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TREASON IN THE CAMP.--It has been stated

Philadelphia, April, 1851. that a number of applications for charters for THOMAS R. WHITNEY, Esq: the formation of Chapters of the Order in Virgi- | DEAR SIR, I hail you again from the city of nia, Pennsylvania, and the city of Albany, have rectangles and brotherly love. Since my last, been suppressed, by some treasonous influence, our Spring election has taken place, and the on their way to Arch Chancery, and committees

smoke, having lifted from the battlefield, shows

the following result: City proper, Whig ; Northhave been appointed by that body (represented

ern Liberties and Moyamensing, Democratic; by the Chancery of the State of New York), to Spring Garden, Kensington and Southwark, learn and report the facts. These Committees Native American. The Native Americans have are under an important responsibility, and, had“ a gain” decidedly, and to our better citizens with the testimony in their possession, there

it comes ringing like a political death-knell to

their astonished ears. It is to be hoped it may can be no doubt of their rendering prompt and

prove so, and that, ere long, the whole Union lucid reports. The duty which they have to will rebuke our foreign office-hunting friends, perform is one of a lofty and imposing character, and their politico-religious abettors. it is neither more nor less than the exposition

You have, no doubt, read, ere this, with astoof treason in its worst shape; and that they will

nishment, an account of an appropriation made

by the assembled wisdom of the State, at Harrisperform that duty thoroughly and patriotically,

burg, of $5000 to MERCY HOSPITAL, UNDER THE no one doubts. For our own part, we hope this CHARGE OF THE SISTERS OF MERCY, in Alleghathing will be sifted to the very bottom, and that ny county. Let me repeat it. An appropriathe guilty parties, whoever they may be, will

tion of $5000, wrung from the taxable inhabitbe brought out into the broad sunlight that

ants of the State, of all denominations, and of no

denomination, to support the Roman Catholic every honest member may see and know them.

Church. What other church could procure such

an appropriation? What other church would WHAT NEXT?-The last joke published is that ask such an open and flagrant violation of the George Washington was a native of England.

Constitution of a State which expressly de

clares that “no preference shall ever be given, An Englishman, by the name of Field, has writ

by law, to any religious establishment or modes ten a letter to Mr. Harvey, of Boston, to that of worship." "What church but the Roman Caeffect; and the Boston Transcript publishes the tholic Church would send three of her priests to following extract from the letter :

desecrate their sacred (?) office by log rolling

and wire-pulling in the lobby of a State Assem“ It happened when I was a boy, that being in bly, and to effect, by foul means, what could not the neighborhood of Cookham, Berkshire, with be reached by fairness. I say foul means, bean uncle of mine, he pointed out a pretty coun- cause it was lost in a direct form; but, when the try cottage, in which the parents of General appropriation for $10,000 to the House of Refuge, Washington resided, and from which they re- at Pittsburgh, was under consideration, some moved to America. Our road led to a green or panderer for the votes of Roman Catholics offered common, where there resided a Mrs. Ann Morer, as an amendment, “ Provided they give $5000 of whose maiden name was, I believe, Taylor, who said appropriation to Mercy Hospital;" and in there showed me the portrait of Mrs. Washing this form the appropriation was passed. Oh, ton, and other reliques of the family, given to Shame, where is thy blush! And this too from her when they quitted the place for America, to the church continually charging Americans with which country her aunt and mother, she told me, connecting church matters with politics. 'took their son (George Washington) in her The last remark recalls to mind the excellent arms.' I believe I use her own expression.” communication of “Cephas” (in your last num

ber), on exemption from taxation; and I beg Mr. Field is an interesting historian; very! leave to pen a few thoughts on the same subject. But since the patronizing spiritevinced recently The Commissioners of the County of Philadelphia by Messrs. Bulwer and Tupper, the last English have published a memorial to the Legislature of lions who have visited us, and who assert that all

this State on that subject; and they exhibit Americans are deserving of being Englishmen,

property exempt from taxation in this county

alone, amounting, at the assessor's valuation, it is not surprising that Mr. Field should parti to $10,586,415. This valuation is actually less, cularize George Washington. Doubtless John one-half, than the value of such property, which Hancock, Ben Franklin, and - Old Put” will be we may, therefore, safely set down at $25,000, the next customers.

000, viz. ;

1. Asylums, Hospitals, &c., say, $1,000,000
2. Church property,

8,000,000 MOCKERY.-Mr. Mann, one of the recreant

Colleges and Libraries,

3,500,000 4. Cemeteries, &c.,

3,000,000 senators, proposed to submit the canal bill to the 5. Fire Department,


7.500.000 people, to decide upon

6. Publie property, its constitutionality!

7. Railroads, Canals, &c., ... 500.000 Last year you submitted the School Law to the 8. Sundry Societies,

500,000 people. They directed you to sustain that law;


.. $25,000,000 but, in defiance of their will, you repealed it.

A large portion of the first, second and third The people, forsooth! Who are they? Your items above, are properties held on speculation, Catspaw?

| either stores, dwellings rented out, or vacant

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lots, clung to tenaciously until high prices are EXCELSIOR CHAPTER, No. 28, of New York, given and large profits realized. Many of the will hold a public Anniversary on the 6th of colleges, asylums, hospitals, &c., are paid insti- |

May inst, at 0. U. A. Hall, corner of Ludlow tutions, i.e., they receive large sums of money

and Grand streets, at which Chancellor C. Goodfrom their students or patients, and in some in. stances the professors receive from $3,000 to

rich Boyce, of Decatur Chapter, will deliver an $7,000 per annum for a session of five months. | address explanatory of the principles of the The cemetery companies have seized upon our Order. finest grounds, and are realizing large profits. The railroads and canals are sharing proceeds UNION CHAPTER, No. 45, chartered at a prein the shape of dividends, and so are many of vious session of Chancery, was instituted and those headed “Sundry Societies,” in the state

organized on the 28th of March, at Port Chester, ment above. The Commissioners memorialized the Legislature to tax all except the Fire De

by Chancellor Brush, under very flattering partment and public property ; but, no doubt, / auspices. that sapient body, in the face of the petitions of

THE DAUGHTERS.-Lady Washington Chapthe tens of thousands of voters which went from this county, will shrug their shoulders and say, |

ter, No. 3, United Daughters of America, held “ We cannot do any such, thing, or our friends, their third Anniversary at the Broadway Tabthe Roman Catholics, will not vote for us or our ernacle, on Tuesday evening, April 15th, at party." How long will Americans sharpen the which W. H. Smith, Esq., of Washington Chapsword which is intended to sever their political

ter, presided. Hon. David E. Wheeler, of Col. heads from their bodies? or how long must patriotic Americans blush for the acts of such

umbia Chapter, delivered the Anniversary Ad. recreants-American in nothing but the name ? dress, after which a magnificent Charter frame Let the United Americans answer. Let the was presented to the “ Lady Washington,” by United Sons of America answer. Let the United

Chancellor Boyce, and received on behalf of American Mechanics answer. Let the Daugh

the ladies by one of their number. ters of America answer : and let those answers be given in such thunder tones through the

New-YORK CHAPTER, No. 7., U. D. A., held ballot-box that the slime from European despotism and the filth of religious superstition may be

their second Anniversary at the Apollo Assemforever purged from exercising its baneful ma

bly room, on the 3d of April, Chancellor Stephen larious influence on our otherwise pure political V. Hopper presiding. They were addressed by atmosphere.

Chancellor Boyce, and entertained with a num“God and our Native Land."

ber of pieces of excellent music by the Columbia THIRTEEN.

Glee Club and others, after which the Association with their guests formed a Cotillion party,

and enjoyed themselves to a late hour. The MOVEMENTS OF THE ORDER.

annual report of this patriotic Chapter of AmeNEW CHAPTERS.-A Charter was granted by rican ladies, exhibits a balance of about six the Chancery of the State of New York, at a ses

hundred dollars in the treasury, after paying sion held April 14th, to a number of gentlemen residing at Astoria, L. I., for the formation of a

all their benefits and other expenses. Chapter of the Order in that village, and the Chapter was organized and installed on Wednes

ORDINANCES, &c. day evening, April 16th, by a committee from

ORDINANCE No. 8. (Adopted April 14, 1851.] Chancery, of which Brother E. B. Brush was

Relating to public occasions of the Order.

The Chancery of the Order of United Americans of the Chairman. This Chapter is to be hailed as

State of New York, in regular session convened, do ordain “ Worth Chapter, No. 34.”

as follows: A Charter was also granted, at the same ses $1. On all public occasions of the Order, or any portion sion, to a large number of applicants, a portion

thereof, the members are forbidden to wear or display

about their persons, any regalia, badge or other distinof whom were members of Perry Chapter, for

guishing mark appropriate to any other Order or society; the formation of a Chapter in the City of New and all members are forbidden to wear or display about York, to be known as “Jefferson Chapter, No. 49," their persons any regalia or other insignia or dress, except and the same was duly organized and installed |

such as pertain to the Order of United Americans; Pro

vided, that this ordinance shall not be construed to apply by Chancellor Brush and associates, on Tuesday

to any distinguishing mark or badge that may at anytime be evening, April 15th, at Knickerbocker Hall. determined upon to be worn by the Marshals or other Ofi

cers, or Committee of arrangements of any public demonstration of the Order. The penalty for violating this section

shall be not less than five dollars for the first offence, and APPLICATIONS.-At the session of Chancery for the second offence, expulsion from the Order. April 14th, an application was made by about 2. No member of the Order, while legally suspended fifty gentlemen, for a Charter for a new Chapter

from enjoying the rights and privileges of membership,

shall, on any occasion, during the term of such suspension, to be called “ Valley Forge," and located in the

be permitted to wear the regalia of the Order in public, or 16th Ward. An application was also presented unite with the Order in any public demonstration, under a for a new Chapter, to be located in the 9th or 15th penalty of expulsion from the order, or a fine, not exceed

ing five dollars, nor less than one dollar, at the discretion Ward of the city of New York. They were seve

of the Chapter to which he belongs. rally referred to appropriate Committees for 3. The provision of this Ordinance shall not be so conexamination.

strued so as to prohibit the wearing of breastpins bearing “ Valley Forge" was instituted on Wednesday,

the emblem of this or any other Order.

The several Chapters of the Order are charged with the April 23d, under a dispensation from the G. S.

execution of this Ordinance.


7 Chapters, whose change of officers is not noticed in the Directory, will please send in their names.




Niagara, No. 36, Monday, at 149 Bowery.

Samuel J. Jacobs, S. --John L. Grossman, C.C. J. L. Vandewater, G. S.-Richard Ebbets, G. C. C. American Star, No. 37, Thursday, Ramapo, Rockland Co., Alpha, No. 1, Saturday, cor. Broadway and Grand Street.

C.C. Thomas E. Stewart, 8.-Jas. C. Noble, C. C.

Magna Charter, No. 38, Wednes., Montague Hall, Brooklyn Washington, No. 2, Thursday, cor. Grand and Ludlow Sts.

E. Vanzaun, 8.-J. Vanzaun, C. C.
C. J. Miller, S.-John Elliott, C. C.

Zachary Taylor, No. 39, Wednesday, c. 21 Av. and 20th St. Warren, No. 3, Thursday, c. Atlantic and Henry, Brooklyn,

Jason J. Palmer, S.-Isaac Clark, C.C. F. Elwell, S.-B. Š. Larzlere, C. C.

Tappan, No. 40, Monday, at Piermont. Manhattan, No. 4, Thursday, cor. Av. C and 4th St.

Corns. P. IIoffman, S.

C.C. William Smith, S.-Geo. H. Raymond, C. C.

New-York, No. 41, Monday, cor. Bleecker and Morton Sts. Lawrence, No.5, Thursday. cor. 128th Street and 3d Av.

Richard Kennedy, S.--Lewis H. Bowen, C.C. Martin Rapelyea, S.-Henry J. Fox, C. O.

Huguenot, 42, Friday, Port Richmond, s. I.
American. No.6, Wednesday, at cor. Broadway and Walker.

Edward Jones, S.-
B. Rockwood, 8.- Alexander Pettit, c. c.

E Pluribus Unum, No. 43, Wed., c. Bowery and Broome St. Columbia, No.7, Thursday, cor. Bleecker and Morton Sts.

Calvin 0. Billings, S.-John C. Wandell, C. C. William C. Beatty, S.-E. S. Dubois, C. C.

Liberty Tree, No. 44, Friday, Commercial Building , Albany, Putnam, No. 8, Wednesday, cor. Grand and Ludlow.

L. M. Rogers, S.-John Poclun, C. C.
Benjamin C. Dean, S.---George Youngs, C. C.

Union, No. 45, - --, Port Chester.
Franklin, No. 9, Monday, cor. Grand and Ludlow Sts.


C.C. Jno. P, Hopkins, S-J. S. Taylor, C.C.

Ringgold, No. 46, Tuexday, Greensburg, Dobbs' Ferry. Paulding, No. 10, meets Friday, cor. 230 St. and 8th Av.

Martin Lefurgy, S.--Wm. Embree, C. C.
Thomas J. Burger, S.-John N. Zilkin, C. C.

Ironsides, No. 47, cor Grand and Broadway.
Marion, No. 11, Friday, Grenada Hall, Myrtle Av., Brooklyn. Chas. B. Ferrin, S.-Thos. Cox, C. C.
Thomas P. Teale, S. Francis Coleman, C. C.

American Eagle, No. 48, Mamaroneck, Wednesday. Continental. No 12, Thursday, at 327 Bowery.

W. D. Palmer, S.-C. W. Hopkins, C. C. E. A. Schermerhorn, S.-Wm. P. Armstrong, C.C. Jefferson, No. 49, - - - , cor. 230 St. and 8th Av. Mount Vernon, No. 13, Thursday, c. Broadway and Walker.


C. 0.
Asa H. Leonard, S.-0. S. Phelps, C. C.

Oneachta, No. 50, Poughkeepsie, Thursday.
Hancock, No. 14, Wednesday, c. Bleecker and Morton Sts.

Samuel Tuthill, s.--Zaccheus Aldrich, C. C. Robert Howe, S.-Richard II. Arthur, C. 0.

Valley Forge, No. 51, Wednesday, Sixteenth st., between Liberty, No. 15, Friday, at 149 Bowery.

7th and 8th Avenues.
Charles H. Wheeler, S.--IIenry C. Smith, C. C.
Decatur, No. 16, Thursday, cor, Broadway and Grand Sts.
George H. Tyler, S.-Joseph L. Hewlett, C. C.

Lexington, No. 17, Monday, c. Fulton and Orange, Brooklyn.

John 0. Godfrey, G. S.--Edward P. Nichols, G. C.C
J. B. Voorbies, S.-J. H. Switzer, C. C.

Pioneer, No. 1, Friday, Broad Street, Newark.
National, No. 18, Tuesday, at 149 Bowery.
G. F. Coachman, s.--Arthur T, White, C. C.

J. O. Godfrey, S.- Elias J. Drake, C. C.

Clark, No. 2, Monday, Rahway.
Adams, No. 19, Wednesday, at Haverstraw,
S. -

C.F. Post, S.-J. W. Ayres, C. C.

Nathan Hale, No. 3, Thursday, Newark.
Ethan Allen, No. 20, Williamsburgh.

J. W. Smith, S.-W. C. Freeman, C. C.


Morgan, No. 4, Tuesday, Hoboken. Perry, No. 21, Thursday, cor. 23d Street and 8th Av.

Jesse Fash, S.-Corns, Housman, C. C.
Christopher Kierstied, S.-Jacob A. Roome, c.

Jersey Blue, No. 5, Monday, New Brunswick.
Charter Oak, No. 22, Monday, 327 Bowery.
Nicholas Ford, S.-William S. Dickinson, C.C.

'J. Goodheart, S.-William S. Arents, C. C. Fort Washington, No 23, nday, at Yonkers.

American, No. 6, Tuesday, Franklin Hall, Jersey City.

M. Rierson, S.-Geo. W. Gall. C. C.
John Arden, S.-
Woodhull, No. 24, Wednesday, Jamaica, L. I.

Washington, No. 7, Wednesday, Orange.


C.C. C. F. Bennett, S.

Parmlee, 8.--Chas. 8. Šmith, 0. C. Champe, No. 25, Thursday, cor. Grove and Hudson Sts.

American Eagle, No. 8, Tuesday, Paterson.
S. H. Hopper, S.-Þ. W. Royce, C. C.

John Hopkinson, S.-W. R. Bushnell, C. C.
Plymouth, No. 26, Wednesday, Montague Hall, Brooklyn. Monmouth, No. 9, Thursday, Freehold
S. Van Benschoten, S.-M. K. Bridges, 0. C.

Jesse K. Randall, S.-A. T. Manning, C.C.
Bunker Hill, 27, Friday, cor. Bleecker and Morton Sts. American Flag, No. 10, Tuesday, Newark.
A. C. Coquillett, 8.-George Comstock, C. C.

Benjamin Peirson, S.-Israel Cosign, 0. C.
Excelsior, No.28, Tuesday, cor. Grand and Ludlow Sts. Liberty, No. 11, Wednesday, Bergen.
James Lucas, S.-Henry Hollister, C. C.

W. D. C. Jones, S.-Andrew Smith, C.C.
Independence, No. 29, Friday, c. Broadway and Walker St. | Columbia, No. 12, Saturday, Madison.
Archibald Bradshaw, S.--Samuel Brower, C. C.

Daniel P. Bigelow, S.-A. H. Magie, C.C. Schuyler, No. 30, Friday, 327 Bowery.

Excelsior, No. 13, Monday, Newark. Jas. Jackson, Jr., S.-William H. Bedell, C.C.

T. C. Chandler, S.-B. J. Wood, C. C.
Westchester, No. 31, Wednesday, at Tarrytown.

George Powell, S.--John G. Vanderbilt, 0. C.
Pavonia, No. 32, Saturday, Rossville, S. I.

Roger Sherman, No. 1, Tuesday, c. State & Chapel sts, N.H. Chas. A. Dusenberry, S.-George T. Oakley, C. C.

E. G. Storer, S.-James L. Gould, c. c. Oneida, No. 33, Thursday, 149 Bowery.

Putnam, No. 2, Wednesday, S. of T. Hall, Middletown. Francis Hagadorn, S.-Elias Combs, C. C.

Henry Kelsey, S.

0. C. Worth, No. 34, Wednesday, Astoria, L. I.

Jas. Brush, S.-Charles Howell, 0. C.
Jasper, No. 35, Monday, cor. Grove and Hudson Sts.

Eureka, No. 1,

San Francisco. George A. Wardell, S.- -Baker, 0. C.

John W. Ackerson, S.—John H. Still, C. C.


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Drawn and Engraved expressly for the Republic.

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