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RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, January 23, 1874.

His Excellency J. L. Kemper, Governor of Virginia :

Sir,—The board of visitors of the Virginia Military Institute, having completed the duties of their regular semi-annual session, have the honor to submit with this report the report of the superintendent, giving the result of the late examinations. We also present the names of those cadets who have been most distinguished in their studies and general conduct.

The board have given their fullest consideration to the various subjects presented in the report of the superintendent, and respectfully submit the report of a subcommittee of the board, as expressive of the general views of the board.

It is with much gratification that the board of visitors are able to report the continued prosperity of the institution, and believing it to be fully meeting the designs of the general assembly, commend it to the fostering care of the State.


JOHN LETCHER, President;
WM. H. RICHARDSON, Adjutant-general.



The undersigned committee, to whom the superintendent's report has been referred, beg leave respectfully to report :

That they have carefully considered the same, but deem it unnecessary to refer to some of the subjects discussed therein, inasmuch as they have been acted upon directly by the board since the appointment of the committee.

There are, however, one or two matters of very great importance to which the superintendent asks our attention, which ought to receive the fullest consideration. The hospital accommodations and water supply of the institute are among these. Your committee appreciate this necessity for the health and comfort of the institution, and were means available, they should be liberally applied to make them as perfect as possible. Were the finances of the Commonwealth in such a condition as to justify it, we would recommend an application to the legislature for a liberal appropriation to perfect these objects, in addition to the annual appropriation. But whilst we most earnestly desire the continuance of that appropriation, we hesitate to go further at this time. When we consider what a great work has been accomplished by the energy and ability of the superintendent since the war, we are hopeful that he may be able to struggle on with the annual appropriation until better times come to the State; for we are sure when they do come there will be no diversity of opinion among her legislators or those who have influence in her public affairs, and that most liberal appropriations to develop the usefulness of the institute will be made.

The Virginia Military Institute occupies now a most important place in our system of education. We by no means underrate its military feature, that, so valuable at all times, and will be so as long as wars continue to prevail ; but it teaches that subordination and obedience, which in a republican government are so apt to be forgotten, but which are ever the foundation of all excellence and the first lessons in command. There is, however, another feature which is now regarded as more vital. The education it affords is practical, fitting the youths for that arena in life most conducive to the advancement of our State in the development of her material resources. The war left us almost a desert; energy and enterprise are fast removing the evidences of desolation. We hope Virginia will, ere long, take her stand among the foremost of the States in material wealth. Much of this development has been due to the Virginia Military Institute, whose graduates have operated on the great lines of communication within her borders, thus bringing into view her hitherto hidden resources. We hope it will ever continue to receive the fostering care of the Commonwealth. She certainly can receive from no other source a more remunerative return for her expenditure.

Your committee would suggest that the board order that in view of the large amounts that remain unpaid for tuition, &c., that no cadet be allowed to pass from one academic year into another until all his bills have been fully paid or secured; and that no diploma be given to any cadet until his bills have, in like manner, been

fully paid or secured. This is no more than right. The facilities afforded to poor young men seeking an education are liberal in the extreme, and those who enter as pay cadets ought, as they promise, to be compelled to pay. The charges are not extravagant.

All other matters having been discussed and acted upon by the board, your committee deem it unnecessary to comment or report upon them. Respectfully submitted. (Signed)


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The following named cadets were distinguished in their several studies at the semi-annnal examination just concluded :

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1. Hutcheson, W. G., Ala.
2. Bibb, P. B. Ala.
3. Turnbull, W. D., Va.
4. Smith, J. H., V. M. I.
5. Watson, T. S., Va.

Drawings. 1. Blaw, W. M., Va. 2. Hambleton, F. S., Md. 3. Exall, A. D., Va. 4. Ellett, T., Va.

5. Morris, G. W., Va. FOURTH CLASS.


French. 1. Strother, L. H., Va.

1. Allen, J. R., Tenn. 2. Allen, J. R., Tenn.

2. Taylor, J. A., Va. 3. Patton, W. T., La.

3. McCutchan, J. W., Miss. 4. Davidson, E. W., Md.

4. Earnest, H. T., Md. 5. Patton, G. S., Va.

5. Patton, G. S., Va.
1. Slaughter, J. F., Va.
2. Millan, L. R., Ga.
3. Patton, G. S., Va.
4. Allen, J. R., Tenn.
5. Earnest, H. T. Md.

Distinguished in conduct.
Baskerville. C. T., Va.

Hutcheson, W. G., Ala. Baskerville, W.O., Va.,

Hanson, J. D., La. Bibb, P. B., Ala.

Jackson, J. H., Ga. Braswell, W. T., N. C.

Keith, W. S., Va. Cameron, B., N. C.

Klein, J. A., Miss. Campbell, J, H., Va.

Kolloch, C. W., S. C. Campbell, W. S., Va.

Lee, J. M., Ala. Cash, W. B., S. C.

McCuthan, J. W., Miss. Clark, E. T., N. C.

Melton, P. L., S. C. Clark, J. W., Va.

Millen, L. R., Ga. Cousins, H. A., Va.

Paris, C. C., Va. Dooley, A. A., Va.

Patton, G. S., Va. Earnest, H. T., Md.

Patton, W. T., La. Edmondson, F. T., Tenn.

Payne, A. M., La. Elliott, T. K., S. C.

Phemmer, Tenn. Fleet, D. W., Va.

Roller, 0. B., Va. Force, E. D., Ky.

Shuamake, B., Ga. Forsythe, J. A., S. C.

Slaughter, J. F., Va. Garnett, J. W., Va.

Smith, J. H., V. M. I. Gooding, R. C., S. C.

Stephens, J. R., Va. Grandy, C. D., N. C.

Strother, L. H., Va. Green, W. McA., Va.

Sutton, J. D., Ark. Hambleton, T. S., Md.

Smith, J., W. Va. Hambleton, F. S., Md.

Tate, T. J., Va. Harrison, C. H., Va.

Taylor, H. M., Va. Hays, S. J., Tenn.

Walker, F. W., La. Hayward, T. B., S. C.

Watkins, L. C., Va.

Winston, C. H., Ala.

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