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with as much food as they can carry, and put every one's money in the mouth of his own fack; but in the fack's mouth of the 2 youngest put, along with his purchase-money, my silver cup.” According as Joseph commanded, he did. And as soon as the 3 morning was light, the men were dismissed, with their alles.

• They were not yet gone far from the city, when Joseph said 4 to his steward : “ Arise, pursue the men; and when thou overtakest them, say to them: Why have ye returned evil for good? Why have ye stolen my silver cup, the same in which my lord 5 drinketh, and by whiclı, indeed, he divineth: Ye have done evil in so doing.”

"He overtook them, and spoke to them those words. But 6 they said to him : “ Why speaketh my lord these words ? Far 7 be it from thy fervants to act after that manner. Lo! the money, 8 which we found in the mouths of our facks, we brought again to thee from the land of Chanaan: how then should we steal out of thy master's house either lilver or gold? Let him of thy 9 servants, with whom the cup shall be found, die; and let us also be made the slaves of my lord.” “ Be it so far," said he, “ ac- 10 cording to your own words. Let him, with whom the cup shall be found, be my fave; but ye thall be acquitted. Instant- 11 ly they let down to the ground their facks; and every one opened his own; when the fiecard beginning his search at the eldeít, 12 and ending at the youngest, the cup was found in the lack of Benjainin. They then rent their garments; and, every one 13 having reloaden his ass, they returned to the city.

When Judah and his brothers were come again into the 14 house of Joseph (who was still there), they fell down before him on the ground. And Jofeph said to them: “ What deed is this 15 that ye have done? Know ye not that such a man as I can divine with certainty?" Judah antwered : “ What shall we say 16. to my lord? what shall we speak? or hov fhall wo clear ourfelves ? God hath detected the iniquity of thy fervants. Lo! we are my lord's faves; both we, and he also with whom the cup was found.” “ Far be it from me,” said Joseph, " to do 17 fo! He only, with whom the cup was found, thall be my ilave. As for you, go ye up in peace to your father.” But Judah, is coming nearer to him, said: “Oh! my lord! let thy fervant, I pray thee, speak a word in my lord's ears; and let not thine anger burn against thy servant: for thou art even as Pharaoh!" My lord aised his servants, saying: “ Have ye a father, or a 19 brother.” And we said to my lord: “ We have an aged fa- 20 ther, and a younger brother, the child of age; whose brother is dead, and himself is the only remaining of his mother; and his father loveth him." And thou faidf to thy servants : -: Bring 21 him down to me, that I may set mine eyes upon him.” And ?2. wa faid to my lord : “ The lad cannot leave his father ; fur his


23 father, were he to leave him, would die.” But thou saidft to

thy servants : “ Unlets your youngest brother come down with 34 you, ye shall no more see my face.” Now when we went up 25 to thy fervant our father, we told him the words of my lord. 26 And when our father said: “ Go again, and buy for us a little

food;" we said: “ We may not go down. If our youngest

brother be with us, then will we go down: for we may not see 27 the man's face, unless our youngeit brother be with us.' And

thy servant our father said to us: “ Ye know that my wife bare 28 to me but two. One went out from ine; and I said: He is 29 surely torn in pieces; and I have not seen him since. If ye take

this one also from me, and if he meet with an accident, on the

way; my grey hairs in forrow ve will bring down to the grave.' 30 If therefore, when I come to thy servant our father, the lad be 31 not with us; it will happen that, when he set th not the lad, he

will die; for his life is bound up in the lad's life. Thus fhall

thy servants bring down in forrow to the grave the grey hairs of 32 thy servant our father. Now thy servant became surety to his

father, for the lad, saying: “If I bring him not again to thee, 33 then let me be obnoxious to my father, all my days." Now

therefore, I pray thee, let thy fervant remain, a llave to my

lord, instead of the lad; and let the lad go up with his brothers. 34 For how can I, the lad being not with me, go up to my father;

left I see the evil that must come on my father?”. I · Joseph could not now refrain himself, before all who stood by

him. So he cried : “ Make every one go out." There stood

no one by Joseph, when he made himself known to his bro2 thers. So loudly he now wept, that the Egyptians and the house. 3 hold of Pharaoh heard him. And Joseph said to his brothers :

“ I am Joseph! Is my father yet alive?” But his brothers were so much troubled at his presence, that they could not answer him. Again Jofeph said to his brothers : “ Come near to me, I

pray vou." And when they were come near, he said: "I am 5 your brother Joseph, whom ye sold into Egypt. But be not now

grieved nor angry with yourselves, that ye told me hither : for 6 God sent me before you for your preservation. For these two

years pas, there hath been a famine in the land; and yet for five 7 years to corre there will be neither plowing nor mowing. So God

fent me before you to keep you a remnan on earth, and to pre8 serve your lives, by a great deliverance. Nor ye, then, fert

me hither; but God: who hath made me a father to Pharaoh;

the lord of all his house; and ruler of all the land of Egypt. 9 Halte ye, and go up to my father, and say to him: Tinis laith zo thy son Jofeph: “God lath made me the lord of all Egypt:

come down to re; delay not. And thou dalt dwell in the land of Goßen (tlrat thou mayeli be near to me), thou and thy chil. dren, and thy focks and thy herds, and all wiat belongeth 10 thee. There will I support thee (for there are yet to be five 18 years of famine), left thou and thy household, and all that belong to thee, be reduced to poverty.' For, lo! (said Joseph) 13 your own eyes and the eyes of my brother Benjamin see, that it is my mouth which speaketh to you. Ye shall therefore relate 13 to my father all my glory in Egypt, and all that ye have seen; and hafte ye, and bring my father down hither.” He then fell 14 upon the neck of his brother Benjamin, and wept : while Ben- . jamin wept also, upon his neck. He next kissed all his brothers, 15 and wept on them : after which his brothers talked with him.'


of the



“That same day the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: Go up to 48 that Abarite mountain, mount Nebo (which is in the land of 49 Moab, over against Jericho), and view the land of Chanaan, which I give for a poffeflion to the children of Israel: and die 50 thou on the mountain, whither thou goest up, and be united to thy people; as thy brother Aaron died on mount Hor, and was united to his people: because, at the waters of Meriba-kadesh, I in the wilderness of Zin, ye offended me in the presence of the people, for that ye did not fančtify me amidst the children of Israel. So thou shalt only see the land over against you; but shalt 52 not go into the land, which I give to the children of Israel.” · Now this is the benedi&tion, with which Moses, the man I of God, blessed the children of Ifrael, before his death; the chiefs of the people, of the tribes of Israel, being assembled.

66 O Lord! (said he) who carest from Sinai; dawnest upon 2 them from Seir ; fhonest on them from the mountains of Pharan! and from whose right hand came streams of water for them, from the copious forings of Kadeth! O loving Father of the people! all thy hallowed ones are in thine hands; at thy feet they fall down, to receive thy behests: the law which thou hast 4 enjoined to us, as the inheritance of the people of Jacob : for, 5 Thou art king in Israel."

"Then of Reuben he said: « Let Reuben live and not die, although his men be but few in number.”

• Of Judah he said: « Hear, O Lord! the voice of Judah, and bring him back safe to his people: may his own hand be fufficient to defend himself; and be thou his aid against his enemies."

"Of Levi he faid:

Let thy Thumim and Urim remain.with thy Pious One; whom thou provedít at Masla ; whom thou strovedít with at the waters of Meriba! who said of his father and mother: 'I heed them not :' who regarded not his own brothers : who acknowledged not his own fons : but observed thy commands, and kept thy covenant.--They shall teach Jacob thy judgments, and If- 10


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· rael thy law : they shall place incense before thee, and lay hoIs locausts upon thine altar.—Bless, O Lord! their valour, and fa

vour their enterprises: smite, through the loins, those who rise up against them, and hate them ; so that they may rise no more.”

Of Benjamin he said: « May the Beloved of the Lord rest in security: may the Supreme continually protect him, and dwell between his ihoul.

ders.” 13 Of Jofeph he said:

Blessed by the Lord be his land, with the precious dew of 14 the heavens, and the springs of the low-lying deep; with the pre15 cious productions of the sun, and the precious productions of 16 the moons; with the precious things of the primeval mountains,

and the precious things of the everlasting hills; and with the precious things of the all-fertile earth : and may the favour of

Him, who abode among the briars, rest on the head of Joseph; 17 on the crown of the Distinguished among his brethren!—The

beauty of a young bull shall be his beauty; and his horns shall be the horns of a rhinoceros! with these he thail push together the hofiile peoples to the extremities of the land! Such the ten thou

sands of Ephraim, such the thousands of Manaffeh!” 18 Of Zebulon, and of Isachar, he said:

“ Rejoice, Zebulon! in thy commerce; and Isachar! in thy 19 tents.—They shall call the people to the holy mountain, and shall

there facrifice sacrifices of equity : for they shall suck affluence

from the seas, and from treasures hidden in the sand.” 20 "Of Gad he said :

6 Blessed be he who enlargeth Gad.---Like a lioness he couch

eth; and maketh a prey of both head and shoulder. Therefore, 21 he feeth the first portion allotted to himself; and with joy re

ceiveth, from the Law-giver, a protected residence.-Yet he shall go over at the head of the people, to execute the justice of

the Lord, and his decrees in favour of Ifrael." 22 Of Dan he said:

“Dan is a lion's whelp; such as leapeth from Bafhan.” 23 Of Naphthali he said:

« Naphthali, replete with favour, and satiated with the blesfings of the Lord, shall possess the sea-coast, and the south." 24 Of Alher he said:

“ Asher, bleffed in his children, fhail be also dear to his bre25 thren. In oil he fhall dip his feet : of iron and brass shall be his

bars : and his wealth shall be equal to his days.” 26 “ There is none like the God of Israel ; who, in your aid, 27 rideth on the heavens; and, in his majesty, on the fubtile air: humbling the gods of antiquity, and subduing the strong of prior times. From before you he will expel your enemies; and will say: - Destroy them utterly!' - Thus thall Israel dwell, 28 alone, in security; the posterity of Jacob in a land of corn and wine: for dew their heavens shall diftil.

“ Happy thou, O Israel! who like you? O people saved by 29 the Lord! the field of your luccour, and the iword of your glory!-To you your enemies shall be subjected, and on their high places ye fhall trample.”

• Then Moses went up, from the plains of Moab, unto the I top of mount Nebo, called Phirga, over against Jericho. And the Lord thewed him the whole land; from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates, and to the farther fea: 11.2 nely, all 2 the land from Gilead to Dan; all the land of Naphthali; all the land of Ephraimn and Manaffeh; all the land of Judah, and the 3 fouth, and the plain of the vale of Jericho (the city of palmtrees) as far as Zoar. — And the Lord said to him : 6 That is 4 the land, of which to your forefathers, Abraham, Isaac ana Jacob I livore, saying: • To your feed I will give it :' with thine cres I have made thee fee it, but over into it thou shalt not go.”

So Moses, the servant of the Lord, died there in the land 5 of Moab, according to the word of the Lord : and was buried 6 in a valicy in the land of Moab, over against Beth-pheor: but, unto this day, no man knoweth aught of his sepulchre.--Mofes was an hundred and twenty years old, when he died : yet 7 his eve was not dim, nor his vigour gone. The children of 8 Israel mourned for Moses, thirty days, in the plains of Moab; where they remained until the days of mourning for Moses were completed. And as Joshuah, the son of Nun (on whom Mo- 9 fes had laid his hands), was full of the spirit of wisdom, the children of Israel now obeyed him; as the Lord had given in 10 charge to Mofes.—But there has not since arisera, iii Ifradi, such it a prophet as Mofes; whom the Lord knew, face to face; in regard to all the signal prodigies, which the Lord sent him to work in the land of Egypt, against Pharaoh, and all his ser- 12 vants, and all his land; and the mighty and tremendous deeds which he did in the fight of all liraci.'

We trust the importance of the subject will be a furrieient plea for the length to which this article is extended. The importance of the undertaking is greai, the learning, fagacity, and liberality of Dr. Geddes we cannot sufficiently admire; and we sincerely wish him health, with every requisite to the full completion of liis hopcs.


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