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RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, January 23, 1874.

His Excellency James L. Kemper, Governor of Virginia:

Sir,—The superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute has received a communication from Commodore Jansen, of the Dutch navy, proposing the construction of a light house on the Rocos banks as a memorial to the distinguished services to mankind of the late Commodore M. F. Maury, LL. D.

This proposition has received the endorsement of the Royal Geographical Society of Great Britain. We are permitted to submit the following extracts from letters on this subject :


May 13th, 1873. My Dear Jansen :

The president and council of the geographical society have authorized me to tell you that as soon as the proposal for the Maury memorial takes regular shape they will be glad to give the plan their cordial support. Sir Henry Rawlinson thinks that the plan should originate in America. Will you ask General Smith to set it on foot, and then we might write officially to our geographical society and to other societies on the continent. Yours, sincerely,

CLEMENTS R. MARKHAM. To Commodore Jansen.

DELFT, HOLLAND, 15th May, 1873. My Dear General :

From Markham's letter you'll see that the Royal Geographical Society will give the Maury memorial, in the shape of a light-house on the Rocos, their cordial and hearty assistance and support if it is set on foot on your side. Now, can't you find in every State, among the leading men, a single admirer of Maury to club together into a memorial committee, by which the circulars can be issued to the scientific societies all over the world, inviting their co-operation and asking the Emperor of Brazil's sanction to erect a light-house by private international subscriptions to the great hydrographer; and if the emperor would like to accept it for maintenance and repair, and by so doing let his contribution take this shapethat the light-house shall be built by his majesty out of the committees' funds, and be lighted and maintained out of the Brazilian Exchequer. Most truly yours,

JANSEN. To General Francis H. Smith.

It is a singular coincidence that Maury, in his sailing directions, had called the attention of the United States government to the importance of a light-house on the Rocos, as is seen by the following extract, vol. 2, 8th edition, 1859, page 348 :

“ The trans-equatorial trade of Europe, as well as that of America, is interested in the establishment of a light-house or beacon on the Rocos. Grass Island is ten feet or more, so says Lieutenant Lee, above the water, and the cocoa-nuts would grow finely there. It is to be hoped that the request contained in the following letter will be complied with at an early day :

OBSERVATORY, WASHINGTON, October 29, 1858. Sir,—The new routes to the line have brought the Rocos of Brazil in the fair way of all vessels bound hence to Rio, to California, India, China, Australia, or to any of the ports beyond either of the two great southern capes.

These shoals (the Rocos) were well surveyed by Lieutenant S. P. Lee in the Dolphin, in 1852, when she was sent under the law of 1849 to assist in the investigations of this office. They are in lat. 3°51' s., long. 33°49' w. Two small islands, Grass and Sand islands, are on these shoals. They are a few feet above the water. The first warning that a navigator has of his approach to them is generally by the breakers.

Capt. Sam. G. Brooks, of the barque Inman, thinks that cocoa-nut trees would grow on them, and serve as an admirable beacon to ships that pass that way.

Seeing that these shoals lie in such a great thoroughfare—for they are also in the track of all homeward bound traders from South America, and coasters from California—and considering the importance of the suggestion, I have to request that some of the vessels on the coast of Brazil be directed to procure both the nut and the plant of the cocoa-nut palm, and plant them on the Rocos as they pass them.

The vessels of the Paraguay expedition, as they return home, afford an excellent opportunity of carrying out the suggestions. Respectfully, &c.,

M. F. MAURY, Superintendent. Hon. Isaac Tracey, Secretary of the Navy.

The above letters impart great interest to the Maury memorial, and with the encouraging prospect afforded by them of the hearty co-operation of foreign governments and societies in giving effect to the scheme, we are well assured that your excellency will take pleasure in laying the subject before the general assembly for such moral support as may most fitly be given by the representatives of a State which gave Maury to the world.

In behalf of the board of visitors of the Virginia Military Institute.



President of the Board.






Richmond, February 5th, 1874. To the Speaker of the House of Delegates:

SIR-I have the honor to present herewith, in compliance with law, a list of charters lodged and recorded in this office to the 1st January, 1874, since my last report. Your obedient servant,

JAMES MCDONALD, Secretary of the Commonwealth.


Recorded in the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, commencing

December 9th, 1872, to January 1st, 1874.

Assembly Hall Stock Company.
Albemarle Tobacco Warehouse Company.
Ancient Order of Hibernians.

Booth Granite Company.
Bank of Clarksville.
Bank of Fincastle.
Bank of Manchester.
Bank of Commerce..
Bank of Clarksville, (amended.)

Cotopaxi Iron Company.
Churchland Academy.
Chilhowee Iron Company.
Commercial Bank of Suffolk.
Chatham Cemetery Company.
City Fire Insurance Company.
Citizens Bank of Nottoway.
Coral Marble Company.
Clarksville Building and Loan Association.

English and American Bank.
Enterprising Mutual Building Fund and Dollar Savings Bank.
Evan's Iron Company.
Eye Sons of Purity, St. John's Lodge No. 1, of Alexandria, Virginia.

Franklin Machine Company.
Farmers Bank of Southwest Virginia.

Gordonsville Chair and Agricultural Implement Factory.
Guanahani Guano Company.

Holston Agricultural and Mechanical Society.

John's Mountain Iron Company.

Lowmoor Iron Company.

Manchester Cotton Mills, (amended charter.)
Mecklenburg Female College.
Mutual Home Building Fund and Loan Association.
Montgomery Savings Bank.
Monticello Wine Company.

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