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American Officers, Prisoners of War, on the 23rd of October, 1782;

with the Rank of each Officer, the Line to which he belonged, and the Time when he was taken Prisoner.


Line. When Taken.


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Adrian Preveaux, S. C. 12May 1780 Wm. Russel,.. Virginia 12May 1780 William Hext, do Nat., do .... Custis Kendal, Virginia Thos. Clark,.. North C. do .... John Summers, N Car. John Patton,


Chas Linning, S. Car Jobo Neville,.. Virginia

George Bradley, N. C. .... do
William Heth, do

John Buchannon, S. C
Bard. Beekman, S.C. Ari do Jesse Baker, S. Carola do
Lieutenant Colonels.

Thos. Buckner, Virg'a do
Burgess Ball, Virginia 12 May, 80 Thos, Gadson, S. Car do
Gus B.

Richard Mason, do -de Cambray, Eng'r|

Field Farrar, Sam, Hopkins, Virginia .... do .... George Liddel, do Samuel Cabel, do .... Peter Gray, ..... do ...... do .... Jonathan do Joseph Montford, N. C..... do ....

Vaughn, .. ..Del 16 Aug. 80 Thomas Holt, Virginia Thos Woolford, Mary'd do Abra Hite, Wm. Washington, Drag 8 Sept. 81 Mayo Carrington, Vir. Maham, Drag's.

82 Lawrence Butler, Virg. do Prestly Nevill, Virg'a. 12 May, 80 Phil. Malory, Virginia do Grimke,......

Robert Beale,


John Wickley, S.C.Art.
Wm. Croghan, Virginial.. i do Richard Pollard, S. C. do
John Nelson, N. Caro'a .... do Holman Minnis, Virg'a

do Waggoner, Virg) do James Wright, Virginia do Isaac Harleston, SC.

Leroy Edwards, . do William Lewis, Virg'a. do .... James Curry, do Ephraim Mitchel, s. C. .... do Collin Cocke, do Thos. Pinckney, S. Car 16 Aug. 80 Jacob Scriber, Ergin'r do

Patten, Delaware do George Hendley,..Gev. 25 June, 80

Winder, Maryl'd do Alex. Brackenridge,... Chas. Pelham, Virginia 12 May, 80 William White, ..... Ed Mas Hyrne,..S C. Mar. 82 Edw. Cowen,..Georgia Philip Lowe,..Georgia

John Carter, 1st R. Art. 29 May, 80 Caplains.

John Stokes, John Blackwell, Virg'a. 12 May, 80 Isaiah Marks,.. do.... do Joseph Day,... Georgia do Jono Lynch, Maryland 16 Auģ. 80 Benj. Taliaferro, Virg. do Geo. Hamilton, do Kedar Ballard, N. Car. do Jacob Brice, Jonu do Wm. Meredith, Vir. Ari do Callohil Mionis, Virg'a. do John Gassa way... Md. do John Craddock, NC do J. Learmouth, Delaw’e George Warley, S Car do Jon. Morris, Maryland do Tarleton Paynes, Virg. do Wo Barret, 3d R Drag 15 Mar. 81 -de Segond,Cavaly

Yancey, 1st do ... Richard B. Baker, S. C.. do Fra's. Muir, add'l Reg.

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Wm. Bentiy,..Virgin June, 1781 Wm. McGuire, Ist R.A. 8 Sep. 1781
James Reed, N. Caro'a 12 Sept. 81 Jesse Reed, North Car. ...81
John Clendenoin, do...

81 Captain Lieutenants Samuel Budd,

81 Philip Jones, N. Car? 12 May, 80 Stewart Herbert, Penn. 8 July, 81

82 Bernard Elliot, S.C.A.

Aaron Smith, S. Caro'a John Budd, S. C. Art's

Hugh Milling, .. do.... 12 May, 80 Charles Stewart, N O

Moore,.... Nat. Terry, ..Virginia


Zedekian Moore,., Md.
Jos. Swearinger, do...
J. H. Fitzgerald, do.

B. Verdier, Armands L.
Robert Porterfield, Vir.

James Farlie, N. York! Wm Tate, s. C. Art'y.

Ensignis. Wm Faun, N. Carola

Wm Jordan,..Georgia! 1 Sept. 80 Thos. Callender, do...,

John Crute, ... Virginia 29 May, 80 Rich. Waters, Vir. Art.

Willis Wilson,,

do Hoops,.. Maryld

Gassaway, ..Md. 16 Aug. 80 James Bruff, Maryland

s. W. Williams, Dela'e ... do Lieulenants.

E. Shillington,

do James Tatum, N. Car. 12 May, 80

Edmond Roach, Wm. Ward, South Car. ..., do

Truman,.. .. Md. 25 April, 81

82 Thos. Dunbar, ....... do

Carrington, Lee's Le John Hart, do

Le Charles ....Pulaskie Wm. Hardgraves, N C..... do

Surgeons. Thos. Hoard, Virginia 29 May, 80 Jas. Houston,gen. Hosp 12 May, 80 Thos. Pearsons, .do.. do

.... Fred, Supo, South Car. do John Bowen, do .... Jas. W. Greene, N.C. 14 m. Porter, do

Brownlee, ..Virg. 12 May, 80 Sam. Coleman, 1st R A 16 Aug. 80 Wm. B. Wallace, do..

Surgeon's Mates. do

Silvester Springer, S. C. 12 May, 80 Philip Reed, Maryland do Arthur Harris, ...,

Oliver Hart, South Cari

.... do .... do

Chas. Lockinan, do....
Jacob Norris, do
Isaac Hanson, .do....

Henry Duff,..Delaware do R. Wyley, D Q.M.Gen. 25 June, 80
George Purvis, do B. Crawford, Clk.&P.M 12 May, 80

Hillary,..Georgia 15 May, 81 A. Dellient, Major Brig
Wm. Stevenson, 1st RA 3 May, 81 T. Rutledge, D. C. Gen. do

Yancey,.. Drag's 12 May, 81 Robert Smith, Chaplain do
Glasscock, do...... Wm. Gordon, I. Com's

Rudder, do .... G. Gordon, 1.C.M. Sto'sl. Ashley Ferry, 26th of Nov. 1782.–This is to certify that all Amer:can Office s taken in the southern department by the British Army, previous to the date hereof, and not included in the above list, consisting of 7 Colonels; 12 Lieutenant Colonels; 12 Majors; 60 Captains; 14 Captain's Lieuten: auts; 34 Lieutenants; 1o Ensigns;' 7 Surgeons and Mates; and 7 Staff Officers, are to consider themselves as exchanged.


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Officers, foc killed at Fort Du Quesne, 1758 [37 Ashley Ferry, 26th of Nov. 1782 - This is io certily that 7 Colonels; 12 Lieu enant Colonel: ; 12 Majors; 60 Captains ; 14 Captain's Lieutenanıs; 34 Lieutenants; 10 Ensigns; 7 Surgeons and Mates; and 7 Staff Officers as mentioned in the above list, are considered as Prisoners of War to ih British Army, and shall be exchanged accordingly, except Lieutenant Coloori Grimke who i: in dispute

S. WARREN. Ashley Ferry, 26th of Nov 1782 – This is to certify that all British Officers aken Prisoners in the southern department, previous to the date hereof, (except those iaken at York Town in Virginia, by His excellency General Washington, are considered as exchanged.


The preceding and following lists are inserted in the Calendar, as interesting papers deserving preservation. It is believed that neither of them have, he retofore, been printed.

A List of the Officers and Soldiers missing, wounded, and returned from the action near

Fort Du Quesne, September 14, 1758.

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Soldiers | Soldiers
Officers killed, &c.

Officers Returned.

no wo'd wounded, Royal Americans.

Royal Americans
Lt. Billings...

Captain Launder....
Lt. River............
Lt. Bentinck....

3 35 Ensign Rhor..

Ensign Jenkings Highlanders.

Highlanders. Major Grant.........

Lt Arch. Robinson.. Capt. H. McKenzie..

Lt. Henry Monro Captain McDonald..

Lt. M•Donald (wd.)

162 24 Captain Monro......

Ensign Alex Grant.. Lt. Alex. McKenzie..

Surgeon Dunket, (wd) Lt. Colin Campbell..

} 131

Surgeon Harris........
Ly Wm M Kenzie...
Ll Rod. M.Kenzie....
Lt. Alex. M'Dunald..

Ensign Jno. M‘Donald

Major Lewis.....

Captain Bullett......
Lt. Baker......
Lt. Campbell........

Ensign Allan.........
Ensign Chew ..........

Ensigo Gist........ Carolinians. 4 Carolinians.

7 2 Marylanders.

Marylanders. Lt, M'Crae......

21 Captain Ware......... 50 6

Lt Reiley...........

Ens'n Harrison, (wd) Pennsylvanians.

Ensigo Hollor........ 20 Captain Clayton..... 97 5

Lt. Hays........
Lt. Reynolds.........

W. /} 104

[blocks in formation]

38] Virginians killed at Fort Du Quesne, 1758. Number of the Troops that marched on the Expedition against Fort Dv

Quesne, 1758. Royal Americans..... Officers 6 Sergeants, &c and Privates.. 108 13 317 Virginians, 1st Regi't.. do... 8 168 Carolinians.... ..... .. 13 Marylanders.......... .do... 4 77 Lower Counties, Pa.... do 14 4 108

35 2

805 37

A List of the Men's Names belonging to the 1st Virginian Regiment that

were killed in the aclion, near Fort Du Quesne, Sept. 14, 1758 Col. WASHINGTON's Company,-Sergeant Stephens. Rank and File,

Joseph Crenslaw, William Baylest, William Joram, John Grinway, John Parkes, William Weathers, Ed ard Whitehead, Clemmit Scott,

Thomas Doran, William Avery, John Conrer, Justanor Chessher. Lt. Col. STEPHEN'S Company-Ensign John Allen. Rank and File, John

Anderson, Joseph Edwards, ames Hendon, John Burk, Gowan Beas. ly, John Chambers, James Douglas, Samuel Pugh, John Williams, John Weatherspoon, George Davis, Joseph Dansey, Paul Quehan,

Edward Sparks. Major Lewis’ Company--Major Lewis, (Prisoner.) Sergeant Tolbert,

Rank and File, Abraham Bleecker, Thomas Kig;am, John Swinburn,

John Davis. Captain ROBERT STEWART's Company-Lt. John Campbell, Ensign

Thomas Gist Rank and File, Joho Skelton, eremiah Culom, Collin Thompson, Josea Sabbey, James Checok, Charles Rowan, Joseph

Hughes, John Troutback. Captain BULLETT's Company-Lieut. James Baker, Ensign Coleby

Chew. Rank and File, Thomas Edwards, Martin Way, Robert Walters, Daniel Parrott, John Webster, Jno. Johnston, Alexander Rank.

ins, William Croswell. Captain WALTER STEWART'S Company-Rank and File, Benjamin

Austin, E .ward Painter, Edward Childs, James Lowery, James M.Koy Edward Painter, William Brumley, Robert Bassett, John Hedgman, James Bradbury, Edward Harmon, Joseph Jackson.

Imports and Exports, 1821–1832. The Tables contained in the succeeding twenty pages, (from p. [39 to p:58) inclusive,) show the whole amount of Imports, Exports, and Tonnage of the United States, distinguishing the amount to and from each Foreign Country, for twelve years; and the Imports and Exports of Bullion and Coin for the same period. The Tables for eleven years were given in the lası volume, but are reinserted here, for the purpose of giving iogether, the whole iwelve years.

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