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document','my whole arrangement of thought broken up, tea thousand times; often could not write more thana line or two in a day: and writing of nights, was injurious to health.

The Downfall, which is by far the most interesting part of the work, will be given to the public, as soon as it is possible, to gel it through the press. I have not, noi ever shall, make choice of the smoothest and softest epithets for fear of giving offence to the lordlings of the earth. I\fy object, my wishes and business is to hold up to public view, tare away the mask, and expose as well as I can,(still,however,by plain stubborn facts) the diabolical impositions, treachery and tricks of kings-craft, priestcraft and aristocracy; a cheat as old as original sin and the offspring and progeny of it.


Wheeliwo, Juke 30th, 1831,





It is an incontrovertible fact, and cannot be contradicted, that the working part of the community are those that produce the wealth of any country. It is equally true ani self-evident to the most superficial observer, that a certain class of the same communityare non-producersandthat these latter demonopolize to their own use almost all that is produced. These drones and wasters in the political hive, I would designate by the appropriate name of Aristocrats. These sagacious onesslily insinuate that the working rl;iss have not time,nor is it necessary, for them to think for themselves, in religious or political matters. "We," say they, "that have leisure, are alone competent to think to rule and govern, for this reason it is, that the few mustbe educated to qualify them for high places. The people can work and labor without education, and to make them good workmen, laborers, citizens and mechanics, it will be best for them and their descendants to follow the same occupation. Hence arose Caste and distinct orders of men. But as it will be difficult, if not impossible, for us the few, to manage thema. ny, we must make use of every stratagem that ingenuity can suggest. Two points we must never deviate from, that is the working class, must be kept in ignorance and poverty, and we must not fail to make use of the strongest prejudices of the htk

man heart, a sentiment of religion in every human breast; b#t( pure and urdcfiled religion will not do forus,it will expose all our unhallowed schemes, of fraud and treachery. We must have false prophets and corrupt priests, and we musttiave kings and standi; g armies, our priests and prophets will teach the divine right ofkings,and if the people should prove too refractory, the sword will teach them. Thus, out of aristocracy, arose kings-craft and priest-craft, and all the false religions since the world began. Cain, the first priest, and second aristocrat* (the serpent being the first,) because he coulJ not lord it over the mind and conscience of Abel, and would r.ot, like himself, corrupt the worship of God, slewhim. And wherefore slew he him?because his own works were evil^and his brother's righteous. So exceedingly wicked, and abominable in the sight of God, did the Antideluvtan world become, by the aristocracy and tyranny of the mighty men, which were of old, men of renown, that t ie earth, also, was corrupt before Go J; and the earth was filled with, violence; so that Enoch the seventh, from Adam, and the other holy patriarchs labored in vain to reclaim the psople to the true worship of the orly living and true God, till tiere was none of the righteous left but Noah and his family; whom the Lord saved in the Ark, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly. And tro1 this awful catastrophe was in full view, soon after the deluge, aristocracy again commenced its horrid usurpations and tyranny among the wicked descendants of Ham and Canaan, who peopled the fertile plains ofthe Euphrates,the Tigris, the Nile and the plains Jordan.— Oneofthe firstacts ofthe tyrantNimrod, and his companions in iniquity, was to abolish the true worship of God, and enslave the people.

From then till now,aristocracy or the rule, or rather misrule,of the few over the many, has been not the remote, but the immediate cause of all the war?, persecutions. rarire, devastation, and blood-shed throughout the whole world; arciert and modern, whether civilized or savage. A history of every nation,

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