Work of the United States Tariff Commission Since Its Reorganization in 1930: June 18, 1930, to June 30, 1932

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1932 - 27 páginas

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Página 2 - ... from the passage of this Act, to ascertain the approximate average cost per barrel to the oil refineries located on the Atlantic seaboard of crude petroleum delivered to them from the oil fields of the United States during the three years preceding 1930, and the present approximate average cost per barrel of crude petroleum from Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela, delivered to the same points. Such relative costs shall be immediately certified to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and to the...
Página 3 - Mid-Continent-Gulf area. The costs of production of the domestic crude have been tabulated in several different ways in order to afford as much information as possible on various phases of the industry. Costs have been tabulated by large...
Página 4 - Section 336 — Equalization of costs of production : To investigate and report to the President on differences in costs of production of domestic and like or similar foreign articles and to specify the rates necessary to equalize such differences, within prescribed limits. Section 337 — Unfair practices: To investigate and report upon unfair practices in import trade, with recommendations to the President as to exclusion of merchandise from entry. Section 338 — Discriminations against commerce...
Página 2 - Commission be, and hereby is, requested to make an investigation of the entries of fish and other marine products into the United States from the high seas in vessels owned, chartered, leased, or rented, wholly or in part, by aliens, whether or not such aliens are domiciled in the United States.

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