Report of the Delegate to the Educational Conventions of Buffalo and Boston: To the Commissioners of Public Schools of Baltimore, and Address on the Teacher's Calling, Nationally Considered, Delivered at Buffalo

Bull & Tuttle, 1860 - 126 páginas

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Página 96 - Nor am I less persuaded that you will agree with me in opinion that there is nothing which can better deserve your patronage than the promotion of science and literature.
Página 96 - Whether this desirable object will be best promoted by affording aids to seminaries of learning already established ; by the institution of a national university; or by any other expedients, will be well worthy of a place in the deliberations of the legislature.
Página 25 - Composition; reading from the most approved authors; exercises in criticism, comprising critical analyses of the language, grammar, and style of the best English authors, their errors and beauties; Declamation; Geography; Arithmetic continued.
Página 39 - ... charge, either for tuition, the use of the library, or for the books which they may be required to use in the school. III. Teachers-in-training must board and lodge in the city, in such houses and under such regulations as are approved of by the council of public instruction. IV. A sum at the rate of one dollar per week (payable at the end of the session,) will be allowed to each teacher-intraining who, at the end of the first or second session...
Página 39 - They must sign a declaration of their intention to devote themselves to the profession of school-teaching, and state that their object in coming to the normal school is to qualify themselves better for the important duties of that profession.
Página 42 - Affinity .Crystallization, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon, Sulphur, Phosphorus, Chlorine, Calcium, Aluminum, Silicon, Potassium, Sodium, Iodine, Manganese, Magnesium, Iron, Lead, Fluorine and their principal compounds, Nature of Soils, of Organic Bodies, Germination of the Seed, Development of the Plant, Source of Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen...
Página 41 - Poetry and Oratorical Addresses with fluency and expression — Principles of Reading — Science of Language — General Grammar — Analysis and Parsing of Sentences in Prose and Verse — Changes of construction. Structure of Propositions and Sentences. Etymology — Changes effected in Roots.
Página 24 - Normal School. And I hereby declare, that my object in seeking admission to the school, is to qualify myself for the employment of a common school teacher, and that it is my intention to engage for such employment in this state.
Página 30 - ... created a corporation by the name of the " Board of Trade of the City of Baltimore...
Página 125 - The drop of water appears to beof small account in the cloud or ocean, but were it not for the drop, neither the cloud nor the ocean could exist. The individual of the community, or of the state, or the nation, may be of small account in his isolation; he may be entirely too insignificant for consideration; but it is not only true, that without the individual the community or the state, or nation, could not exist, but the most obscure and apparently insignificant must be of some consideration, and...

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