Fire Insurance Laws, Taxes and Fees

Spectator Company, 1917
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Containing a digest of the statutory requirements in the United States and Canada relating to fire insurance companies and agents, with many quotations from the statutes, also a compilation of county and municipal taxes.

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Página 504 - This policy shall be canceled at any time at the request of the insured ; or by the company by giving five days' notice of such cancellation. If this policy shall be canceled as hereinbefore provided, or become void or cease, the premium having been actually paid, the unearned portion shall be returned on surrender of this policy or last renewal, this company retaining the customary short rate; except that when this policy is canceled by this company by giving notice it shall retain only the pro...
Página 180 - A person not a duly licensed insurance broker, who for compensation solicits insurance on behalf of any insurance company, or transmits for a person other than himself an application for or a policy of insurance to or from such company, or offers or assumes to act in the negotiation of such insurance, shall be...
Página 316 - ... nor shall any such company or any officer, agent, solicitor or representative thereof, pay, allow or give, or offer to pay, allow or give, directly or indirectly as inducement to insurance, any rebate of premium payable on the policy, or any special favor or advantage in the dividends or other benefits to accrue thereon, or any paid employment or contract for services of any kind or any valuable consideration or inducement whatever not specified in the policy contract of insurance...
Página 522 - First. All the ordinary and necessary expenses actually paid within the year out of earnings in the maintenance and operation of its business and property within the United States, including rentals or other payments required to be made as a condition to the continued use or possession of property to which the corporation has not taken or is not taking title, or in which it has no equity.
Página 298 - Whenever any policy of insurance shall be written to insure any real property in this state against loss by fire, tornado, or lightning, and the property, insured shall be wholly destroyed, without criminal fault on the part of the insured or his assigns, the amount of the insurance written in such policy shall be taken conclusively to be the true value of the property insured, and the true amount of loss and measure of damages.
Página 523 - Any amount paid out for new buildings or for permanent improvements or betterments made to increase the value of any property or estate; (3) Any amount expended in restoring property or in making good the exhaustion thereof for which an allowance is or has been made...
Página 154 - General, to institute proceedings for the appointment of a receiver to wind up the affairs of the bank.
Página 210 - Whoever, for compensation, acts or aids in any manner in negotiating contracts of insurance or reinsurance or placing risks or effecting insurance or reinsurance for a person other than himself, and not being the appointed agent or officer of the company in which such insurance or reinsurance is effected, shall be deemed an insurance broker, and no person shall act as such broker save as provided in this section.
Página 494 - It shall be optional, however, with this company to take all, or any part, of the articles at such ascertained or appraised value, and also to repair, rebuild, or replace the property lost or damaged with other of like kind and quality...
Página 284 - ... in which the company is located and the state or government, under the laws of which it is organized. The term agent or agents...

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