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KOCH HOSPITAL SANITARIUM at the foot of the Rocky Mountains offers to the invalids suffering from consumption or

any other disease of the respiratory organs, unsurpassed advantages for effecting a CURE. The climate, with its rarified atmosphere, acts upon the system as a neutral stimulant, a stimulant that is NOT FOLLOWED by subsequent harmless reactions and supplies thereafter the only condition under which the possibility of a CURE can be entertained. As science and experience has fully demonstrated, under such conditions as above mentioned the Koch SANITARIUM

has been able to carry out the treatment with


with a success unsurpassed by any other institution in the world

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More Convenient than Letters of Credit or Circular Notes, and Half the Cost.
Available at over 20,000 places in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and elsewhere.
Travelers' Signature secures and identifies him,
Cashed by an Extended List of Bankers.
Exact Amount in Foreign Money printed on Cheque will be paid.
No Commission or Discounts whatever.

Principal Hotels Receive them in settlement of accounts.
Cheques issued for $10, $20, $50 and $100 each, with the Foreign Equivalents, in

any quantity, and can be divided among members of a family or party. Cheques, Rates, and further particulars can be obtained from any Agent

of the AMERICAN EXPRESS CO., from Banks or Bankers representing us throughout the United States and Canada, or at the

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Principal Office of the Company, 65 BROADWAY, NEW YORK.

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