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Chapters, whose change of officers are not noticed in the Directory, will please send in their names.


STATE OF NEW-YORK. J. L. Vandewater, G. S.-Richard Ebbets, G. C. C. Alpha, No. 1, Saturday, cor. Broadway and Grand Street.

Thomas E. Stewart, S.-Henry Baldwin, C. C. Washington, No. 2, Thursday, cor. Grand and Ludlow Sts.

C. J. Miller, S.-John Elliott, C. C. Warren, No. 3, Thursday, c. Atlantic and Henry, Brooklyn.

George A. Searing, S.-John Williams, c. c. Manhattan, No. 4, Thursday, cor. Av. C and 4th St.

William Smith, S.-Geo. H. Raymond, C. C. Lawrence, No. 5, Thursday, cor. 128th Street and 3d Av.

Martin Rapelyea, S.-Henry J. Fox, C. C. American, No. 6, Wednesday, at cor. Broadway and Walker.

B. Rockwood, S.-Alexander Pettit, 0. C. Columbia, No. 7, Thursday, cor. Bleecker and Morton Sts.

William C. Beatty, S.-E. S. Dubois, C. C. Putnam, No. 8, Wednesday, cor. Grand and Ludlow,

Benjamin C. Dean, S.-George Youngs, C. C. Franklin, No. 9, Monday, cor. Grand and Ludlow Sts.

I B. Ostrander, S.-Theodore H. Gray, C. C. Paulding, No. 10, meets Friday, cor. 230 St. and 8th Av.

Thomas J. Burger, S.-John N. Zilkin, C. C. Marion, No. 11, Friday, Grenada Hall, Myrtle Av., Brooklyn.

Thomas P. Teale, S.-Francis Coleman, C. C. Continental, No 12, Thursday, at 327 Bowery.

E. B. Brush, S.-Geo. McIntire, 0. C. Mount Vernon, No. 13, Thursday, c. Broadway and Walker,

Asa H. Leonard, 8.-0. S. Phelps, O. C. Hancock, No.14, Wednesday, c. Bleecker and Morton Sts.

Robert Howe, S.-Richard H. Arthur, C. C. Liberty, No. 15, Friday, at 149 Bowery.

Charles H. Wheeler, 8.-Henry C. Smith, C. C. Decatur, No. 16, Thursday, cor. Broadway and Grand Sts.

George H. Tyler, 8.-Joseph L. Hewlett, C. O. Lexington, No. 17, Monday, c. Fulton and Orange, Brooklyn.

J. B. Voorhies, 8.-J. H. Switzer, C. C. National, No. 18, Tuesday, at 149 Bowery.

G. F. Coachman, s.-Arthur T. White, C. C.
Adams, No. 19, Wednesday, at Haverstraw.

Ethan Allen, No. 20, Williamsburgh.

Perry, No. 21, Thursday, cor, 23d Street and 8th Av.

Christopher Kierstied, 8.--Jacob A. Roome, 0. C. Charter Oak, No. 22, Monday, 327 Bowery.

Nicholas Ford, 8.-William S. Dickinson, C. C.
Fort Washington, No 23, Monday, at Yonkers.

John Arden, S.-
Woodhull, No. 24, Wednesday, Jamaica, L. I.
C. F. Bennett, S.-

Champe, No.25, Thursday, cor. Grove and Hudson Sts.

S. H. Hopper, 8.-P. W. Royce, C. C. Plymouth, No. 26, Wednesday, Montague Hall, Brooklyn.

S. Van Benschoten, S.-M. K. Bridges, C. O. Bunker Hill, 27, Friday, cor. Bleecker and Morton Sts.

A. C. Coquillett, S.-George Comstock, 0. O. Excelsior, No.28, Tuesday, cor. Grand and Ludlow Sts.

James Lucas, S.-Henry Hollister, C. C. Ladependence, No. 29, Friday, c. Broadway and Walker St.

Archibald Bradshaw, S.-Samuel Brower, C. C. Schuyler, No. 30, Friday, 327 Bowery.

Jas. Jackson, Jr., S.-William H. Bedell, C. C. Westchester, No. 31, Wednesday, at Tarrytown.

George Powell, 8.-John G. Vanderbilt, C. C. Pavonia, No, 32, Saturday, Rossville, S. I.

Chas. A. Dusenberry, 8.-George T. Oakley, C. c.

Oneida, No. 33, Thursday, 149 Bowery.

Francis Hagadorn, s.-Elias Combs, C. C. Jasper, No. 35, Monday, cor. Grove and Hudson Sts.

George A. Wardell, S.- Baker, 0. C. Niagara, No. 36, Monday, at 149 Bowery.

Samuel J. Jacobs, 8.-John I. Grossman, C.C. American Star, No. 37, Thursday, Ramapo, Rockland Co.

C. 0. Magna Charter, No. 38, Wednes., Montague Hall, Brooklyn

E. Vanzaun, S.-J. Vanzaun, C. 0.
Zachary Taylor, No. 39, Wednesday, c. 2d Av. and 20th St.

Jason J. Palmer, S.-Isaac Clark, 0. C.
Tappan, No. 40, Monday, at Piermont.
Corns. P. Hoffman, S.-

C. C. New-York, No. 41, Monday, cor. Bleecker and Morton Sta.

Richard Kennedy, s.-Lewis H. Bowen, C. C.
Huguenot, 42, Friday, Port Richmond, S. I.
Edward Jones, S.-

E Pluribus Unum, No. 43, Wed., c. Bowery and Broome St.

Calvin 0. Billings, $.—John C. Wandell, C. C. Liberty Tree, No. 44, Friday,Commercial Buildings, Albany,

L. M. Rogers, S.-John Poclun, C. C.
Ringgold, No. 46, Tuesday, Greensburg, Dobbs' Ferry.

Martin Lefurgy, S.-Wm. Embree, 0. C.
Ironsides, No. 47, cor Grand and Broadway.

Chas. B. Ferrin, S.—Thos. Cox, C. C. American Eagle, No. 48, Mamaroneck, Wednesday.

W. D. Palmer, S.-C. W. Hopkins, C. O. Oneachta, No. 50, Poughkeepsie, Thursday. Samuel Tuthill, s.-Zacheus Aldrich, 0. C.

STATE OF NEW-JERSEY. John 0. Godfrey, G. S.-Edward P. Nichols, G. C.C. Pioneer, No. 1, Friday, Broad Street, Newark.

H. Munn, 8.-C. W. Port, C. C. Clark, No. 2, Monday, Rahway.

C. F. Post, S.-J. W. Ayres, C. C. Nathan Hale, No.3, Thursday, Newark.

A. J. Donnelly, S.-James A. Rankin, C. C. Morgan, No. 4, Tuesday, Hoboken.

Jesse Fash, 8.-Corns. Housman, C. C. Jersey Blue, No. 5, Monday, New Brunswick.

'J. Goodheart, S.-William S. Arents, C. C. American, No. 6, Tuesday, Franklin Hall, Jersey City,

J. B. Cleveland, 8.-J. D. Narine, C.C. Washington, No. 7, Wednesday, Orange.

D. J. Kilborn, S.-J. B. Tichenor, C. C. American Eagle, No. 8, Tuesday, Paterson.

John Hopkinson, S.-W. R. Bushnell, C. C. Monmouth, No. 9, Thursday, Freehold.

Jesse K. Randall, S.-A. T. Manning, C. C. American Flag, No. 10, Tuesday, Newark.

Eugene Blything, S.-William Kosign, C. C. Liberty, No. 11, Wednesday, Bergen.

A. V. P. Jones, S.-W. D. C. Jones, 0. O. Columbia, No. 12, Madison.

David P. Bigelow, S.-A. H. Magie, C. C. Excelsior, No. 13, Newark.

Roger Sherman, No.1, Tuesday, c. State & Chapel Sts. N.H.

E. G. Storer, S.-James L. Gould, 0. C.
Putnam, No. 2, Wednesday, S. of T. Hall, Middletown.
Henry Kelsey, S.-



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