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APRIL 2 - OCTOBER 6, 1917


VOL. 11





64. Estimated population for draft apportionment.

65. Admission of Aurelio Collazo to Military Academy.

66. Our national and international responsibilities.

67. Constitutional amendment with relation to national prohibition.

68. Findings of Court of Claims in case of Sara F. Cox, heir.

69. Conference report on rivers and harbors bill, 1918.

70. Conference report on food-control bill.

71. Conference report on bill for preferential shipments.

72. Conference report on bill to enlarge Interstate Commerce Commission.

73. Conference report on bill for distribution of agricultural products.

74. Revenue to defray war expenses.

75. Family allowance, etc., for officers and enlisted men of Army and Navy.

76. Cases dismissed by Court of Claims.

77. Unlawful imprisonment, opinion of Supreme Court.

78. Present dangers confronting our country, address by G. E. Chamberlain.

80. World conflict in its relation to American democracy.

81. Duty of a just Government, article by W. G. McAdoo.

82. Prices of American flags.

83. Americans of German origin and the war, by Otto H. Kahn.

84. British labor's war message to American labor.

85. Visit of Imperial Japanese Mission to Washington's tomb.

86. Constitutional sources of laws of war, article by H. L. B. Atkisson.

88. Additional estimates for War Department.

89. Claims allowed by accounting officers of Treasury Department.

90. Deficiency estimate for Municipal Court of District of Columbia.

91. Estimate for internal revenue service.

92. Estimate for rental of Post Office Department Annex.

93. Judgments rendered by Court of Claims.

94. Buildings for temporary use by Treasury Department.

95. Additional assistant secretaries of Treasury Department.

96. Additional employees and furniture for Office of Treasurer of U. S.

97. Rent of public buildings at Charlotte, N. C., and Muskegon, Mich.

98. Estimate for additional clerks for Treasury Department.

99. Supplemental estimates for War Department.

100. Additional clerk for Surety Bonds Section of Treasury Department.

101. Temporary clerks, etc., in Office of Treasurer of United States.

102. Supplemental estimates for fortification of Panama Canal.

103. Colorado River in its relation to Impe ial Valley, California.

7104. Birth of American thrift, article by John Muir.
105. War powers under the Constitution, address by Charles E. Hughes.
106. Interstate commerce, address by Thomas W. Hardwick.
107. Trading with the enemy, article by Theo. H. Thiesing.
108. Estimate for testing ordnance matériel, etc.
109. Address of Vice President of United States in New York City, Sept. 17, 1917.
110. Conference report on trading with the enemy bill.

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