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INTRoduction—Birth and early Life of Mr. Richards— Destination to the Ministry—Instructed at the Bristol Academy—An Account of that Institution—His course of Studies—General Baptist Education Society—Utility of an educated Ministry—Commencement of Mr. Richards' Ministry at Pershore—Recommendatory Letter to Lynn, by his Tutor, the Rev. Hugh Evans—Mr. Richards' Description of Lynn on his first coming there—Formation of the Baptist Church there—Letters of the Messrs. Hugh and Caleb Evans on Free Communion— Congratulatory Letters from Mr. Hugh Evans, Dr. John Ash, and Mr. Williams of Cardigan—Sketch of the Rev. Rees David, with the Inscription on his Monument, at Norwich—Dr. Evans' Letter on Providence and Universal Restoration—Biographical Sketches of Messrs. Hugh and Caleb Evans—Recommendation of the New Institution for the Relief of Aged Ministers—Character of Mr. Richards’ Preaching, with an Illustration—Remarkable Robbery and Execution—Injustice and Impolicy of Capital Punishments—Plea for Reading the Scriptures—Letter on Baptismal Controversy—Mr. Richards’ Soliloquy on his Birth-day—His Excursion to and from Wales—Mr. Richards' ill-health and absence in Wales, with a Letter to his Church at Lynn–Account of the Jumpers—Accession of Welsh Converts to the General Baptists—Remarks of Mr. Williams, and Mr. Richards’ Letter to Dr. Rippon—The Sentiments of the New Connection of General Baptists—Return to Lynn, and Resignation of the Ministry—Defence of himself against Heresy–Declaration of his Religious Views—General Remarks on his Theological Sentiments—Twelve Articles in which Christians are agreed—Best Remedy for Party Spirit—A cheerful Piety recommended—Extracts from Bogue, M'Lean, and Doddridge—Letter to a Clergyman, on refusing to marry unbaptized Persons— Consolatory Epistle on the loss of a Friend—Mr. Richards' Account of the Rev. Rees David's Death and Funeral—The Supports of Revealed Religion.


Publications of Mr. Richards—His History of LYNN– Its Character and Extracts—Sketch of the Rev. J. Rastrick, and Specimen of Poetry—Account of St. Margarets—Of the Dissenting Chapels, &c.—Letter to Lord SANDwich, by way of Reply to Noble's Memoirs of Oliver Cromwell—Mr. Richards’ Defence of Wales, , and of his Countrymen—Reflections on FRENch ATHEism and ENGLISH-CHRISTIANITY, with Extract—FooD for A FAst DAY, with Extract—Controversial Tracts on Baptism of Adults, by Immersion—Notice of Mr. Williams of Cardigan's Decease and Character—HisTory of ANtichrist; or Free Thoughts on the Corruptions of Christianity, with Extracts—Anecdote of Maclaurin, the Mathematician—A Letter of some length on the Nature and Perpetuity of Christian Baptism—MiscellANeous Pieces—Account of the Sacred Writings—Allegorical Preaching—Introduction of the Gospel into Britain—Welsh Nonconformists' Memorial; or, Cambro-British Biography—CoMMUNICAtions to Periodical Publications—Mr. Richards' Welsh Pieces
—Seasonable MonitoRs, with Extracts, Religious and
Political—His Political Conduct that of an Ancient
Briton, described by Tacitus—His sound Whiggish
Principles—Attachment to the British Constitution—
Necessity of Reform in the House of Commons—Ex-
tract from Blackstone—The Practical Liberty of Great
Britain—Amelioration of Mankind—Millennial Glory.


perty, also the Disposal of his Coins and Medals, with
various Legacies—Tributes of Respect to his Memory
from Public Prints, and Periodical Publications—His
Person and Character—Affecting Lines in View of
Dissolution—Interment at Wisbeach—Funeral Sermons
—His Epitaph—The Poet's contrast of this World and
the World to Come—introductory to consolatory Re-
flections upon the Nature and Employments of Heaven—
The Gener Al Resurrection.

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Some Account of the Rev. Roger Williams, with a
Sketch of Rhode Island College, and concluding Re-
marks against Intolerance and Persecution, as well as
in behalf of Christian Forbearance and Liberality.


From the Birth of MR. Richards to the Conclusion of his Ministry.

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