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have conferred on me a benefit whíeh I fully appreciate, and shall always remember. Perhaps even yet the time may coine, when my restoration to happiness may, through the medium of your generous feelings, reward you for your present conduct. “Adieu ! and believe me your obliged


“ She rises in my opinion,” said Mr. Wilmot, handing the letter to Charles. “ Could you have wished to blast such a woman as that—to blight her peace, her purity, her fame, and leave her nothing but that fleeting beauty, that a moment may snatch from her for ever?”.

« Thank God, I have not !” said Charles _" thank God, I have not !- I hope I did not intend it. Any man may do wrong in a moment of passion; but he who deliberately does so, is a villain !" “ She is the first person," said Mr. Wil


mót, “ with a few exceptions, who has not disappointed me; or rather, of whom I formed an opinion inferior to what they deserve. I generally fall into the other extreme, and expect more virtues than I find.”

“ Perhaps you have been unfortunate in your instances,” said Charles. “I have met with many most excellent people.”

“ Did you ever try them ?” asked Mr. Wilmot, with a smile." But however, my meaning was not to throw any reflection upon mankind-it was rather upon myself. I am well aware that people are more frequently disappointed from the extravagance of their own expectations, than from the unworthiness of their fellowcreatures; it has been my own case; I have set out seeing the world in too bright colours-I shall alter my plan.”

What, when you own you have just had an instance where you placed your estimation too low?” observed Mr. Melville.

6. These

“These are agreeable surprises, Charles,” replied his companion; 66 but one of the best ways of being satisfied with every thing, is to expect nothing."

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