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his Aids, in four divisions, according to the programme published in our last number, at half past 10 o'clock the line of march was commenced, passing out of the east gate of Washington Square, through Washington Place, down Broadway to Chambers-street, where the military escort fell in, and thence through the Park, passing in review before the Mayor and Common Council. At the review the procession was augmented by two divisions under the command of Deputy Grand Marshals, Major Generals John Lloyd and William L. Morris; making six divisions in the entire procession. In the two latter divisions were the venerable

Society of the Cincinnati, Soldiers of the RevoWASHINGTON'S BIRTH - DAY.-The annual lution, the Veterans of the war of 1812, Officers celebration of Washington's Birth-day by the and Soldiers of New York regiment of volunOrder, was this year conducted on a scale truly teers, Officers of the Army and Navy, several magnificent and creditable. During the entire Benevolent Societies, and a large number of our previous day the rain fell in torrents, which | amateur military companies, who made a fine continued to deluge the city until near daylight appearance. At about 10 o'clock the weather on the morning of the anniversary; and although cleared up finely, and the day became one of the rain then ceased falling, dense masses of the most beautiful of the season. black clouds continued to hang above until after From the Park the procession moved over the 10 o'clock A. M. Every indication of the wea- route as published, and arrived at Tripler Hall ther seemed to forbid the possibility of holding at 2 o'clock, where it was dismissed, and the the contemplated procession; yet, in spite of Order, or so many as could gain admittance, these discouraging prospects, the several Chap. | entered the Hall, for the purpose of listening ters began gathering at Washington Square as to the oration, by the Hon. Brother David E. early as 9 o'clock. At 10 o'clock, a delegation | Wheeler. of about fifty members of the Order from Bos- Notwithstanding the bad weather and the ton, together with a company of the brave muddy condition of the streets, about two thou. Massachusetts volunteers, under command of sand and five hundred members were on duty Captain Ben. Perley Poore, were escorted into in full regalia, forming a procession of United the Square by Company D, American Rifles, Americans nearly two miles in length,-in fact, commanded by Captain Wm. P. Moody, and the procession of the Order was the great feaassigned a place on the right of the 1st division, ture of the day, and comprised about four-fifths the escort remaining with them. In conse- of the entire column. quence of the unpropitious state of the weather, For three years past this anniversary has the country Chapters in this State were but been publicly commemorated by our Order slightly represented, but there was a noble alone; but on this occasion the Common Coundelegation from New-Jersey, comprising aboutcil, sensible of the propriety of a popular two hundred and fifty members, which made demonstration of joy on a day so fraught with an imposing appearance on the right of the 2d happiness to mankind, and especially to those division. This delegation was received at the who hail the stripes and stars as the symbol of ferry, and escorted to their place in the column, their country, resolved to unite with us in our by American Chapter, No. 6, of New-York. patriotic object, and through a joint Special We regret that our Brothers of Connecticut Committee of both Boards, called upon our could not make it convenient to accept the in- fellow.citizens at large to join in the demonvitation of the Committee of Arrangements and stration. The Order having made its arrangeunite with us.

ments and chosen its officers independently, The line having been formed by the Grand before any public action had been taken, the Marshal, General Henry Storms, assisted by Committee of the common Council cheerfully accepted the same, and appointed our Grand United Americans, of New York, in the celebra. Marshal to superintend the entire procession, tion of the coming Anniversary of the Birth-day and the result appears to have been in the high- of Washington, if I can do so, without interfering est degree satisfactory.


with the arrangement already made, to partiThe day was ushered in with the streaming cipate in the general celebration of that day of national flags, the ringing of bells, and the expected to occur, at the instance of the Comfiring of cannon. A national salute was also mittee of Safety, of New York. It will afford fired in the morning, at noon, and at sunset, by me great satisfaction, I assure you, to meet on the Veteran Corps of Artillery, and in the even that occasion, in the true spirit of patriotic coming the City Hall, and several other buildings, patriots, “ the many thousands of your Order, public and private, were brilliantly illumi- residents” of your city. nated.

Believe me to be, At Tripler Hall the scene was imposing

With sentiments of genuine respect, beyond description. The vast amphitheatre,

And friendship including both galleries, was filled to its utmost

Your fellow-citizen, capacity with a brilliant audience, of which at

• H. S. FOOTE. least two-thirds were ladies-American ladies. The area was filled with members of the Order,

Albany, Feb. 20, 1851. in their sparkling star-light regalia, and the C. GOODRICH Boyce, Esq., large platform was occupied by about two hun 1 Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements, dred and fifty persons, including the officiating

Order of United Americans, N. Y. Clergy, the Common Council, with their badges My Dear Sir:-I have had the honor to reof office, the Veterans of 1776 and 1812, the ceive the very kind invitation you have sent me, Orator of the day, the Grand Marshal, with on behalf of the Order of United Americans, to his Aids and Deputies, the Grand Sachem and unite with them in celebrating the glorious Past Grand Sachems of our Order, and a number Birth-day of Washington. of invited guests. More than five thousand | My duty here, compels me to be always prepersons were present on this interesting occa- sent in my seat; and I shall not, therefore, be sion.

able to join you, face to face. My heart, how. The Oration of Brother Wheeler was patri. ever, will be with you; and rest assured, that otic, substantial and appropriate-reviewing whatever distance separates me from those who the history of the Father of his country, urging are commemorating the fame of him who gave his example and precepts as the day-star of form and substance to the Union that we love, political action, and breathing fidelity to our I cordially sympathize with them. I have made sacred Union. The Orator was interrupted fidelity to the Union the touchstone of every with frequent bursts of applause, and as there public act, and the counsels of Washington the are many thousands of our citizens who would authority by which every measure should be gladly read the production, we hope soon to see judged. Allow me to propose as a toast : it in print.

“ The UNITED Americans of these UNITED Altogether, the day was a proud one for our States, may the bonds of neither be ever untied." country and our Order. The conservative

Very respectfully, and truly, spirit of our institutions was awakened, and

Yours, many an American heart went to rest that

JAMES W. BEEKMAN, night more thoroughly American--more devo

Of New-York. *ted to its country than it had been before. Invitations to attend the meeting, at Tripler

House of Representatives, Hall, having been extended to several distin

Washington, Feb. 19, 1851. guished gentlemen, replies were received from To C. GOODRICH Boyce, Esq., Chairman, &c. the following, who were prevented by circum

Dear Friend :-Your letter, containing a kind stances from attending, viz :-Ex-President,

invitation to unite with you in the celebration Martin Van Buren, Hon. J. Phillips Phenix, l of the Anniversary of the Birth-day of Wash. Hon. Lewis Cass, Hon. James Brooks, Hon. Geo. ington, is received. The object of your AssoBriggs, Hon. Sam. Houston, Hon. Walter Under

| ciation is peculiarly applicable to the present hill, Hon. Daniel S. Dickinson, Hon. James W.

period, and must commend itself to every lover Beekman, Hon. Henry S. Foote. We make room of his country and its institutions. My engagefor the following :

ments here will forbid my leaving Washington Senate Chamber, Feb. 18, 1851.

| till the close of the present session of Congress. C. GOODRICH BOYCE, Esq., Chairman, &c.

With respect, My Dear Sir :-It will give me great pleasure

I remain, &c., to have it in my power to unite with the Order of



Washington, 16th Feb., 1851. Resolved, that the thanks of the Chancery of Dear Sir :-I thank you for the invitation, 80 the State of New York be, and the same are kindly tendered by you, to join the “United hereby respectfully tendered to the Hon. David Americans” in their celebration of the Birth - E. Wheeler, of Columbia Chapter, No. 7, for the day of Washington, and the Anniversary of their able and eloquent oration, delivered by him beOrder.

fore the Order in Tripler Hall, on the occasion In return for the honor which you have been of the celebration of the 119th birth-day of the pleased to confer upon me, I can only express “Father of his Country.” my sense of obligation, and say that, by previ | Resolved, That the thanks of this body are ous appointment I am on that day to be at Harris- eminently due, and they are hereby respectfully burg, Pennsylvania ; and will not have it in my tendered, to Gen. Henry Storms, of Washington power to accept your invitation.

Chapter, No. 2, for his valuable services as
With great respect, I am,

Grand Marshal of our procession on the 22d
Your ob't servant,

Resolved, That the thanks of this Chancery be C. GOODRICH Boyce, Esq.,

presented to the Rev. Dr. Campbell, for his kind. Chairman, &c., &c., N.-York.

ness in officiating as Chaplain, on the occasion of

the celebration of the 119th anniversary of the The following report of the Committee of birth-day of the immortal Washington. Arrangements was presented at a subsequent

| Resolved, That the thanks of the Chancery meeting of Chancery, and the resolutions unani

| of the State of New-York be, and the same are mously adopted.

hereby respectfully tendered to the Rev. Ralph TO THE HON. CHANCERY, 0. U. A., Hoyt, for his valuable services, in closing the STATE OF NEW-YORK.

exercises at Tripler Hall, on the occasion of the The Committee on the celebration of the Birth-celebration of the 119th anniversary of the birth

day of Washington, respectfully Report : | day of the Father of his Country.

That, according to arrangements previously | Resolved, That the thanks of the Chancery of made, the birth-day of the Father of his Coun the State of New York be, and they are heretry was celebrated in this city with unusual by respectfully tendered to the Special Commitdemonstrations of joy. The civic authorities,

tee, of the Hon. the Common Council, for their animated with a true patriotism, seldom wit

kind assistance to, and their hearty co-operation nessed in these degenerate times, made exten | with the Order, in celebrating the 119th annisive arrangements to celebrate the day in a versary of the birth-day of the “ Father of his becoming manner; and by co-operating with our | Coun

Country.” Order, and placing all the arrangements under

Resolved, That the G. C. C. be, and he is herethe direction of its Grand Marshal, all were

by instructed to send official copies of the fore. thus enabled to participate in doing honor to

going Resolutions, attested by the G. S. and G.C. the name of the greatest and best of men. Our |

of the C., to the several individuals to whom they Order formed the principal part of the proces

refer. sion; and although the unfavorable state of the

All of which is respectfully submitted. weather caused a perceptible diminution of our

C. E. GILDERSLEVE, C. GOODRICH BOYCE, numbers, yet your committee are of opinion



D. K. SEAMAN, that the display made was highly creditable to


WM. STEELE, the Order, and will eventually prove beneficial

E. B. BRUSH. to us. Upon arriving at the Hall, which was crowded to overflowing, the procession entered,

New-York, March 3d, 1851. and was seated. After which, the programme (a copy of which is hereunto annexed) was gone

The following Programme accompanied the Report.

WASHINGTON'S BIRTH-DAY. through with, and the audience retired, evident

Grand demonstration of the Order of United Amerily much gratified with the proceedings, and,

cans, at Tripler Hall, February 220, 1851. your committee trust, benefited by the ceremo The Order of United Americans having made arrangenies.

ments for commemorating, in a suitable manner, the 119th In reviewing all the proceedings, your Com

Anniversary of the birth-day of the Father of his Country, mittee cannot but feel satisfied with the result,

the Immortal GEORGE WASHINGTON, by means of a

Public Procession and an Oration, the Committee apand desire to express their grateful thanks to

pointed for that purpose have made the following arrangethose who occupied the positions which reflected ments. credit on themselves, and added dignity to the The entire Amphitheatre at Tripler Hall will be Order which they so ably represented. Your

appropriated for seating the audience; the several Chap

ters of the Order will occupy the area or ground floor. committee, therefore, beg to offer for your con

The platform will be reserved for the Rev, the Clergy, sideration the following:

| the Orator of the Day, the invited Guests, comprising the

Honorable the Mayors and Common Councils of the cities EUREKA CHAPTER, No. 1, 0. U. A. of New-York and Brooklyn and other distinguished Guests,

San FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, together with the G. 8. and P. G. S.'s of the Order, in this,

December, 1850. and other States—the Grand Marshal and his Aids, and the Choir. The Chancery will occupy the seats on each side

At a meeting of the Chapter, held November of the middle aisle.

28, 1850, the following Resolution was adopted : On arriving at the front of the Hall the Procession will Resolved, That a Committee of two be aphalt, and be received by the Committee of arrangements, pointed to address the Chancery of the State of who will conduct it, and seat the several Chapters, with New-York on behalf of this Chapter, returning their escorts, as follows:

thanks in a suitable manner for the very beau. Those comprising the 1st and 2d Divisions will occupy tiful set of Regalia presented to this chapter. the east side of the Hall, and those of the 3d and 4th

Whereupon Bros. R. D. Hart and S. A. Snow Divisions the west side.

were appointed to compose said Committee. The Musical Exercises will be under the direction of

John W. ACKERSON, Sachem. Prof. Reuben Munson, of Alpha Chapter, No. 1.

John H. STILL, C. of the C. PROGRAMME 1. Whilst the Audience and Guests are being seated,

eq: | To the Chancery of the State of New York, “Washington's March” will be performed by Nosher's Celebrated Brass Band.

ORDER OF UNITED AMERICANS. 2. Prayer, by the Rev. A. E. Campbell, D. D.

Most WORTHY GRAND SACHEM 3. Reading of letters from Invited Guests.

AND CHANCELLORS: 4. Solo,-“Hail Columbia," by Bro. Reuben Munson, with full chorus.

In conformity with the resolution of Eureka 5. “Hail to the Chief." (Band.]

Chapter, a copy of which is presented above, 6. Oration, by the Hon. David E. Wheeler, of Columbia

the undersigned, in the name and on the behalf Chapter, No. 7.

of the Chapter, beg leave respectfully to pre7. Music. (Band.)

sent you their most hearty thanks for the very 8. Glee. [Full Chorus.)

beautiful present of a complete set of officers' 9. Solo,-“Star Spangled Banner," Bro. Reuben Munson,

and members' Regalia, of which they acknowwith full Chorus.

ledge the receipt. The kind regard shown by 10. Benediction, by Rev. Ralph Hoyt.

the present highest authority in our beloved As the Audience and Chapters retire, the Band will Order, towards our new and yet struggling play " Yankee Doodle."

organization, we trust will prove the means of

permanently establishing on the Pacific shores COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS.

the patriotic principles under which we are so David K. Seaman,

L. A. Cohen,

happy to be enrolled. Already the almost Abraham Baker,

James Blauvelt,

dying flame has been rekindled. Already a new J. B. Peck,

J. W. T. Van Riper, spirit has been awakened ; and already Eureka James Parish,

William S. Conely, Jr. Chapter is placed almost beyond contingency Benjamin Devoy,

John R. Finley.

on a permanent foundation. We may yet be C. GOODRICH BOYCE,

compelled to struggle against the adverse cirPresident of the Convention of Delegat cumstances so numerous in this country, which CHARLES E. GILDERSLEVE, Secretary.

tend to retard the growth of institutions similar N. B.-The Committee desire it to be understood that

to our own. But we feel that the munificent there will be no deviation whatever from the foregoing

donation of your honorable body has given an Programme, and they hope that no call will be made for

impetus to our cause, and created a feeling of

interest, nay almost of enthusiasm, which must any farther ceremonies than those enumerated, or even for a repetition of any particular portion of the above, as it

lead to the most perfect and complete success. is) indispensable that the Hall should be vacated by five

With feelings of fervent devotion to the o'clock.

cause in which we are engaged, and a determination to do all that in us lies to procure the

advancement and success of our Order on these CALIFORNIA.-At the first regular meeting

the first regular meeting shores, of the Chancery of the State of New York, for We are, most respectfully and fraternally, the March session of the present year, the

Yours, &c., members were unexpectedly gratified with an

Robt. D. Hart, official visit from, and an introduction to, Bro

SAMUEL A. Snow, ther Robert D. Hart, the founder of our Order

Committee on behalf of Eureka Chapter,

No. 1., 0. U. A., for California. } in California, and now on a business visit to!

San Francisco, December 10, 1850. this city. Chancellor Hart favored the Chancery with a verbal statement of the rise, pro- THE WORTH GUARD, commanded by Captain gress and prospects of the Order in the new William W. Lyon, made a fine appearance, on State of the Pacific, which was listened to with the 22d of February, acting as escort in the First eager attention and great satisfaction by all Division of the Order. There are few, if any present; after which the following official com companies in this city, superior to them in the munication from Eureka Chapter, No. 1, of Cali- manual, or in general proficiency. On the fornia, was read by the G. C. of the C., and 4th of March, the Guard held their anniverordered to be placed at length in the chroni sary parade, and appeared with some forty cles.


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THE MASSACHUSETTS' VOLUNTEERS.-This PAYMENTS.--Those of our subscribers who fine body of men, who united with the New-York- have not paid their subscriptions, will greatly ers in doing honor to the memory of Washington, facilitate the improvement and success of the have left among us, on their return to their native Republic, by handing the same in at the public State, a fund of most pleasing and gratifying cation office, 100 Nassau-street, as early as conremembrances. Their correct and gentlemanly venient. A few more subscribers would also deportment, while among us, elicited the warm- tend to help along the good cause ; could not est respect of our citizens; and their military “every man bring his man,” and thus give us a proficiency commanded the admiration and ap- substantial lift? plause of all who witnessed their evolutions. Their visit will be long remembered with plea

MOVEMENTS.-Officers and members, in this sure by all, and especially by our Order and and other States, are requested to send us inthe battalion of American Rifles, whose guests

formation of any prominent event, in the prothey were, and who performed their duty, as

gress of the Order, that may occur in their host, in a satisfactory manner. Captain Moody's

vicinity. This will enable us to keep the chrocorps performed arduous duty in that short

| nicles correctly posted. campaign, and we perceive, by a card published

AN INCIDENT OF THE 22d. -- The Union by the “ Volunteers,” that their efforts were highly appreciated. On the day of their depar

Safety Committee of this city determined to

commemorate, in a suitable manner, the Anture, the Volunteers had a pleasant reunion

niversary of the Birth-day of Washington, with with the remnant of our own brave regiment,

appropriate ceremonies, at Niblo's Theatre. now in this city, and took dinner together at

Senator Foote delivered the oration, after which Tammany Hall, after which the New-Yorkers

& sumptuous dinner was enjoyed. When the escorted the Massachusetts' boys to the boat, and

cloth was removed, the usual toasts and responses gave them nine hearty cheers at parting.

went round; but when the Common Council of

New-York was toasted, there was not a member WOODHULL CHAPTER.-We had the pleasure

of that body present to respond to it,--the memof assisting at the installation of the officers of

bers were at Tripler Hall, listening to the adWoodhull Chapter, Jamaica, L. I., on the even

dress of Brother Wheeler. The toast, however, ing of tbe 19th of March. The visiting commit

was not allowed to “ go begging ;" there was a tee, with a few other members, making, alto

member of the Order of United Americans pregether, an omnibus load, left Brooklyn, behind

sent, in the person of the Hon. the Recorder, four “ spanking grays,” at half past six, P. M., and arrived at Jamaica at eight o'clock. After

Frederick A. Talmadge, who responded on be

half of the City Fathers, in his usual happy and witnessing the initiation of a new member, the

felicitous manner. committee proceeded with the ceremony of installation, and at the close of their duties retired A FEW WORDS TO BE CHERISHED. --The fol. to partake of a capital supper, at Remsen's Ho- lowing touching language, from the mind and tel. At a seasonable hour the party returned, pen of the pure and beloved James Madison, having enjoyed a most delightful trip. Wood- should be graven in letters of gold on tablets hull Chapter has about one hundred members, of silver, and upon the heart of every lover of comprising many of the most valuable and influ- | his country. ential citizens of Jamaica and its vicinity.


vice, if it ever see the light, will not do so till SOIREE GIVEN BY THE “ DAUGHTERS."--Al- I am no more, it may be considered as issuing pha and Putnam Chapters, of the “ Daughters from the tomb, where truth alone can be reof America," united in giving an elegant Soirée. spected, and the happiness of man alone consultrith a Ball and Supper, at the Apollo Assembly

ed. It will be entitled, therefore, to whatever

weight can be derived from good intentions, and Rooms, on the 5th of March last. We were from the experience of one who has served his able to be with them but a short time, but it country in various stations through a period of was long enough to show us a large and happy forty years; who espoused in his youth and adassemblage. The company assembled presented hered through his life, to the cause of its liberty; a beautiful and animated appearance. The ar

and who has borne a part in most of the great

transactions which will constitute epochs of its rangements of this Festival were placed, we be

destiny. lieve, in the hands of W. H. Smith, Esq., of “The advice nearest to my heart and deepest Washington Association; and it was, of course, in my convictions, is that the Union of the States well managed and properly conducted.

be cherished and perpetuated. Let the open New-YORK CHAPTER, also, gave & Soirée

enemy to it be regarded as a Pandora with her

box opened ; and the disguised one, as the serduring the month, which we were unable to

pent creeping with his deadly wiles into Par&attend.


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