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will truly give you his Holy Spirit to lead you into the way of salvation. And though you may go up with difficulty, because of your bur. den, you will come to the cross at last. You will be taught, as the Holy Spirit alone can teach you, that Christ has borne your griefs, and carried your sorrows; that his precious blood was shed for you ; and that given the promise of everlasting life. Then you will know the peace which passeth all understanding,” and go on your way rejoicing.

While the pilgrim stood looking upon the cross, and weeping for joy, three Shining Ones came to him, and saluted him with “ Peace be to thee.” Do you not love to read about these Shining Ones, whom Christian saw more than once in the course of his pilgrimage? They seem to make the story so bright and glorious, especially when we remember in whose presence we ourselves continually are; that God is ever with us, as certainly as if our bodily eye could see him; and that his angels are all “ ministering spirits," sent forth to minister to the "heirs of salvation." The first of the Shining Ones gave

Christian the assurance of pardon: “Thy sins be forgiven thee.” The second stripped him of his rags, and clothed him with change of raiment; that is, his own doings, which in the sight of God are as rags, were set aside, and he was clothed instead with the white robe of the Saviour's righteousness, spoken of in one of the parables as the wedding-garment, without which no one can enter into the kingdom of heaven. This robe of righteousness is the free gift of Christ to all who believe in hin. The third of the Shining Ones set a mark upon Christian's forehead, and gave him a roll with a seal upon it, which he bade him look at as he ran, and that he should give it in at the Celestial Gate. This roll signifies the assurance of God's love and favour; the inward peace and joy of which we spoke just now. It is the best support to the pilgrim on his way; but it is easily lost by indolence, by want of watchfulness, by the admission of evil thoughts into the heart, or by a wilful yielding to any sin.

When the Shining Ones had left him, Christian continued his journey. He had only reached the foot of the hill when he saw three men fast asleep, whose names were Simple, Sloth, and Presumption. These men were like people that we too often meet with in the world ; careless sinners, without thought for their souls, sleeping in a false security that all will be well at last. Christian tried to arouse them, which was the duty of a faithful pilgrim. He told them of the danger they were in, and urged them to escape from it; but all his warnings were in vain, and therefore, finding that they would not be persuaded, he went on his way. There is a good lesson for you

here. It is your duty, as far as you can, to invite others to join you in your pilgrimage ; but if they will not listen, take care that you do not linger with them. Believe them not, when they say, There is no danger. Pity and pray for them you may ; but do not choose their company, but, like Christian, go on your way. The goodness and mercy of God will sustain you; and, if you keep in the path of his commandments, a day will come when you shall reach the gate of the Celestial City, and the difficulties and trials of your pilgrimage shall all have passed away.

E. W.


Prov. xxiii. 23.
Go thou in life's fair morning,

Go in thy bloom of youth,
And dig for thine adorning-

The precious pearl of truth:
Secure the heavenly treasure,

And bind it on thy heart,
And let no earthly pleasure

E’er cause it to depart.
Go while the day-star shineth,

Go while thy heart is light,
Go, ere thy strength declineth,

While every sense is bright:
Sell all thou hast and buy it,

'Tis worth all earthly things,
Rubies, and gold, and diamonds,

Sceptres and crowns of kings.
Go, ere the cloud of sorrow

Steals o'er thy bloom of youth ;
Defer not till to-morrow,

Go now and buy the truth.
Go, seek thy great Creator

Learn early to be wise ;
Go place upon the altar

A morning sacrifice.


THE GOOD SUNDAY SCHOLAR. We are not now going to give you the history of any boy or girl that we have seen or heard of. We wish to refer you to some points of character which ought to be shown by every child who would be a good Sunday scholar. We will now mention three things by which the good scholar may be known.

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“We are in good time; they have only just done prayers,” said a lad who, with two or three companions, was just entering the school to which they all belonged. Was he a good Sunday scholar? It is said of the great general Washington, that when he expected friends to dine with him, he never asked his servant, “Has the company arrived ?” but simply, “ Has the hour arrived ?” Now, the superintendent of the Sunday school does not consider, in regard to opening the school, “ Have the scholars arrived ?" but merely, “ Has the hour arr ved P” So the good scholar will always feel it to be his duty to be as punctual as the hour itself. Wlen the time arrives for opening the school, he will be found in his place. He is not behind-hand, but is quite ready to begin the appointed services. He says,

“I would be there when prayer begins,

To ask the pardon of my sins." He will not stop by the way to have a slide on the pond in winter, or loiter about the yıllage street in the summer.


HIS LESSONS PREPARED. We do not know how to account for it, but it is true, that a great many children of the Sunday schcol seem to think that they come to school to learn their lessons. They ought to know better than this. They ought to know that lessons are to be learned at bome; and that this home-preparation the scholar re

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