International Clinics: A Quarterly of Clinical Lectures

J.B. Lippincott., 1911

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Página 237 - Upon consenting to treat a patient, it becomes his duty to use reasonable care and diligence in the exercise of his skill and the application of his learning to accomplish the purpose for which he was employed. He is under the further obligation to use his best judgment in exercising his skill and applying his knowledge.
Página 241 - Where a special finding of facts is inconsistent with the general verdict, the former controls the latter, and the court must give judgment accordingly.— 1909-193.
Página 237 - ... 2. That he will use reasonable and ordinary care and diligence in the exertion of his skill and the application of his knowledge to accomplish the purpose for which he is employed.
Página 238 - His implied engagement with his patient does not guarantee a good result but he promises by implication to use the skill and learning of the average physician, to exercise reasonable care and to exert his best judgment in the effort...
Página 245 - Representation" or Statement of Patient. Name Date Dr No. in family Nationality Address Occupation, Man Woman Income Rent This is my application to this Dispensary in the year I have been an applicant to no other Dispensary in the year (or to the following Dispensaries : The foregoing statement is in all respects true. Signature of applicant Admitted Refused . 3.
Página 236 - Court on all proper occasions: 1. That their power of judging of the effect of evidence is not arbitrary, but to be exercised with legal discretion, and in subordination to the rules of evidence; 2.
Página 303 - ... tire by its uniformity, were it not given in so transient a manner. At length, evening advances — the performers gradually retire, and the concert softly dies away. The sun is seen no more. The robin again sets up his twilight song, till the still more serene hour of night sends him to the bower to rest. And now to close the scene in full and perfect harmony, no sooner is the voice of the robin hushed, and night again spreads a gloom over the horizon, than the owl sends forth his slow and solemn...
Página 303 - How sweetly does this harmonize with the soft dawning of the day ! He goes on till the twinkling sunbeams begin to tell him that his notes no longer accord with the rising scene. Up starts the lark, and with him a variety of sprightly songsters, whose lively notes are in perfect correspondence with the gaiety of the morning. The general warbling continues, with now and then an interruption by the transient croak of the raven, the screams of the jay, or the pert chattering of the daw.
Página 238 - ... the rule of reasonable care and diligence does not require the exercise of the highest possible degree of care, and to render a physician and surgeon liable, it is not enough that there has been a less degree of care than some other medical man might have shown, or less than even he himself might have bestowed, but there must be a want of ordinary and reasonable care, leading to a bad result.
Página 237 - A physician and surgeon, by taking charge of a case, impliedly represents that he possesses, and the law places upon him the duty of possessing, that reasonable degree of learning and skill that is ordinarily possessed by physicians and surgeons in the locality where he practices...

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