbor, eight hours, inclusive of the anchor watch, shall constitute a day's work.
Página 367 - International voyage means a voyage from a country to which the present Convention applies to a port outside such country, or conversely; and for this purpose every territory for the international relations of which a contracting Government is responsible or for which the United Nations are the administering authority is regarded as a separate country.
Página 15 - The collector of customs may, upon his own motion, and shall, upon the sworn information of any reputable citizen of the United States setting forth that this section is not being complied with, cause a muster of the crew of any vessel to be made to determine the fact ; and no clearance shall be given to any vessel failing to comply with the provisions of this section...
Página 386 - All controls and valves for the operation of the system shall be outside the spaces protected and shall not be located In such space as might be cut off or made Inaccessible in the event of fire in any of the spaces protected.
Página 331 - All laws covering the inspection of passenger vessels are hereby made applicable to all vessels or other floating equipment used by or in connection with any civilian nautical school, whether such vessels or other floating equipment are being navigated or not, except vessels of the Navy or Coast Guard.
Página 413 - Overcurrent protection shall be provided for each conductor for the purpose of opening the electric circuit if the current reaches a value which will cause an excessive or dangerous temperature in the conductor or conductor insulation.
Página 328 - ... 167.65-3 Reckless or negligent operation prohibited by law. (a) Subsection 13 (a) of the Act of April 25, 1940 (46 USC 526Z) , reads as follows: No person shall operate any motorboat or any vessel in a reckless or negligent manner so as to endanger the life, limb, or property of any person. To "operate" means to navigate or otherwise use a motorboat or a vessel.

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