The Register of Arts, and Journal of Patent Inventions, Volumen3

Luke Herbert
G. Herbert, 1829

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Página 301 - the improved application of air to produce heat in fires, forges and furnaces *where bellows r.gQj or other blowing apparatus are required...
Página 89 - When of the equimultiples of four magnitudes (taken as in the fifth definition), the multiple of the first is greater than that of the second...
Página 105 - ... equilibrium when the power is to the weight as 1 to the number of strings at the lower block.
Página 139 - I cause it to pass through a very hot tunnel, flue, or oven, before it comes to the bottom of the boiler, or to the part of the furnace where it is proposed to melt metal, or perform other office, by which means the smoke is still more effectually consumed. In other cases I cause the flame to pass immediately from the fire-place into the space under a boiler, or into the bed of a melting or other furnace.
Página 85 - AKE raw potatoes, in the state they are taken out of the earth, wash them well, then rub them on a grater over a vessel of clean water to a fine pulp, pass the liquid matter through a coarse sieve into another tub of clear water ; let the mixture stand till the fine white particles of the potatoes are precipitated, then pour the mucilaginous liquor from the fecula, and preserve this liquor for use.
Página 140 - Lastly, be it remembered, that my said new invention consists only in the method of consuming the smoke, and increasing the heat, by causing the smoke and flame of the fresh fuel to pass through very hot funnels or pipes, or among, through, or near, fuel which is intensely hot, and which has ceased to smoke ; and by mixing it with fresh air when in these circumstances...
Página 22 - ... is a thin steel spring, formed into a single broad hoop, and pressed into the undulated form represented, by which it is found to act with uniform energy upon the wedges, until they and the segments become so much worn in the course of time, that the steel spring recovers itself into its original circular figure; d is the frame-work, cast in one piece, with the lower plate of the piston ; e is the piston rod; the dark spaces shown on the plan within the circular frame...
Página 6 - In order to cause it to act as a tell tale, the compass box is made with a glass bottom, so that the card can be seen as perfectly in the cabin as upon deck ; I also make the compass card translucent, or semi-transparent, in consequence of which it may always be lighted from below, and will be much more plainly seen at night, than when lighted in the ordinary way.
Página 168 - ... which the foul liquor should be separated from them by laying them on a sieve. The feathers should be afterwards well washed in clean water, and dried upon nets, the meshes of which may be about the fineness of cabbage nets. The feathers must be from time to time shaken upon the nets, and as they dry will fall through the meshes, and are to be collected for use.
Página 279 - ... fact, all those which are done in lines, or those in which the shadows are boldly executed, are capable of reproducing good impressions by means of autography. The operation becomes extremely difficult when it is necessary to transfer fine line engravings ; the lines of these are so delicate, and...

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