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ACADEMY, the French, Voltaire's re-

monstrance against Shakespeare

addressed to, 40.
Actors, Illegal_Status of in Shake-

speare's Day, 103.
Architectural Works of Inigo Jones,

List of, 77.
Art, First Object not to Counterfeit

Nature, 44.
Shakespeare's, Inseparable from

the Theatre, 32.
Rules Cannot Be Made for, until

Object of Ascertained, 31.
Work of, Cannot be Tampered

with without Destroying, 96.
BARANTE, M. de, His Criticism on

Hamlet, 93.
Bartholomew, St., Fair of, the Cloth

Fair of England, 16.
Beauty, The Masque of, see Masque of

Beauty, The.
Birthplace, Shakespeare's, 230.
Belch, see Sir Toby Belch.
Blackness, The Masque of, see Masque

of Blackness, The.
“ Breeched with Gore," What it is to

be, 46.
Browning Society, Dissolution of the

London, 61.
CADE, Jack, Shakespeare's Abusive

Treatment of, 103, 104.
Carré, Jerome, A Pseudonym of Vol-

taire's, 41.
Chancery Suit of Shakespeare vs. Lam-

bert, 199.
Children's Companies, The, Paper by

Appleton Morgan on, 131.
Shakespeare's Satire Concerning,

Jonson's Complaint Against, 131.
The Puritan Attack upon, 137.
Allusion to in Jack Drum's Enter-

tainment, 138.
List of Masters of, 139.
Petition in Chancery Against, 140.
Excellence of Entertainment Ren-

dered by, 141.
Final Silencing of, 141.
Episode of not Creditable to Prot-

'estantism, 131.
Chlorinda, The Masque of, 69.

Cause of Quarrel Between Ben

Jonson and Inigo Jones, 69.
Classical, Former French National

Drama Always, 42.

| Clock, Uses of Mr. Puff's Striking, 53.

Coleridge, S. T., His Shakespearian

Criticism, 37.
Coke, Sir James, Makes Himself Ri-

diculous in Raleigh's Trial, 203.
Companies, The Children's, see Chil-

dren's Companies, The.
Constance, Queen, How Shakespeare

Vivified Character of in Old

Play, 54.
Contention, The Whole, see Henry the

Sixth : True Tragedie.
Earlier Forms of the, 99-106.
Cowley, Richard, Name of One of

Shakespeare's Actors, 112.

Played Part of Dogberry, 112.
Criticism, Shakespearian, History of

is a History of Literary Taste,
Crown Inn, The, at Oxford, Engrav-

ing of, to face p. 1..
Shakespeare Breaks His Journeys

at, see D'Avenant, Sir William,

Cuts, Shakespeare's Remorseless, in

the Old King John, 54.
D'AVENANT, John, Proprietor of

Crown Inn at Oxford, see Crown

Inn, 113.
D'Avenant, Sir William, Paternity of

Discussed, 113.
Deighton, The Macmillan Edition, 246.
Deschamps, M., His Alterations of

Macbeth, 96.
Desfontaines, Abbé de, Voltaire's Let-

ter to, 39.
Doak, H. M., Esq., Paper on the Su-

pernatural in Shakespeare, 213.
Doubtful Plays, a List of, 48.

Not Actually “ Doubtful,” 49.
Drama, Difference between the Eng-

lish and French, 45.
A Mirror not of Life, but of Epi-

sodes, 34.
Dramatic Treatment and Theatrical,

Difference Between, 33.
Dryden, His Shakespearian Criticism,

Ducing, M., His Shakespearian Criti-

cism, 95.
ENGLISH and French Dramatic Taste,

Difference Between, 45.
Expenses of Masques, Curious Bill

Showing the, 22.

Equity, Falstaff and, Judge Phelps's | Henry the Sixth, the Three Parts of,
Paper on, 159-193.

FALSTAFF and Equity, Judge Phelps's Charles W. Thomas's Essay on, 49
Study of, 159–193.

Familiar Quotations, Řeview of Bart- Horn, Franz, His Shakespearian Criti-
lett's, 57.

cism, 86.
Faulconbridge, Shakespeare Makes | Hue and Cry After Cupid," Masque
Over Character of, 53.

by Ben Jonson and Inigo Jones,
Field, B. Rush, His Paper on Field-

ing's Use of Shakespeare, 248. Hubert, How Shakespeare Improved
· Fielding, His Unconscious Use of the

Character of, 53.
Plays, 248.

Humphrey, Name of One of Shake-
Fourth Sex, Is There a ? 60.

speare's Actors, III.
French and English, Difference Be Hymen, Masque of, see Masque of Hy-
tween Dramatic Taste, 45.

More Sedulous of Elegances of IBSEN, Henrik, His Dramatic Con-
Life, 41.

struction, Compared with Shake-
French Art, Formerly More Conven-

speare's, 3.
tional than English. 43.

A Lyrical Rather Than Dramatic
French Taste Exemplified in Criti-

Poet, 3.
cism of Shakespeare, 36-37.

Learns Ais Dramatic Form from
Fuller, Thomas, His Statements as to

Stage Exigencies, 3-15.
Falstaff and Oldcastle, 109.

Dr. Price's Review of His Hedda
Furness, Dr. H. H., Review of His Va Gabler, 3.

riorum Edition of The Tempest, Imitation and Representation, Wide

Difference Between, 44.
GABLER, Hedda, Dr. Price's Review of Joan of Arc, Shakespeare's Treatment
Ibsen's, 3.

of, 102, 103.
Story of the Play of, 5.

Jones, Inigo, Life of, 16.
Gabriel, Name of One of Shakespeare's His Letter to Lord Arundel, 67.
Actors, III.

Quarrel with Ben Jonson, 69, 71.
Garrick, David, His Absurd Shake Arrives in England, 17.
speare Jubilee, 235.

First Services Performed for James
Gautier, Théophile, His Epigram as to

I., 18.
French Character, 42.

Architectural Triumphs of, 72–77.
German Critics of Shakespeare, Grant Sepulchre and Epitaph, 76.
White's Description of, 49.

Compounds for Privilege of Meat
Often Trivial, 83.

in Lent, 75.
Gonzago, The Murder of, in Hamlet, is Johnson, Dr. Samuel, His Reply to
a Specimen of the Interlude, 50.

Voltaire's Criticism on Shake-
Greene, Richard, Alleged Portion in

speare, 43.
Authorship of the Henry VI., His Own Criticism on Shakespeare,

Guizot, M., Revises Le Tourneur's John, King, see King John.

Translation of Shakespeare, 93. Jonson, Ben, His Quarrel with Inigo
HALL, Dr. John, His Medical Manu-

Jones, 69.
script, 190.

His Masque of Blackness, 18.
Hallam, George, Contributions to a His Masque of Hymen, 19.

History of Shakespearian Criti, His Masque of Beauty, 19.
cism, 30–79.

“ Jubilee,” The Absurd Garrick-Shake-
Halliwell-Phillipps, T. O., His Theory

speare, 235.
as to Three Parts of Henry VI., King John, the Old and the Later, by

Appleton Morgan, 47.
Memorial Window to, Engraving An Example of Shakespeare as an
to face p. 131.

Adapter, 47.
Hamlet, The Supernatural in, 226.

Holinshed and Hall's Description
Hamlet, Goethe's Criticism of, 86.

of, 51.
• Voltaire's, 41.

LESSING, His Shakespearian Criticism,
Heine, Heinrich, Compared with lb-

sen, 4.

Lowell, James Russell, Review of His
Henry the Fourth, Coincidence Be-

Theory of Richard III., 117.
tween Stationers' Entry of and Le Tourneur, First French Translator
Chancellor's Decision, 197.

of Shakespeare, 39.
Henry the Fifth, “The Famous Vic Lozier, Mrs. J. de la M., Elected Pres-
tories of," 50.

ident of Avon Club, 175.



Lawrence, L. L., Her Paper Concerning | Pericles, Appleton Morgan's Criticism
the Mulberry Tree, 171.

on, 63.
Love's Labour's Lost, Example of Shake- | Periods, Four, in Shakespeare Criti-
speare's Revision in, 47.

cism, 30.
Macbeth, The Supernatural in, 226. Phelps, Hon. Charles E., His Paper on
Midsummer Night's Dream, The Super-

Falstaff and Equity, 159.
natural in, 219.

Philistinism, Alleged, in American
Marlowe, Christopher, Alleged Part Au-

Shakespeare Study, 97.
thor of the Henry VI., 106. Poetry Is a Departure from Nature, 43.
Master of the Revels Cuts Part of Police, Critics are the, of Literature, 31.

Vitruvius Hoop Out of Jonson's | Portington, William, Devises Mechani-
Masque, 71.

cal Effects for a Masque by Jon-
Masque, Expensive Character of a, 22.

son, 20.
Masque, The, of Beauty, 20.

Pott, Mrs. Henry, Her Conception of a
Of Blackness, 18.

“Parallelism," 119.
Inigo Jones Devises Scenery for, Price, Thomas R., Criticism on Ibsen,
Of Hymen, by Jonson and Jones, Prior, Sir James, Describes a Shake-

speare Craze, 97.
List of Those for which Inigo Proof Correction, Specimen of Early,
Jones Devised Scenery, 20.

Memorial Library, see Stratford-on Publishers of the Shakespeare Quartos,

List of the, 124.
Memorial Window, View of, to J. O. Puff, Mr., His Dramatic Clock, 55.
. Halliwell-Phillipps, to face p. 131. Quarrel Between Inigo Jones and Ben
Meres, Francis, List of, Does not Men-

Jonson, 71.
tion Contention or True Trage Quarto Publishers, List of, see Publish-
die, 107.

ers of Quartos.
Merry Wives of Windsor, the Play an Quickly, Mistress, Mr. Reynolds' Pa-
Example of Stage Growth, 47.

per Concerning, 238.
Molière, Compared with Shakespeare REPRESENTATION and Imitation, Dif-
and Ibsen, 3, 4.

ference Between, 44.
Moratin, the Spanish Critic of Shake Restorations at Stratford-upon-Avon,
speare, 82.

123, note.
Morgan, Appleton, proposes a Test Richard Îl., Stationers, Entry of, 200
for Determining a Shakespear-

ian Authorship, ill.

Roister Doister, Ralph, the author of,
As to Shakespeare and Cade, 102.

Mr. Trant's Paper upon, 42.
As to Shakespeare and Joan of SALLET, Cade's Pun upon the Word,
Arc, 103.

As to Falstaff and Oldcastle, 108. Sardou, Victorien, Negatives French
His Statement as to Result of Dramatic Canons, 76.
Shakespearian Study, 128.

Schlegel, A. W., His Competent Shake-
As to the Verse Test Theories, 98.

spearian Criticism, 85.
Paper on the Children's Cóm- | Shakespeare, William, “ le Corneille de
panies, 131.

Londres,” 39.
Criticism upon Pericles, 63.

Is He the Only Man's Poet ? 62.
Mulberry Tree, The Truth About the, versus Lambert, Chancery Suit of,

R. B. Wheeler's Statement as to, at Oxford, 113.

Shakespeare Societies, The Fortnight-
Thomas Sharpe's Statement as to, ly, 185.

Clubs of New York City, 185.
Thomas Gibbs's Statement as to, Sinclo, One of Shakespeare's Actors,

Why Gastrett Cut Down, 174. Smedley, F. G., Elected President of
“ No Equity Stirring,” Meaning of the

New York Shakespeare Club,
Phrase, see Equity, Falstaff, 201.
PARALLELISM, Mrs. Pott's Conception Sir Toby Belch, A Speech of, Likeness
of a, 119.

tó Coke's at Raleigh's Trial, 203
Paternity of Sir William Davenant, ac-

cording to Aubrey and Others, Stonehenge, see Vindication of Stone-

Pascal, His Dictum as to Nature and St. Paul's Church, Restoration of, by
Habit, 42.

Inigo Jones, 69,


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