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treaties. Under all these circumstances I have the terms of which are peculiary satisfactory felt it my indispensable duty to have recourse to me, from their tendency to secure the future tra these means of prevention and internal defence with quility of t.e British dominions in that part of the which I am entrusted' by law: and I have also world. thought it right to take lteps for some augmenta- " Your attention will now naturally be direct tion of my Naval and Military force, bcing per

to such measures for the future government fuaded that these exertions are necessary in the pre- those viluable poffeffions, as th:ll appear, focanet fent state of affairs, and are best calculated boch perience and full consideration, most likely to at to maintain internal tranquility, and to render a vide for their internal prosperity, and to let firm and temperate conduct effe&tual for preserving the important advantages, which may be derita the blessings of peace.

from thence to the commerce and revenue of the “ Nothing will be neglected on my part that country. can contribute to that important object, consistent- “ I am persuaded that it wll be the object ly with the security of my kingdoms, and with your immediate confideration to adopt lucht the faithful performance of engagements which sures as may be necessary, under the present diswe are bound equally by interest and honour to cumstances, for er forcing obedience to the lzes fulfil.

and for represling every attempt to disturb the para

and tranquility of these kingdoms. " Gentlemen of the house of Commons, “ You wili be sensible how much depends my “ I have ordered estimates for the ensuing year the retult of your deliberations; and your uniter to be laid before you ; and I have no doubt that conduct is the belt pledge that nothing wili you will be ready to make a due provision for the wanting on your part wiich can contribute to its several branches of the public service.

present security and permanent advintage of a “ You will certainly join with me in lamenting country. any neceflity for extraordinary expences, which “ I retain a deep and unalterable sense of the may for a time prevent the application of additi- repeated proofs which I have received of your co:onal fums beyond those which are already annual- dial and affectionate attachment to me ; and I placa ly appropriat d to the reduction of the public an entire reliance on the continuance of those fer. debt, or retard the relief which my subjects timents, as well as on your firm determination might have derived from a further diminution of defend and maintain that conititution which has fo taxes: but I am confident you will feel that those long protected the liberties and promoted the happigrcat ends will ultimately be best promoted by nels of every class of my subjects. such exertions as are necessary for our present and In endeavouring to preserve and to transmit future fafety and tranquility; and it is a great to posterity the inestimable bleffings which, under consolation to me to reflect, that you will find the favour of Providence, you have yourselves exanple resources for effectually defraying the ex- ·perienced, you may be assured of zealous and pence of vigorous preparations, froin the excess cordial co-operation ; and our joint efforts will, I of the actual revenue beyond the ordinary expen- doubt not, be rendered completely effectual, bu ditare.

the decided sup; ort of a free and loval people."

His majesty having retiret, Lord Kervoo read « My Lords, and Gentlemen,

the speech, when the earl of Hardwicke, after " I have great pleasure in acquainting you, commenting on the unprovoked excelics of the that the brilliant successes of the Britih arms in French, moved a complimentary address to the Inxtia, under the able conduct of the Marquis Sovereign, which, after an amendment proposed Cornwallis, have led tớ the termination of the by lord Landsdowne was negatived, was carried. war, by an advantageous and honourable peace ;

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I N T E L L I G E N C E.

LISBURN, Nov. 27.

leading principle of where doctrine is, “ peace on earth, and good will towards men.'

The Rev. Jahe Man

CUNDAY last exhibited a spectacle here, in

or the purpose of enforcing the laws, and preserv- citizens, and share, in common with their coueg the peace of the neighbourhood, are happy at trymen, the advantages of the constitution. je oppoctunity now offered, of testifying our ref- 4.] Saturday morning, Mr. M. Dowling, an et and afiection for our brethren of the catholiç eminent attorney, and Mr. Burrough, private ligion. We come, fir, in the presence of Him, Sec. to Mr. Hobart, failed for Holyhead, to settle hom we together have worshipped this day, of an affair of honour, and this morning Mr. Dowim, who is the common father of catholic and ling arrived at his houle in Longfors-treet, peroteftant, to offer you, in the fincerity of our fectly safe.--Two shots were fired by the parties carts, the band of friendship from this moment, happily without any ill eff-The combatante ay uninterrupted harmony prevail in the land ! - acquitted themselves in every instance like gentle, vide and conquer, is a maxim as old as tyranny men and men of courage. felf.

A. H. Rowan, Erq; acted as a second to Mr. “ Who is present that has not heard or read of Dowling, and Major Cradock, as the friend of je mifery brought on this unhappy country, by Mr. Burrough. le difunion of its inhabitints ? Our forefathers The origin of this affair is said to have ho were actors and sufferers in the tragic scene, the Theatre some weeks fince. e gone to rett-with them be buried the distrusts, Shor: y after the cause of quarrel took place, ie jealousies, and the prejudices which hurried the friends of the parties got them bound to keep

many of them to an untimely grave, and the peace. Thus it became neceifary to decide the tiiled so much misery on their pofterity, &c. affair in another kingdom.

10.) Lord Yil Clonmel came to the commifBelf aft, Dec. 12.) This morning the delegates fion court of Oyer and Terminer, in the King's om the Catholics of Ireland arrived in town, on Bench, to pus sentence of death upon the two leir way to London, charged with the petition of Walshes, father and son, for opening letters that jat numorous and respectable boiy of people had been put into the post-office, and taking bills » his majeity ;-as soon as it was known they thereout which they negociated. ad arrived, a great number of the citizens waited The cale of these untortunate people lay over n them, and after breakfast, the populace being from the laft commillion, on a point of law mau cquainted with the nature of their emb.ffy, af. by George J. Browne, Esq. “ that the crime of mbled in crowds, and, on their departure, took the prifoners having been made a felony fublequent he horses from their carriage, and drew them to the date of the commission, under which the hrough the town, and over the Long Bridge, on court fat, it was incompetent to pronounce fenheir way to Donaghadce, and on parting hailed tence upon them." hem with three chcers--wishing them success, This motion in arreft of judgment was over&c. &c.

ruled by his lordship. Wallh the younger affect. Cork, Dee. 17.) Some days ago, a parter, ed to be in a high fever, but as the phyfician of samed Daniel Bryan, who lived on the Course, the jail declined to ceriify, and as he had availed ind had been ill for some time of a fever, being himself of a similar complaint before, bis lordship supposed to have diet, was laid out and waked in was pleased to order him up, when he palled sene Lie usual preposterous manner; when, to the tence of death on the father and son great astonishment of the bye-standers, he reviv- II.] The right hon, the lord mayor received d, after being apparently dead for near two days. an official letter from Mr. Hobart, informing his He however died in ten days after, in consequence, lordship that a commiffion is now making out to probably, of the treatment he met with. This array a militia in the city of Dublin, which com, is mentioned as a caution against hafty burials, mision shall be directed to his lordship and the for which çhis country is so infamous.

other magistrates, and the plan will be put into We hear from Charleville, that a young wow effect with the utmost expedition that legal forms irian was buried there, within twenty-four hours will admit. from her supposed death, which had been rather. It is now upwards of forty years fince there 'fudden. The day after the in erment, a female was a militia in this city, though it must be adfriend having visited her grave, heard a noise in it; mitted there is an existing act of parliament for upon opening it, she was found warm, with a high that express purpose. The embodying them, complexion, and drops of sweat trickling down however, will induce an additional expence on the her temples; yet she was instantly re-committed inhabitants for the support of the establishment. to the grave by her unnatural relations, without 13.) Yesterday one hundred and twenty-three the least effort to recover her.

convicts (ninety-two male and thirty-one female)

were conveyed in carts from the new prison, under DUBLIN, Dec. 3, 1792. an escort of two troops of horse and two compa

nies of foot, to the end of the North wall, where THE catholic delegates met at the Taylor's-hall they were put into lighters, which carried them Back-lane, to consult on the best mode of carry- below the Pigeon-house: they were enbarked Cart in Britain-ftreet, in order to make his escape ;

MARRIAGES. but one of the guard fired at him, and wounded him in the shoulder ; he was once more put into AT Kinsale, lieut. Hory, of the regal

, matery to the cart, and shipped off with the rest of them. the widow Foore.- At Limerick, John llar

Some of the convicts, had been lying in the new nell, of Abbeysale, E/q. to Mili Ravi. Prison for upwards of these five years past, under Sealy, Esq. i Miss Firaumaurice, daugktor of the a rule of transportation.

lale Redmond Fitzmaurice, E9.- In Cadel, Ratu 20.] The drawing of the State Lottery ended Johnson, E9. to Miss Angel Oliphani, of Git at the litec Theatre in Cape}-treet.

ver-hill. At Madden, co. Armags, their By fome means which cannot be accounted for Thomas Monck, bresker to Charles Starkey Menk, at present, the following numbers were not to be Esq. to Miss Jane Staples, daugkter of ide me found in the wheel, viz. 7212, 9088, 18827, Alexander Staples, rector of Derryesoe, is dat 21232, 28965, and 33661.-This is a circum- of Armagh, and nicce to John Staples, of Life Itance totally unprecedented in the annals of lotte- Éjq.-In Galway, Mark Lynch, Ef. 1: Maj ries.

Cormick, niece 19 fir George Lecuárd Sauess, bart. Various are the conjectures respecting the fix-Wm. Baldwin, of Castle-Townlerd, c. Cork, numbers which were not to be found in the wheel Esq.10 Miss Kirby, daughter of Frankiin King yetterday ; but the general opinion seems to be, tją. At the Hor-svells, Briffel, captaie MIL that by a manæuvre, and for the purpose of what hon, of Limerick, to Miss Scoti.- Catledrange

, is termed taking in the lottery-office-keepers, the rev. Thomas Radilift, 20 Miss Elisabet Mt. they were stolen out of the wheel at an early pe- chell. Robert Crawford, of Nwon Sari, riod of the drawing.

co. Tyrone, Esq.10 Mifs Jare Rojs, late of TalisWe are informed that insurance to the amount of more, King's Co, A Cork, captam Haritat, hear thirty thousand pounds, had been made at the late of the 34th reg. fost, to Mis Atkirs, daz, sit different offices, that the abovementioned lix num. the late Walter Atkins, Ejg: - Dominic D'A: bers would remain in the wheel till the last day of of Rockvale, co. Galway, Ej7, to Mrs. O Casals drawing; but the office-keepers suspecting that a reliet of Richard O'Cornel, Ej?.-- A Befu, f fraud had been committed upon them, have refu- Jimes Briscoe, to Miss Beyde, of fait fisiem ked paying the insurances.

James Moore Irwin,' of the co. *789**?, Ep" The wheel was not only searched, as is vfu 1 M:s Helen Houston, daughter of the late Freeri on the occasions, by a boy, but was actually ta. Hoxfton, of Armagh, E;,

OR Arbeweis ken to pieces, in the presence of a numerous crowd major Geerge Vallarczy, 29 A1 fs libela His: of spectators.

pareis, daughter of Richard Hampfrein salar 23.) in the morning, between the hours of of ine 28th reg: foot.At Colorze, 774 three and four, the house of Mr. Richardfun, M'Liwane, Fjj. M. D. to Mis Sejas lisgjering woollen-draper, Gratton-ftreet, was discovered to daughter of James Haflett, Eja. be on fie; the alarm was immediately spread, and every possible assistance given by the best di

DEATHS, Tected application of the fire-engines, supplied with abundance of water ; notwith it anding which AT Bue'ybeg, co. Maya, Andreas Crear i per tant the uncommon violence of the flames boffied

Eg. aged 84.- At Mill-brook, wear Libars, every effort to subdue it. By halt after four, the after a few hours illness, Miss Wilien, ispita front of Mr. Richariton's heuse fell in, and beat of David Wilson, E7-4 Erris, Mrs. Kan down the fire fo as to admit the operation of water lady of Charles Kean, EJ.-In, to its total extinction. The fire that had commu- James Park, Fjq.- I» Cork, Mrs. Wilas, lady nicated to the contigious houtes was shortly after of Henry Willams, Efq. _ Is Cavend 3-rett, comoletely put out. One jite, that of Mr. Charles Gordon, Eja greatly and soit dllereeding Browne, top-ke per to Mr. Richardion, was lost iamentech-In Gordon's lune, the rev. Mr. Leeds. in attempting to secure some bills aid money --In Cork, Mrs. Cuthberi, lady of Feia Caiaberi, Incked in an upper room, but before he could rf. Efa. - John Creagh, Ejq. late of . Eteftate *Ct his purpose, the fanies had cut off every re. Å stone-part, e. Rolcerman, Richard Penting

hy a window from which having E12, A Bristol Hot-wells, Henry Lefrzs, Eja,

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