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erection of moderate houses of worship, in which TAXATION OF CHURCH PROPERTY.

the poor might venture to pray without offence; MR. EDITOR,-I would bring to your notice

and, above all things, it would prevent the occu

pation of real estate for speculative motives, and the immense influence which will connect itself with religious incorporations of great wealth,

hinder a dangerous power from accumulating

millions of property, with which she can transand the great aid indirectly granted by this State to corporate acquisition. Nothing can be

port Rome and St. Peter's to North America; more true, than the proposition that large bodies

and, lastly, it would take the burden of taxation attract smaller ones; and where there is very

from the poor and middle men, and put it where great wealth, it represents a large body, and

it belongs, upon those who can afford it. gives weight and consequence to it. This is

I have read your funeral service with great most singularly illustrated in this city, where

satisfaction; it is impressive and beautiful, and the Episcopal Church has an influence infinitely

about long enough." I cannot praise the pomp beyond her numerical force, and always has had,

and parade prescribed. I consider such occa. independent of her reflected glory. Her immense

sions should be void of all the fardels of human property originally was the gift of royalty, at

pride; the service is solemn-the occasion is

solemn--why divert holy thoughts or pious asthe expense of the whole people. The accumu- ! lation is now immense, and is daily increasing in

pirations, by meretricious display of power or value. The State has contributed largely to her

place? I fear we are too much in the habit of

substituting show for real feeling. But I am advancement, by exempting such portions of her

not finding fault with the main drift of your property as she chooses to convert into Seminaries, Colleges, or Churches, with the grounds |

| Order, which I hope will grow in wisdom and

knowledge, which will, of course, remove all annexed, from taxation. Now this may not be

CEPHAS. supporting a religious establishment, in a pro

errors from among you. hibited sense, but it is supporting a religious society at the expense of the people. I suppose

Washington, D. C., Feb. 28th, 1851. Trinity Church, if assessed as other property is

Col. Thos. R. WHITNEY: assessed, would pay a tax of $3,000 per year,

MY DEAR COL.,--I avail myself of the occaupon the building alone. I put this case as a

sion of my sojourn in this city of “magnificent strong one, and to show what is going on in our distances," and magnificent intentions, to drop midst, and what part the people are taking in

you a line. I have been here for a week, now, it. Now suppose the question should be put to and in pretty constant attendance upon Conpopular vote, whether we should remit to Trinity gress, and I am forced to say I see little, too Church a debt of $3,000 per year; or, suppose

little-in our national legislature to gratify my we should ask a vote to remit a $20,000 per pride as an American, Sectional and selfish year debt of John Hughes ; is it probable they feelings, developed in the pettiest party mawould have a majority vote? But suppose the nouvres, characterize the proceedings of Conactual amount remitted, or asked to be remitted, gress. The whole session is frittered away in throughout the State, was more than equal to wrangling and quarreling, or making speeches the education of all the poor children in this to Buncombe, and when the end draws near there State, do you think such request would be grant is scarcely time left for the transaction of such ed? But, sir, the evil is as yet in its infancy: business as is absolutely necessary to carry on the introduction of foreign devotees and foreign the government, while the private calendar capital, and the increase of native superstition, | must lie over from session to session, until the will undoubtedly increase and multiply religious injustice of the government becomes a by-word sects and establishments, to an extent not easily and reproach upon Republican institutions. I estimated. Already the most commanding spots | tell you, that these abuses will yet create revoon New York Island, are bought up by John | lution in our midst, and the chorus of Reform! Hughes, and converted into untaxable property. will swell through the land, until party politiWe understand a religious house sanctifies all cians are swept off the stage. There is somethe ground attached to it-the mark of blood is thing-ay! and great things, yet for the 0. on the lintels--the assessors, seeing it, pass it | U. A. to do.

Yours, &c., J. B. by. Under this precious influence, the property can be held, until it becomes the centre of a

Philadelphia, March, 1851. dense population, free of taxes; then the most of

of DEAR SIR : it can be sold at enormous prices, and the pro As my letter of last month appears to have ceeds locked up in some gorgeous cathedral, or met your approbation, I venture to intrude upon distributed according to the pleasure of John your notice again, with such items as I think Hughes, or his successors. In old Catholic Eng- will be acceptable to your readers. land, it became necessary to limit these excesses, I have the pleasure of informing you, that an and statutes were passed curtailing sacerdotal application for a charter to the Chancery of the greediness. I do not propose any such measure; State of New York 0. U. A. is now preparing, all I wish is, that the government shall leave and has already received a large number of religion alone. They profess to do so; but do signatures, among whom are many of our most not, as I have shown. If all property were taxed respectable and influential citizens. We shall for the support of government, it would prevent have, no doubt, ere long, a Chapter in operation so much extravagance in Churches; it would here, which will vie with any of its older sisters prevent the erection of costly buildings upon in that influence which intelligence and honor credit; it would prevent the display of so much always command in an association of Americans, sacerdotal pretension as is now exhibited ; 'it and it will no doubt reflect credit on the Order would prevent the growth of a money aristo- | abroad, as well as at home. cracy in religious establishments, and cause the You have, I suppose, perused the reports of

the contested election for District Attorney in MOVEMENTS OF THE ORDER. this county, and will readily coincide with me NEW CHAPTERS.--A charter was granted at when I say that the most glaring frauds have been perpetrated by one of the parties; and as

the March session of the Hon, Chancery of we have the promise of a still greater exposure

New-York, for a Chapter to be located at Port on the part of the other, it becomes our duty as Chester, Westchester County, N. Y. freemen who cherish the ballot-box as a some

We learn, also, that a new Chapter has thing in “ governments divine," a thing sacred, and not to be polluted by unholy touch, in this

n this been chartered by the Hon. Chancery of New manner, to inquire into the facts, and ascertain Jersey, but have not the particulars. who is guilty of this sacrilege. To your readers,

Worth Chapter of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., has therefore, who are unacquainted with our petty | localities, I beg leave to say, that, in every case

been merged into the Oneachta Chapter, recentwhere the fraud has been so conclusively proved

ly instituted at that place. before our judicial tribunals, it has been where foreigners outnumber the American-born citi BROTHER WHEELER'S ADDRESS.--The Chanzens : and in most of these wards, not a native cery of New York, at its last meeting, appointed born can receive a ward office; while, in others,

a committee to obtain a copy of the address when citizens of the ward are urged to place

delivered by Brother David E. Wheeler, at an American ticket in the field, without distinction of party, the reply is, “ Were I to

Tripler Hall, on the 22d of February, in order electioneer such a ticket, my life would not that the same may be placed in the hands of the be safe an hour after sunset:” and yet these Grand Executive Committee, for publication. foreigners, who, by force of arms and corruption, we shall, probably, issue it as a supplement to thus pervert the privilege of the elective franchise

No. 5 of the Republic. are praised by the parties to whom they render • such good service, as the “better citizens,” on this, the soil where “ first we drew our breath.” LIBERTY TREE CHAPTER, at Albany, has The party on whom the frauds have so far been changed its place of meeting to “ Commercial irrevocably fixed, endeavor in vain to shake off the impression that it is party politics to wrong

Buildings,” corner of Broadway and Hudson their fellow-citizens of their expression of opi

Street. nions by the constitutional means; the odium will cling to them until they condemn the measure, QUALIFICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP IN ACdiscountenance the guilty practices of their par-QUIRED TERRITORY,- The Chancery of Newtisans, and assist the people to protect the

| York, acting as Arch-Chancery, has made the purity of the ballot box.

In connection with this, I will mention another following decision, in answer to an inquiry from instance of foreign interference to prevent the Eureka Chapter, California. exercise of another great right we claim, to wit, « Resolved. That persons who have become liberty of speech, which has been infringed in ritiene of the

citizens of the United States, by acquisition of the following manner : The ladies of our city,

| territory, are not eligible to membership in this having called a meeting to express their indig

Order." nation at the abduction from home and friends of a young lady in the District of Spring Garden, by a Roman Catholic priest, were not able to

MORGAN CHAPTER, of Hoboken, N. J., hold proceed with their business, owing to the con- | a public meeting at the new Methodist Church tinual interruption and incessant noise of a in that village, on the 26th of March, for the number of Irish ladies" present. Such was purpose of explaining the objects of our Order the tumult occasioned by them, that a police to the people. Chancellors Whitney and Morforce had to be sent for, and they were forcibly ejected from the hall before quiet could be

| ton will deliver addresses on that occasion. obtained. Although this scene was enacted in the presence of between two and three thousand MONMOUTH CHAPTER.--A public meeting of ladies, and has been publicly discussed, yet the this Chapter, will be held at the Freehold, New. press generally is so muzzled that but three of Jersey, about the middle of April, at which an our numerous papers mentioned it, and one of

address will be delivered on the importance of these only to publish an infamous tissue of falsehoods and tirade of abuse against as respec. unity of action on the part of the American table a body of women as ever assembled for people. any purpose. The General Camp of the State of Pennsyl

PAVONIA CHAPTEN.--We had the pleasure of vania, of the benevolent and patriotic Order of the United Sons of America, at its stated meet- visiting Pavonia Chapter, at the little village of ing, held since my former letter, granted a Rossville, Staten Island, for the purpose of incharter for two new Camps,-one to be located stalling officers at the March term. We found in Passyunk, and the other in Harrisburg, both

the Chapter in a most prosperous condition, and of which have since been instituted under very

the brothers all devoted to our principles. With favorable circumstances. In the cause of God and my native land.

the aid of Huguenot Chapter, at Port RichI remain yours truly,

mond, they will take good care of Richmond THIRTEEN. County.


Chapters, whose change of officers are not noticed in the Directory, will please send in their names.


Oneida, No. 33, Thursday, 149 Bowery.

Francis Hagadorn, 8.-Elias Combs, C. O.
J. L. Vandewater, G. S.-Richard Ebbets, G. C. C.

Jasper, No. 35, Monday, cor. Grove and Hudson Sts. Alpha, No. 1, Saturday, cor. Broadway and Grand Street. George A. Wardell, S.- Baker, C. C.

Thomas E. Stewart, 8.--Henry Baldwin, 0. C. Niagara, No. 36, Monday, at 149 Bowery. Washington, No. 2, Thursday, cor. Grand and Ludlow Sts. Samuel J. Jacobs, $.—John I. Grossman, C. C. C. J. Miller, 8.-John Elliott, C. C.

American Star, No. 37, Thursday, Ramapo, Rockland Co. Warren, No. 3, Thursday, c. Atlantic and Henry, Brooklyn.


C.C. George A. Searing, S.-John Williams, C. C.

Magna Charter, No. 38, Wednes., Montague Hall, Brooklyd. Manhattan, No. 4, Thursday, cor. Av. C and 4th St.

E. Vanzaun, 8.-J. Vanzaun, 0. C.
William Smith, S.-Geo. H. Raymond, 0. O.

Zachary Taylor, No. 39, Wednesday, c. 22 Ar. and 20th St.

Jason J. Palmer, 8.-Isaac Clark, C. C.
Lawrence, No. 5, Thursday, cor. 128th Street and 3d Av.
Martin Rapelyea, S.--Henry J. Fox, .O.

Tappan, No. 40, Monday, at Piermont.
Corns. P. Hoffman, S.

American, No. 6, Wednesday, at cor. Broadway and Walker.
B. Rockwood, S.-Alexander Pettit, C. C.

New-York, No. 41, Monday, cor. Bleecker and Morton Sta.

Richard Kennedy, S.-Lewis H. Bowen, C. C.
Columbia, No. 7, Thursday, cor. Bleecker and Morton Şts.
William C. Beatty, S.-E. S. Dubois, C. C.

Huguenot, 42, Friday, Port Richmond, S. I.
Edward Jones, S.-

Putnam, No. 8, Wednesday, cor. Grand and Ludlow.
Benjamin C. Dean, S.-George Youngs, C. C.

E Pluribus Unum, No. 43, Wed., e. Bowery and Broome St.

Calvin 0. Billings, $.-John C. Wandell, C. C. Franklin, No. 9, Monday, cor. Grand and Ludlow Sts. I. B. Ostrander, S.-Theodore H. Gray, C. C.

Liberty Tree, No. 44, Friday,Commercial Buildings, Albany.

L. M. Rogers, 8.-John Poclun, 0. C.
Paulding, No. 10, meets Friday, cor. 230 St. and 8th Av.
Thomas J. Burger, S.-John N. Zilkin, C. C.

Ringgold, No. 46, Tuesday, Greensburg, Dobbs' Ferry,

Martin Lefurgy, S.--Wm. Embree, C. C.
Marion, No. 11, Friday, Grenada Hall, Myrtle Av., Brooklyn.
Thomas P. Teale, S.-Francis Coleman, C. C.

4 Ironsides, No. 47, cor Grand and Broadway.

Chas. B. Ferrin, S.-Thos. Cox, C. C.
Continental, No 12, Thursday, at 327 Bowery.
E. B. Brush, S.-Geo. McIntire, 0. C.

American Eagle, No. 48, Mamaroneck, Wednesday.

W. D. Palmer, S.-C. W. Hopkins, C. C.
Mount Vernon, No. 13, Thursday, c. Broadway and Walker,
Asa H. Leonard, S.-0. S. Phelps, O.O.

" Oneachta, No. 50, Poughkeepsie, Thursday.

Samuel Tuthill, 8.-Zacheus Aldrich, C.C.
Hancock, No. 14, Wednesday, c. Bleecker and Morton Sts.
Robert Howe, S.-Richard H. Arthur, C. 0.

Liberty, No. 15, Friday, at 149 Bowery.
Charles H. Wheeler, S.-Henry C. Smith, 0. 0.

John 0. Godfrey, G. S.-Edward P. Nichols, G.C.C.

Pioneer, No. 1, Friday, Broad Street, Newark. Decatur, No. 16, Thursday, cor. Broadway and Grand Sts.

H. Munn, S.-C. W. Porr, C. C. George H. Tyler, $. ---Joseph L. Hewlett, 0. O.

Clark, No. 2, Monday, Rahway.
Lexington, No. 17, Monday,c. Fulton and Orange, Brooklyn.

O. F. Post, S.-J. W. Ayres, C. C.
J. B. Voorhies, 8.-J. H. Switzer, C. C.

Nathan Hale, No. 3, Thursday, Newark.
National, No. 18, Tuesday, at 149 Bowery.

A. J. Donnelly, S.-James A. Rankin, C.C. G. F. Coachman, S.-Arthur T. White, C. C.

Morgan, No. 4, Tuesday, Hoboken.
Adams, No. 19, Wednesday, at Haverstraw.

Jesse Fash, S.-Dorns, Housman, C. C.

Ethan Allen, No. 20, Williamsburgh.

Jersey Blue, No. 5, Monday, New Brunswick.

J. Goodheart, S.-William S. Arents, C.O.

C.C. Perry, No. 21, Thursday, cor. 230 Street and 8th Av.

American, No. 6, Tuesday, Franklin Hall, Jersey City. Christopher Kierstied, S.-Jacob A. Roome, C. C.

J. B. Cleveland, 8.-J. D. Narine, C. C.
Charter Oak, No. 22, Monday, 327 Bowery.

Washington, No. 7, Wednesday, Orange.
Nicholas Ford, S.-William S. Dickinson, C. O.

D. J. Kilborn, s.-J. B. Tichenor, c. O.
Fort Washington, No 23, Monday, at Yonkers,

American Eagle, No. 8, Tuesday, Paterson. John Arden, S.


John Hopkinson, S.-W. R. Bushnell, C. C.

Monmouth. No. 9, Thursday. Freehold. Woodhull, No. 24, Wednesday, Jamaica, L. I.

Monmo C. F. Bennett, S.


Jesse K. Randall, S.-A. T. Manning, C. C.

American Flag, No. 10, Tuesday, Newark. Champe, No.25, Thursday, cor. Grove and Hudson Sts.

Eugene Blything, S.-William Kosign, C. C.
S. H. Hopper, S.-P. W. Royce, 0. O.

Liberty, No. 11, Wednesday, Bergen.
Plymouth, No. 26, Wednesday, Montague Hall, Brooklyn. A. V. P. Jones, S.-W. D. C. Jones, C. C.
S. Van Benschoten, 8.-M. K. Bridges, 0. C.

Columbia, No. 12, Madison.
Bunker Hill, 27, Friday, cor. Bleecker and Morton Sts.

David P. Bigelow, S.-A. H. Magie, C. C.
A. C. Coquillett, S.-George Comstock, 0. C.

Excelsior, No. 13, Newark.
Excelsior, No.28, Tuesday, cor. Grand and Ludlow Sts.
James Lucas, S.--Henry Hollister, C. 0.

Independence, No. 29, Friday, c. Broadway and Walker St.
Archibald Bradshaw, S.Samuel Brower, C.C.

Roger Sherman, No. 1, Tuesday, c. State & Chapel Sts. N.H.

E. G. Storer, S.-James L. Gould, C. C.
Schuyler, No. 30, Friday, 327 Bowery.
Jaś. Jackson, Jr., S.-William H. Bodell, 0. C.

Putnam, No. 2, Wednesday, S. of T. Hall, Middletown. Westchester, No. 31, Wednesday, at Tarrytown.

Henry Kelsey, S.

0.C George Powell, 8.-John G. Vanderbilt, C.C.

Pavonia, No. 32, Saturday, Roseville, S. I.
Chas. A. Dusenberry, 8.-George T. Oakley, C.C. Eureka, No. 1,

San Francisco.

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