Elementary Agriculture

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Página 132 - We have ploughed, we have sowed, We have reaped, we have mowed We have brought home every load, Hip, hip, hip, Harvest home ! and thus, sir, the whole assembly shout
Página xxvi - Rhode Island — Kingston. South Carolina — Clemson College. South Dakota — Brookings. Tennessee — Knoxville. Texas— College Station. Utah — Logan. Vermont — Burlington. Virginia — Blacksburg. Washington — Pullman. West Virginia — Morgantown. Wisconsin — Madison. Wyoming — Laramie.
Página xxv - HAWAII — Honolulu IDAHO — Moscow ILLINOIS — Urbana INDIANA — Lafayette IOWA — Ames KANSAS — Manhattan KENTUCKY — Lexington LOUISIANA — Baton Rouge MAINE — Orono MARYLAND — College Park MASSACHUSETTS — Amherst MICHIGAN — East Lansing MINNESOTA — University Farm, St.
Página 48 - ... when nine months old. Scrub hogs can be quickly changed in form and type by the use of a pure-bred sire. A boy whose parents were too poor to send him to college once decided to make his own money and get an education. He bought a sow, and began to raise pigs. He earned the food for both mother and pigs. His hogs increased so rapidly that he had to work hard to keep them in food. By saving the money he received from the sale of his hogs he had enough to keep him two years in college.
Página xxvi - Mayaguez. RHODE ISLAND — Kingston. SOUTH CAROLINA — Clemson College. SOUTH DAKOTA — Brookings. TENNESSEE — Knoxville. TEXAS — College Station. UTAH — Logan. VERMONT — Burlington. VIRGINIA — Blacksburg WASHINGTON — Pullman. WEST VIRGINIA — Morgan town.
Página 10 - ... should be placed in the stall, fed, unharnessed, groomed thoroughly, and blanketed. The legs should then be given a thorough, rapid brushing. Time spent in cleaning and rubbing the horse in the evening, after the day's work is done, is of much greater benefit to the animal than the same amount of time thus spent in the morning. If the animal is working in mud it is desirable that the hair be clipped from his legs ; if this is done, the legs may be kept clean with much less difficulty than if...
Página xviii - ARSENATE OF LEAD. Many experiments have shown that well-made arsenate of lead is much the safest of all available arsenicals for use on the peach. Arsenate of lead is to be found on the market both as a powder and as a putty-like paste, which latter must be worked free in water before it is added to the lime-sulphur mixture. The paste form of the poison is largely used at the rate of about 2 pounds to each 50 gallons of the lime-sulphur wash and is added, after it has been well worked free in water,...
Página xxv - Newark Florida, Gainesville Georgia, Experiment Hawaii, Honolulu Idaho, Moscow Illinois, Urbana Indiana, LaFayette Iowa, Ames Kansas, Manhattan Kentucky, Lexington Louisiana...
Página xxii - Nitrate of Soda 500 pounds Ground bone 200 pounds Acid phosphate '200 pounds Muriate of potash 100 pounds may be applied broadcast at the rate of 200 to 300 pounds per acre.
Página 200 - ... Columbus, Chautauqua, and Red Jacket. STRAWBERRIES While strawberries thrive upon a variety of soils, they generally succeed best upon a strong, sandy loam, or a light clay loam. For most purposes it will be found best to grow them in narrow, matted rows. The plants should be set as early in the spring as the ground can be worked, in rows three and one-half feet apart, and from one to two feet in the row, according to the tendency of the variety to form runners. The planting can be done with...

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