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Third Circuit. NOTE No. 6.—Buckingham County: In the number of final decrees are included 12 orders reëstablishing records of lost or destroyed judgments, wills, deeds, &c.

Fourth Circuit. . NOTE No. 7.-Patrick County: All the cases removed to the circuit court are such as went up from the county court by act of assembly.

Fifth Circuit. NOTE No. 8.Bedford County: The act of the general assembly, in force April 2d, 1873, required the actions pending in the county court on 20 August, 1873, to be removed to the circuit court. Under its provisions, 161 causes in chancery, 26 causes at law, and 10 causes on indictments for felonies, were received in the circuit court, but none of these causes are included in the annexed report.

NOTE No. 9.-Campbell County: Among the actions at law under the head of “ number decided,” are included all cases dismissed in court and at rules. Among the suits in equity, under the head of “number final decrees,” are included all cases dismissed in court and at rules.

NOTE No. 10.-Appomattox County: A number of actions at law were removed from county court by operation of law.

NOTE No. 11.--Amherst County: The number of removals to the circuit court, both law and chancery, was increased to a considerable extent by the late act of the legislature, and consist chiefly of causes, in both instances, removed from the county court.

NOTE No. 12.–Nelson County: Judgments on forthcoming bonds, not included among the number of chancery suits pending, are included 93 cases standing on the sleeping docket, a greater proportion of which are virtually ended.

Sixth Circuit. NOTE No. 13.-Culpeper County: The number removed from other courts were removed from Culpeper county court August, 1873.

NOTE No. 14.--Madison County: Of the 194 chancery causes removed from other courts to this court, 192 were moved up from the county court of this county in pursuance of the act of the general assembly of Virginia, in force April 2d, 1873. The three prosecutions under the heading of “change of venue to the court,” were moved up from the county court of this county in pursuance of the act aforesaid.

Ninth Circuit. NOTE No. 15.-Northumberland County: Chancery number of cases removed from other courts are included forty-one transferred by clerk in pursuance of act of assembly from the county court. Interlocutory decrees embrace all kind of orders. and one decree in vacation.

NOTE No. 16.--Gloucester County: Besides the decrees entered in pending causes, there were seven orders entered setting up lost records.

NOTE No. 17.-Essex County: Among the law cases pending, are nine garnishee. summonses against persons supposed to be indebted to judgment debtors, and two. new suits instituted to November term, 1873. Among those decided, one motion

on a forthcoming bond dismissed; one judgment on a forthcoming bond; one judgment on a bond in the nature of a forthcoming bond, taken under the act to prevent forced sales; twenty-seven office judgments confirmed, and three judgements confessed in the clerk's office. Of the chancery canses reported as removed from other courts, two of them were removed from the county court before the

hancery jurisdiction of the said court was taken away, and 365 transferred from the county court, by operation of law, 1st August, 1873.

Eleventh District.

NOTE No. 18.Loudoun County: Of the actions at law, 176 were removed from the county court 1st August, 1873, and of the suits in equity, 247 came from said court same time.

NOTE No. 19.-Fauquier County: The report includes suits at law and in equity removed by statute into this court on 1st August, 1873.

NOTE No. 20.-Fairfax County: In the number of 77 actions at law pending, are included 53 removed from county court under the statute. In the number of 311 equity cases pending, are included 67 removed from county court under the statute,

NOTE No. 21.--Rappahannock County: Of the actions pending at law, 30; of the suits pending in equity, 72; and the number of prosecutions pending, were removed from the county court August 1st, 1873, by operation of law.

Twelfth Circuit. NOTE No. 22.- Warren County: One hundred and twenty-two cases sent up from county court August 1st, 1873. In chancery 41 cases at common law sent up from county court August 1st, 1873.

Thirteenth Circuit. NOTE No. 23.-Rockbridge County: In the number of causes pending and removed from other courts, are embraced the causes removed from the county court of Rockbridge county under the act of the general assembly in force April 2d, 1873, entitled an act to regulate and define the jurisdiction of the county and circuit courts, &c.

Fourteenth Circuit. NOTE No. 24.-Botetourt County: The number pending include those removed from the county court under act of assembly in force April 20, 1873.

NOTE No. 25.-Roanoke County: The number of actions at law includes two writs of supersedeas, one summons on caveat, and three notices of motion under section 6 of chapter 167 of the Code. Number of pending causes includes ten at rules. Of the number of decided causes, eighty-five were judgments in court, and by default at the rules and by confession in the office—the residue (twenty-seven) were dismissed at rules and in court. The suits removed were all from Roanoke county court, of which thirty-six were removed by operation of the law which went into effect August 1st, 1873. Of the chancery causes commenced, two were appeals; of the pending causes, two were at the rules. The number of interlocutory decrees does not include orders granting leave to file answers, or for rules against defendants, or of revival against personal representatives. The number of final decrees includes ten dismissals, two of which were at rules. Of the suits removed (all of which were from Roanoke county court), forty-five were removed

by operation of the law above mentioned. Of the prosecutions, the change of venue of one was from Franklin circuit court-the offence was murder. The prisoner was convicted and sent to the penitentiary for fifteen years. The other prosecution was for barn-burning. Prisoner convicted and sent to the penitentiary for three years. The trial of these two criminal causes consumed the greater part of seven days at the August term, 1873.

NOTE No. 26.-Floyd County: The causes marked received from other courts, were received from the county court of Floyd county.

NOTE No. 27.-Craig County: There is no case pending on the docket which the clerk deems it necessary to append any remarks. The circuit court docket (common law) was very small before the business of the county court was transferred; the chancery docket has been about doubled. Many of the chancery causes are ante-bellum and of small import.

Fifteenth Circuit. NOTE No. 28.- Wythe County: Forty-one is the number of law causes, and eighty-three the number of causes in equity, transferred from the county court by act of assembly changing jurisdiction, &c.

NOTE No. 29.-Bland County: The number of cases given both actions at law and suits in equity, as removed from other courts, were all from the county court of Bland, which came to the circuit court by operation of law, on the 1st day of August, 1873.

Sixteenth Circuit.

NOTE No. 30.-Smythe County: Orders allowing answers and replications to be filed, and leave to amend proceedings, have been omitted in the interlocutory decrees in the statement.



Second Circuit.-Nottoway.
Fourth Circuit.-Town of Danville.
Eighth Circuit.-Accomac, York and Warwick.
Ninth Circuit.-Mathews.
Eleventh Circuit.-Alexandria county.
Sixteenth Circuit.-Buchanan.

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