Nature, Volumen43

Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1891

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Página 40 - THE BODY of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Printer, (like the cover of an old book, its contents torn out, and stript of its lettering and gilding) lies here food for worms ; yet the work itself shall not be lost, for it will (as he believed) appear once more in a new and more beautiful edition, corrected and amended by THE AUTHOR.
Página xxiii - PSYCHOLOGY, DESCRIPTIVE AND EXPLANATORY : a Treatise of the Phenomena, Laws, and Development of Human Mental Life. 8vo.
Página 126 - The science of Folklore is the comparison and identification of the survivals of archaic beliefs, customs, and traditions in modern ages.
Página 11 - The elementary parts of all tissues are formed of cells in an analogous, though very diversified manner, so that it may be asserted, that there is one universal principle of development for the elementary parts of organisms, however different, and that this principle is the formation of cells.
Página 3 - Lavoisier, as well as of the conclusion drawn from them, that dephlogisticated air is only water deprived of its phlogiston ; but, at that time, so far was M. Lavoisier from thinking any such opinion warranted, that till he was prevailed upon to repeat the experiment himself, he found some difficulty in believing that nearly the whole of the two airs could be converted into water.
Página xxvii - A TREATISE ON THE DISEASES OF THE SHEEP; being a Manual of Ovine Pathology for the use of Veterinary Practitioners and Students.
Página 301 - Report of the Committee Appointed to Investigate the Action of Waves and Currents on the Beds and Foreshores of Estuaries by Means of Working Models.
Página 74 - AMERICAN SPIDERS AND THEIR SPINNING WORK. A natural history of the Orbweaving Spiders of the United States, with special regard to their Industry and Habits. By Henry C.
Página 231 - Coal-Gas, delivered in March, 1867, and printed in the ' Journal of Gas Lighting,' he considered that incandescent particles of carbon are not the source of light in gas and candle flames, but that the luminosity of these flames is due to radiations from dense, but transparent hydrocarbon vapours. As a further generalization from the...
Página 68 - ... improved in proportion to the duration of treatment. All these patients had been sufferers for many years, having been previously treated unsuccessfully by various therapeutic methods.

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