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An act authorizing the auditor of public accounts to sell the three steam tug-boats used in collecting the oyster revenue of the State.

An act chartering the Bank of Commerce.

An act to incorporate the Hampton and Fort Monroe railroad company:

Joint resolution to provide for the safe-keeping of certain bonds of the Commonwealth.

Joint resolution extending the privilege of taking fish from the waters of the Potomac river to the citizens of Westmoreland.

Joint resolution in regard to a further adjustment of the debt of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Joint resolution extending the time for the final settlement of the treasurer of the city of Richmond with the auditor of public accounts.

Joint resolution authorizing and requiring the governor and treasurer to continue the investigation into the condition of the basement offices, and report thereon to the next general assembly.

Joint resolution extending the privilege of taking fish to the land owners of Lancaster and other counties.

Joint resolution declaring the substitution of the word “supervisors” for the word "justices” in the 7th section of the 50th chapter of the Code of 1873, and other verbal changes by the compiler of the Code, to be the true meaning and intent of the law.

Joint resolution authorizing the auditor of public accounts, at his discretion, to suspend legal proceedings on the official bond of J. M. Phillips, treasurer of Surry county, so far as relates to the sum of $3,198 08, destroyed by fire in his dwelling and storehouse.

Mr. Coghill offered the following joint resolution:

Resolved by the house of delegates (the senate concurring), That a committee of two on the part of the senate and three on the part of the house be appointed to wait on the governor and inform him that the general assembly is ready to adjourn.

Which was agreed to.

Ordered, That Mr. Coghill carry the joint resolution to the senate and request their concurrence.

A message was received from the senate by Mr. Bland, who informed the house that the senate had agreed to the joint resolution.

The speaker appointed Messrs. Coghill, Montague and Williams the committee on the part of the house.

The committee subsequently, by their chairman, reported that they had performed the duty required of them, and that the governor had no further communication to make to the general assembly.

A message was received from the senate by Mr. Holladay, who informed the house that the senate was ready on its part to adjourn. · Ordered, That Mr. Montague inform the senate that the house is ready on its part to adjourn.

On motion of Mr. Armstrong, Resolved, That the thanks of this house are tendered to the clergy of this city for their services in opening the sessions with prayer.

Mr. Armstrong offered the following resolution :

Resolved, That the thanks of this house are due and are hereby tendered to the speaker for the able, impartial and dignified manner in which he has presided over the sessions of this body.

Which was agreed to.
The speaker responded in appropriate terms.
The following resolutions, offered by Mr. Armstrong, were agreed to:

Resolved, That the thanks of this house are hereby tendered to the clerk and his efficient assistants for the satisfactory manner in which they have discharged their respective duties.

Resolved, That the house hereby express their satisfaction with the manner in which the sergeant-at-arms and the doorkeepers have discharged their respective duties.

Mr. Lamkin offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That in view of the well performed duties and courteous manners of our superintendent of public printing, R. F. Walker, that we, the members of the house of delegates, return to him our thanks, and express our appreciation of his valuable services.

Which was agreed to.
Mr. McMullan offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That the thanks of this house are due and are hereby heartily extended to the chairman of the committee on enrolled bills and his able coadjutors.

Which was agreed to.

On motion of Mr. Koiner, the house adjourned until the first Wednesday in December next.



Accomac.-E. R. Bagwell, John Nee- Greenesville.-P. K. Jones. ley.

Halifax.-H. Clay Harris, Matt. Clark, Albemarle.-Richard G. Crank, B. H. J. B. Štovall, Jr. Magruder, John E. Massey.

Hanover.-William R. Winn, Reuben Alexandria.-J. C. O'Neal, John B. E. Gardner. Syphax.

Henrico.-Stephen N. Davis, T. W. Alleghany and Craig.-John A. J. Lee. Hoenniger. Amelia.--Henry Hill.

Henry.-William W. Morris. Amherst.-Henry Loving.

Isle of Wight.-George H. Jordan. Amherst and Nelson.-Robert A. Cog- King George.-Thacker Rogers. hill.

King William.-Philip Gibson. Appomattox.-Joel W. Flood.

King and Queen.-William Hoskins. Augusta.-Marshall Hanger, Absalom Lancaster.-A. S. Nickens. Koiner, Alexander H. H. Stuart.

Lee.-Thomas S. Gibson. Bath and Highland.-Paul Lightner. Loudoun.-Mathew Harrison, John A.

Bedford.--Granville L. Brown, James Carter. L. Campbell, William F. Graves.

Louisa.—George Turner, William P. Bland.-Andrew J. Grayson.

Lucas. Botetourt.-John J. Allen.

Lunenburg.-Wm. A. Nash. Brunswick.-Robert H. Whittaker. Madison.-Robert A. Banks. Buchanan 8. Wise.--Morgan T. Lipps.

Mathews.-C. A. Bohannon. Buckingham.-Frank Moss.

Mecklenburg.---Ross Hamilton, George Campbell.-A. J. Clark, H. Howard W. Young. Withers, James Franklin, Sr.

Middlesex.-Robert L. Montague. Caroline.—John M. Hudgin, Samuel Montgomery.-Gabriel C. Wharton. A. Swann,

Nansemond.-Samuel H. Boykin. Carroll.-Isaac Webb.

Nelson.-Alexander B. Fitzpatrick. Charles City and New Kent.—Benja- Norfolk City.-Wm. E. Foster, Fredemin W. Lacy.

rick S. Taylor. Charlotte.-Wm. R. Gaines.

Norfolk County.-R. G. L. Paige. Chesterfield.-Socrates Brooks, *John Northampton.Peter J. Carter. W. Walke.

Northumberland.-Stark Jett. Clarke.-H. L. D. Lewis.

Nottoway.-J. P. Brady. Culpeper. -John R. Strother.

Orange.--David Pannill. Cumberland.-James Lipscombe.

Page.-William 0. Yager. Dinwiddie.-Charles G. Bickings. Patrick.-James P. Critz.

Elizabeth City and Warwick.–Rufus Petersburg.--Godfrey May, James P. S. Jones.

Goodwyn. Essex.-John T. Hoskins.

Pittsylvania.--William A. J. Finney, Fairfax.-Richard H. Cockerille. Langhorne Scruggs, James J. Lamkin.

Fauquier.—Thomas Henderson, Bailey Portsmouth.-Philip G. Thomas. Shumate.

Powhatan.-Henry Cox. Floyd.-Joseph L. Howard.

Prince Edward._Tazewell Branch. Fluvanna.-William D. Haden.

Prince George.---William Gilliam. Franklin.-Waddie T. James, William Princess Anne.-John L. Nash. Powell.

Prince William.-George C. Round. Frederick.--Robert W. Hunter, James Pulaski.--J. B. Alexander. H. Williams.

Rappahannock.- Thomas G. Popham. Giles.--Samuel E. Lybrook.

Richmond County.-Wm. W. Raines. Gloucester,-William B. Taliaferro. Roanoke.-IIenry E. Blair. Goochland.-Edmund S. Pendleton. Richmond City. -William S. Gilman, Grayson.-Peyton G. IIale.

Joseph R. Anderson, William LovenGreene.-Francis M. McMullan. stein, James H. Dooley, Robert Ould.

* J. W. Walke unseated; G. W. Friend elected. † P. K. Jones unseated, and re-elected,

Rockbridge.-Chas. Armentrout, Jas. Stafford. Gustavus B. Wallace. D. Morrison.

Surry.-William McGonigal. Rockingham.-T. N. Sellers, E. J. Sussex.-James H. Van Auken. Armstrong

Tazewell.-William P. Cecil. Russell.-Jack Carter.

Warren.—John T. Lovell. Scott.-James B. Richmond.

Washington.-Seldon Longley, Abram Shenandoah. —H. H. Riddlebarger, Fulkerson. John W. B. Moore.

Westmoreland.-Frederick Griffith. Smyth.Thomas H. Spratt.

Wythe. Garland J. Holbrook. Southampton.-George E. Beaton. York and James City.--Robert NorSpotsylvania.-J. Horace Lacy. ton.

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