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Página 7 - The President, and in his absence, the Vice-President, shall preside at all meetings of the Association.
Página 8 - This constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the Society by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided notice has been given at the monthly meeting previous.
Página 102 - ... the remainder being left for later occasions. These sacks will burn with a smoldering fire for several hours. The amount of heat which is set free by burning one sack of manure weighing about 50 pounds, and condensing the vapor near the surface, would be sufficient to raise the temperature 20° in a space 75 feet square and 25 feet deep. If one-fourth of this heat remained within the region needing protection, which seems to be a reasonable estimate, ample protection would be obtained for almost...
Página 114 - prove all things and hold fast to that which is good," and "do good and to communicate forget not.
Página 123 - ... corpuscle the parasite appears as an amoebula, which gradually grows until it nearly fills the interior of the corpuscle, digesting apparently the coloring matter of the blood and forming as the result of this digestion, pigment spots in its interior. On reaching full growth the nucleus of the...
Página 100 - ... still nights, because under these circumstances the air arranges itself in layers according to its density, and the colder, denser air collects near the surface. METHODS OF FROST PREVENTION. From a study of the foregoing principles under which frost forms, it would seem that there would be the greatest probability of success in preventing frost or diminishing its severity by working along the following lines : First — Diminishing the radiation of heat.
Página 125 - It is thus shown that the full development of the malarial parasite cannot take place within the human body; that the Anopheles mosquitoes are necessary secondary hosts; that the sexual generation of the parasite takes place only in mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles ; and \ further, that the old ideas of malaria from bad air (and of course the word malaria means bad air), swamp
Página 100 - The condensation of enough vapor to make a pint of water will evolve enough heat to raise more than five pints of water from the freezing to the boiling point. All this heat must be lost by radiation in order that the formation of dew may proceed or the temperature fall. It is, therefore, evident that when condensation begins, the hoat evolved by this means practically prevents further cooling.
Página 103 - ... heaped over with wet manure. Dirt is then thrown on the wagon beds to protect them, and pots of burning tar are set underneath the straw roof. A barrel of water on the wagon is used to keep the straw wet. The wagons are driven about and do the best work, as they can go wherever the most needed. The smoke and vapor are carried to the rear as the wagon moves, and, being carried at once out of the rising hent.
Página 90 - Bees (Apidce), as the most skilful and diligent visitors, have played the chief part in the evolution of flowers ; we owe to them the most numerous, most varied, and most specialised forms.

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