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benefited by the widening. No local navigation will be increased or made more convenient. Its widening is solely for the United States Government, which has taken our land and reduced our taxabe property.

It has seemed to the petitioners that whenever the United States Government, solely for its own use, puts such a burden upon small towns which get no benefit, it ought to be the rule that the Government should pay at least so much of the expense as is made necessary by the express requirements of the Government and for which it alone receives the exclusive benefit.


The Federal Government having taken a large area of taxable property from the towns of Hingham and Weymouth, and established a naval magazine (a thing not to be desired in any neighborhood) which confers no local benefit, and having required these towns to incur a large expense not necessary for local needs and in the results of which the Federal Government will be the exclusive user, it would seem that a situation was presented where the Government might contribute without danger of establishing a precedent of furnishing aid for the building of bridges and other acts required from time to time by the exercise by the Secretary of War of the powers conferred upon him by the act of March 3, 1899.



1st Session.



No. 120.



AUGUST 4, 1911.-Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the state of

the Union and ordered to be printed.

Mr. TAYLOR of Colorado, from the Committee on the Public Lands,

submitted the following


[To accompany S. J. Res. 34.)

The Committee on the Public Lands, to whom was referred Senate joint resolution No. 34, having had the same under consideration, respectfully submit the following report:

That the Eighteenth General Assembly of the State of Colorado on the 29th day of May, 1911, unanimously passed a memorial to Congress as follows:

Senate concurrent resolution No. 10.-Requesting the Congress of the United States to grant to the State

of Colorado 1,000,000 acres of land under the Carey Act of August 18, 1894. Whereas the State of Colorado did by an act of the general assembly, approved March fifteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, accept the original grant of Con, gress of one million acres under the Carey Act of August eighteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-four; and

Whereas the acceptance of said grant has been greatly to the advantage of the State of Colorado; and

Whereas it appears that all of said one million acres has been applied for in approved and pending Carey Act applications; and

Whereas there are prospective applications now being prepared that will require several hundred thousand acres; and

Whereas increased irrigated lands means increased prosperity to the State: Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate of the Eighteenth General Assembly of the State of Colorado (the House of Representatives concurring therein), That the State of Colorado hereby asks and requests that an additional one million acres of land be granted to the State of Colorado under the provisions of said act of Congress;

And be it further resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the President of the United States, the President of the United States Senate, and to the Speaker of the House of Representatives at Washington, and further, that the State Board of Land Commissioners as at present constituted be authorized to accept on behalf of the State of Colorado said grant, provided the same is made.


President of the Senate. GEORGE McLachlan,

Speaker of the House of Representatives. Approved May 29, 1911,

John F. SHAFROTH, Governor of the State of Colorado.

That in pursuance of said memorial, House joint resolution 113 was introduced in the House on June 6, and a duplicate thereof, Senate joint

resolution 34, was introduced in the Senate on June 12, and the latter was passed by the Senate on July 26, 1911.

In transmitting the said concurrent resolution of the Colorado Legislature, the Colorado State board of land commissioners have very earnestly urged the speedy enactment of this measure in the interest of the development of that State. In support of their recommendation the State board of land commissioners submitted a statement showing the disposition of the 1,000,000 acres awarded the State under the original act of August 18, 1894, known as the Carey Act; and also showing that not only all the original 1,000,000 acres have already been applied for, but 232,120 acres in addition to the original allotment of 1,000,000 acres have been applied for, and more is being applied for all the time. The statement of the board is as follows:

Senate joint memorial No. 10, asking Congress to appropriate 1,000,000 additional, acres under the Carey

Act for the State of Colorado.
The reasons for asking for the above appropriation are as follows:

First. That as will be seen from the list hereto attached that there are 230,000 acres now applied for in excess of the million acres allowed this State under the original act of August 18, 1894 (the Carey Act).

Second. That there are now in prospect applications that will be filed in the immediate future that will call for approximately all the remaining acreage asked for.

Third. That the proper application of "Thé Carey Act” has been of immense benefit to all of the arid States (a) in settling up arid vacant Government lands that can not be settled up in any other way; (b) in increasing the population of the Western States and relieving the congestion of the Eastern States; (c) în increased taxationState, county, and school; (d) in the irrigation of arid lands, increased values of said lands, and increased production of all farm products necessary to supply the everincreasing demand; (e) in securing successful irrigation of lands under proper supervision with proper protection for the small farmer.

Fourth. That the conservation of water in forest reserves can best be consummated by application under this act.

LIST OF ALL CAREY ACT SEGREGATIONS NOW ON FILE. Segregations approved by the Un ted States and open for entry: Acres List 3....

39,000 List 6.

16,000 List 7.

22, 000 List 10.

16, 000 List 11.

24,000 List 15.

142, 000


Permanent segregations made and waiting approval of United

List 9..
List 12.
List 26.

[blocks in formation]

Segregations temporarily withdrawn and waiting action by this office:

Lixt 9. List 18. List 22. List 23. List 29. List 30. List 19. List 25. List 27.

11,000 100,000 40,000 26, 000

1, 120 275,000 10,000 40,000 46,000

Segregations temporarily withdrawn, etc.-Continued.

List 28.
List 31.
List 32.
List 34.

Acres. 175,000 136, 000

7,000 36,000

903, 120

Grand total now applied for

1, 232, 120 From the official statement of the State land board of Colorado it is shown to your committee that the million acres of land originally granted the State have been of very great benefit to Colorado; that the board is very desirous of securing the additional million acres as expeditiously as possible, so that thay may be able to supply a large number of responsible applications that are being made to reclaim land under the provisions of the Carey Act.

The bill is local in its application, and inasmuch as the applications far exceed the amount of land heretofore granted to the State, and very large and important irrigation projects are being held in abeyance pending this legislation, your committee are of the opinion that an emergency exists and the importance of this measure is so urgent that it should be enacted into law at the present session of Congress.

The provisions of the Carey Act, when successfully carried out, as they are shown to have been in the State of Colorado, are of very great and permanent benefit toward the development of the country, and as there appears to be no valid objection to the extension of the provisions of this act as herein contemplated, your committee, therefore, recommends that the said Senate joint resolution do pass without amendment.


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