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A Frenchman in America.

By MAX O’RELL. Author of " Jonathan and His Continent," " John Bull, Jr.," etc. With over 130 illustrations by E. W. Kemble. I vol., octavo, extra cloth, gilt top, $2.00.

Max O’Rell's marvellous versatility is the best guarantee that he does not repeat himself in these reminiscences. While every page glows with humor of the same swift and graceful pen, the book is as fresh and brimming with interest as though its genial author had never before written a line about America. “With such a combination of author and artist the success of the work is a foregone conclusion."


Shall Girls Propose?

One Summer in Hawaii.



By a “SPECULATIYE BACHELOR." 1 vol., new and unique style, extra cloth, gilt top.

75 cents.

“The Book, taken all in all, is a very clever composition, and can be read with interest by those that contemplate matrimony, those that have taken the plunge and also by those that are still heart free. It is written in an entertaining style, and the hackneyed subject of love, is treated throughout in a novel manner."

-[New York Commercial Advertiser.

By Helen MATHER. Profusely illustrated with full

page pictures and illustrations running through the text. 1 vol., 12mo, $2.00.

There has been no book written on Hawaii, or the Sandwich Islands, as many still call them, within the last twenty years. But this silence is now broken by Mrs. Helen Mather, in her "One Summer in Hawaii.' The book is beautifully printed and illustrated from photographs and drawings made by MR. WALTER McDOUGALL.

The Blue Pavilions.



By RICHARD KAUFMANN. Translated from the Danish

Miss Olga Flinch. Profusely illustrated. 1 vol.,

8vo, $3.00
Holiday Edition. Elegantly bound in white cloth,

extra, full gilt, gilt edges, $3.50.
"An unusually handsome book."--New York Sun.

By “Q,” author of " Dead Man's Rock," "The

Splendid Spur," "Noughts and Crosses," Astonishing History of Troy Town," etc., etc. 8vo, cloth, $1.25.

The popularity of Q-who has now confessed to being Mr. Quiller-Couch, and a man not out of his twenties-increases with every story that he publishes, and he now has a larger following than many writers who have been twice as long before the public, and who are ranked among the most popular. It is enough, then, to say that "The Blue Pavilions," is eminently worthy of its famous author, and affords fresh evidence how well deserved his reputation really is.


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COMPLETE DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE now ready and sent free upon application,


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By Henry JEPHSON. 2 vols., large crown, 8vo. Just ready. Mr. Jephson, private secretary to Mr. Foster and Sir G. Trevelyan, begins with the days when an open meeting for discussion of public affairs was condemned as scarcely less than overt treason, traces the slow growth of political speech-making and analyzes the elements in its development. The open-air meetings of the Wesleyan revivalists had their share ; the old right of petition to the Crown for redress of grievances, and occasional waves of popular clamor gave it a fitful existence until at the time of the so-called "Wilkes Rebellion” it first became an organized political engine, then and since acting as a perpetual check upon the party in power. To the student of politics this book should prove of great value and interest.


By SIR GEORGE CORNWALL LEWIS, K. C. B. Edited with an Introduction

by C. P. LUCAS, B. A. 8vo. $3.50.


By EDWARD JENKS, M. A., Professor of Law in the University of Melbourne. 8vo., $4.00.

CANADA AND THE CANADIAN QUESTION. By Goldwin Smith, D. C. L. With map., 8vo., $2.00.

The value of his work is that it presents the whole subject with a certain impartiality, and enables Canadians and our own people to study the entire question dispasionately.

He analyzes the manifest destiny of Canada, and points out how the interests and prosperity of the two countries demand the realization of a united continent of North America. * * The benetits of such a union are urged by him with great force, and with the comprehension of a statesman rather than in the spirit of a politician.-- Boston Herald.

ELEMENTS OF POLITICs. By Henry Sidgwick, M. A., LL. D., Knightsbridge Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of Cambridge. 8vo. $4.00.

SILVER IN EUROPE. By S.'Dana Horton, author of * The Silver Pound," etc., etc. 12mo., 300 pp., cloth, $1.50.

Mr. Dana Horton's name is one that carries with it an amount of authority attaching to but few writers on monetary science. He has studied the subject in all its branches and in every aspect, and has written innumerable letters, treatises, addresses, etc., etc., upon it.--St. Louis Times.

A FRAGMENT ON GOVERNMENT. By Jeremy Bentham. Edited, with an Introduction, by F, C. Montague, M. A., Late Fellow of Oriel College. 8vo., $2.00.

“The Fragment on Government,” which has long been out of print, is now offered to the public. The introduction prefixed, aims at showing the place of Bentham in the history of thought, and the significance of the " Fragment” as a contribution to political philosophy.-- From the Editor's Preface.

THE ENGLISH CONSTITUTION. By E. Boutmy, author of "Studies in Constitutional Law.” Translated from the French by Mrs. Eaden. With Preface by Sir Frederick Pollock, Bart. 12mo., $1.75.

STUDIES IN CONSTITUTIONAL Law. France, England, United States. By Emile Boutmy. Translated from the second French Edition by E. M. Dicey, with an Introduction by A. V. Dicey. 12mo., $1.75.

A volume which, though scarcely more than a sketch, shows a singular insight in avoiding the errors usually made by French writers in discussing ing the political order in England and the United States. M. Boutmy, indeed, deserves to be named with honor as, after Mr. Bryce, one of the most sagacious students of American institutions now living. -Literary World.




By James Bryce, Author of “ The Holy Roman Empire,” M. P. for Aberdeen. ,

2d Edition, revised throughout. 2 vols., large crown, 8vo., $2.50.

This general outline of Mr. Bryce's most important book is given in the hope that it may help create the conviction that no earnest and intelligent American can afford to remain ignorant of it. His education will be incomplete, as a preparation for his duties as a citizen, if he does not take advantage of the helps to a sound judgment and a noble purpose which are here given.-N.Y. Evening Post.


112 FOURTH AVE., N, Y.




"THE CENTURY stands at the head of the magazine literature of the day according to the test of popularity as measured both by cir. culation and the character of its buyers."- Press, Troy, N. Y.

1892 HE 400th Anniversary of the Discov

ery of America will be celebrated by НЕ


With a great American program.

Four Serial Novels.

“The Naulahka,”a story

of America and India, writ-
ten by Rudyard Kipling in collaboration with a young Ameri-
can author, Wolcott Balestier; “The Chosen Valley," a novel
of the Great West, by Mary Hallock Foote; a novel of New
York life by the author of “The Anglomaniacs"; and
“Characteristics,” a remarkable story by Dr. Weir Mitchell.
Thomas Bailey Aldrich Will furnish a group

of stories complete
in single numbers; Frank R. Stockton and many other well-
known writers will contribute short stories.
The Life of Columbus Written especially for

The CENTURY by the
famous Spanish statesman and author, Emilio Castelar, from
new historical material, and richly illustrated.
The World's Fair at Chicago Will be

in a series of views of the architectural features, printed by
special arrangement with the managers of the Fair.
The American Indian. Much has been

printed on the In-
dian question from the white man's standpoint. In a series
of illustrated articles the Indian's side will be presented
how he lives and thinks, his home life, his music, etc.

E 던
American Art. Examples of the best work of

American contemporary painters will be shown, and Cole's famous series of wood-engravings, made directly from the Old Italian Masters, will be continued. The American Farmer and the Government.

In view

of the great interest touching the subject of what the Government should do for the farmer, THE CENTURY will print a number of important articles by leading writers on this subject. American Sketches by Edgar W. Nye.

The well-known hu

morist Edgar W. Nye (“ Bill Nye”?) will contribute a series of entertaining “Autobiographies,” describing his experiences in different parts of America and in various capacities. Other Important Articles include a series by the distinguished American poet,

Eggleston on American Speech; interesting illustrated papers on “The Jews in New York," their family life, customs, etc., with other papers on New York life; articles on the Government of Cities; articles by famous French musicians (Gounod and others) on their life and work; papers by the well-known war correspondent Archibald Forbes, etc., etc.

A year's subscription costs $4.00.
begins with the number for November, 1891. December will be The Beautiful Christmas Number.
Subscriptions are taken hy newsdealers and booksellers generally, by postmasters, and by the publishers.
Rernittances should be made by post-office or express order, bank check, draft, or in registered letter.

THE CENTURY CO., 33 East 17th St., New York.
Begin Subscriptions with November.

THE CENTURY is issued on the ist of each month.

The new volume




With some account of Ancient America and the Spanish Conquest. By JOHN FISKE. With a steel portrait of Mr. Fiske, reproductions of many old maps, several modern maps, fac-similes, and other illustrations. 2 vols., crown 8vo, gilt top, $4.00.

The discovery of America has never before been treated with the fullness and the wonderful charm of narrative which characterize this work.

Mr. Fiske's Other Books of History. The Beginnings of New England; | The Critical Period of American Or, The Puritan Theocracy in its Rela

History, 1783-1789. tion to Civil and Religious Liberty.

With a Map and Bibliography. Ninth Sixth Edition. Crown 8vo, $2.00.

Edition. Crown 8vo, $2.00.

The War of Independence. The American Revolution.

In the Riverside Library for Young People. With Plans of Battles, and a new Steel

Maps. Fifth Edition, 75 cents. Portrait of Washington from a miniature Civil Government in the United never before reproduced. Fourth Edi- States, with Some Reference to tion. 2 vols., crown 8vo, $4.00.

Its Origins. $1.00.


Biographies of Men conspicuous in the Political History of the United States. John Quincy Adams. By John T. John Marshall. By Allan B. Magruder. Morse, Jr.

Samuel Adams. By Prof. Jas. K. Alexander Hamilton. By H. Cabot

Hosmer. Lodge.

Thomas Hart Benton. By Theo. John C. Calhoun. By Dr. H. Von Holst.

Roosevelt. Andrew Jackson. By Prof. Wm. G. Henry Clay. By Carl Schurz. 2 vols. Sumner.

Patrick Henry. By Moses Coit Tyler. John Randolph. By Henry Adams. Gouverneur Morris. By T. Roosevelt. James Monroe. By D. C. Gilman. Martin Van Buren. By Edward M. Thomas Jefferson. By J. T. Morse, Jr. Shepard. Daniel Webster By Henry C. Lodge. George Washington. By H. C. Lodge. Albert Gallatın. By John A. Stevens.

2 vols. James Madison. By Sydney Howard Benjamin Franklin. By J. T. Morse, Jr. Gay.

John Jay. By George Pellew. John Adams. By John T. Morse, Jr. Lewis Cass. By Andrew C. McLaughlin.

Each volume 16mo, gilt top, 81.25; half morocco, $2.50.

A Day at Laguerre's and Other Days. By F. HOPKINSON Smith, author of "Colonel Carter of Cartersville,”

"" A White Umbrella in Mexico," etc. 16mo, $1.25.

Nine delightful sketches and stories, full of interesting incidents, and written with admirable humor and literary charm.

The Unseen Friend.

San Salvador.

By MARY AGNES TINCKER, author of "Two Coronets," etc. $1.25.

A story of peculiar interest, describing an ideal method and order of society and of life.

By Lucy LARCOM. $1.00.

A little book emphasizing and illustrating the great idea of the immediate presence of God among men.

*** For sale by all Booksellers. Sent, postpaid, on receipt of price, by the Publishers,



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for 1892. Why? Because these Reviews are essentially periodicals of the present day. They chronicle every advance in human progress, every new discovery, every new movement in science, art and literature as well as the latest phases of religious and political discussion. The reader is not kept waiting for the preparation of elaborate articles, but every month is supplied with the freshest thought of the world's great writers and thinkers. These reviews are devoted so exclusively to matters of present and current interest that "features” which form so large a part of magazine programmes can have no place in them. The Reviews stand alone on this platform.

TERMS TO SUBSCRIBERS. NINETEENTH CENTURY, CONTEMPORARY Review, FORTNIGHTLY Review, WestMINSTER REVIEW, each, $4.50 per year; any two, $8.50; any three, $12.00; all four, $16.00 ; single copies, 40 cents. EDINBURGH Review, QUARTERLY Review, SCOTTISH REVIEW, each, $4.00 per year; any two, $7.50, all three, $10.50, single copies, $1.25. BLACKWOOD'S MAGAZINE, $3.00 per year, single copies, 30 cents; with one quarterly, $6.50; with two, $10.00 ; with three, $13.00. SHAKESPEARIANA, $2.00.


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