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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1919, by

CENTRAL LAW JOURNAL COMPANY, In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington,



No. 1. A New Function for Courts—Declaring

the Rights of Parties. By Edson R: Sun

derland, 6. No. 2. The Rights and Immunities of a Sov

ereign Ruler. By Fred H. Peterson, 28.

Concurrent Power of State and Federal Government to Enforce the Federal Prohibition Amendment. By Wayne B. Wheeler,

31. No. 3. Foreign Capital in British Companies.

By Donald Mackay, 47.

The Strange Case of Mr. Baldwin. By

A. H, Robbins, 49. No. 4. Construction of Phrase of Constitution,

"Two-Thirds of House." By Wayne B. Wheeler, 65.

The Necessity for a Marine Court. By

Fred H. Peterson, 68. No. 5. An Interesting Debate on Reforming

Procedure by Rule of Court-Excerpted from the Minutes of the Last Meeting of the Missouri Bar Association. By A, H.

Robbins, 82. No. 6. Validity of Order No. 50, Issued by W.

G. McAdoo, Director General of Railroads.

By Henry C. Clark, 100. No. 7. The Enforcement of the Alien Property

Law Before and After the War. By A.

Mitchell Palmer, 117. No. 8. Judicial Buncombe in North Dakota

and Other States. By Andrew A. Bruce,

136. No. 9. "Peculiarities" in the Administration

of Justice in North Dakota-Judge Robinson's Explanation, 155.

Suits Against Railroads Under Federal

Control. By Edgar Watkins, 157. No. 10. Legislative Revising Editors. Ву

Walter H, Anderson, 172.

Rights and Duties of Occupant of Automobile Other Than Driver. By C. P.

Berry, 174.
No. 11. The Fraudulent Destruction of Wills

-Suggestions for a Legislative Preventive.
By Ralph Stanley Bauer, 190.

What Preponderance of Evidence is Necessary to Maintain an Action ? By Wm.

M. Rockel, 192. No. 12. Lessee's Liability After Assignment.

By H. W. Danforth, 207.

No. 13. Recent Decisions in the British Con

struing the Public Authorities Protection Act. By Donald Mackay, 229.

The Rule in Dumpor's Case. By Fred H.

Peterson, 231. No. 14. Removal of Suits from State to Fed

eral Courts-A Picture of Chaos Demand

ing a Remedy. By Charles A, Boston, 246, No. 15. Is a Referendum on a Federal Amend

ment Constitutional? By Wayne B. Wheeler, 266.

Banbury v. Bank of Montreal-Non-Liability of Bank for Gratuitous Advice on In

vestments. By M. L. Hayward, 269. No. 16. Legislative Action on Federal Consti

tutional Amendment Not Reviewable. By

Charles 0. Andrews, 285. No. 17. Suggestions of the Peace Treaty of

Westphalia for the Peace Conference in

France. By Arthur MacDonald, 303. No. 18. The Problem of the Alien. By Don

ald Mackay, 321.

Experience of States Providing for State Insurance for Compensation Risks. By A.

H. Robbins, 323. No. 19. Military Justice in the American

Army. By A. H. Robbins, 338.

Dry Bones on the Bench-The Remedy

for the Evil. By John Rustgard, 341. No. 20. The Position of the Prohibition Amend

ment. By Everett P. Wheeler, 357. No. 21. Usurpation and the Courts. By Noel

Sargent, 375.

Women as Practitioners of the Law. By

William Renwick Riddell, 376. No. 22. Is a Referendum on a Federal Amend.

ment Constitutional? By Everett P. Wheeler, 393.

Natural Justice. By Donald Mackay, 394. No. 23. Remoteness Precluding Recovery of

Damages for Breach of Contract. By N. C.

Collier, 409, No. 24. Apportionment Among Several Under

writers of Liability for Loss by Fire. By

Colin P. Campbell, .429. No. 25. Right to Priority in Distribution of

Proceeds of Mortgaged Property Among Assignees of Notes Secured by One Mortgage. By 0. C. Brown, 446.


This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in oúr Notes of Important Decisions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially—R. D., cases com. mented upon in our Notes of Important Decisions, and ann. case, annotated case.

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