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sleeves tight in the upper portion, thence bouffanted and
terminated by a pendant addition, on the higher part
of which a bunch of grapes and a couple of ribhons
with flowing ends are placed.

The caps are composed of tulle and worked muslin,
ornamented with feathers, flowers arranged in small
bouquets or garlands, and ribbon bows. The hats and
bonnets of satin, gros d'Afrique and velvet bave fea.
thers, marabout and paradise bouquets and garlands,
lace ornaments, &c. the interior it will be observed is
rather fully ornamented, and the choice of ornaments in
them is considerable, lace Aowers and small ribbon
bows prevail. A prculiarity of form will be remarked
in the bonnet at the extreme right, which gradually
and without forming an angle diminishes in width from
the brim to the crown, the curtain is also rather full.

FIGURE 1.-Evening Dress.Pekinet dress, the
corsage ornamen with a draping ; the skirt full and
having a deep finance looped ap with a bouquet. Coif.
fure ornamented with pearls.

FIGURE 2.- Bali Dress.—Satin dress, with lace
moyen-age ornamenting the upper part, the skirt em.
bellished in the same style, garlands down the front
and deep tounce.

FIGURES 3 & 4.-Evening Dresses Of satin and gros d'Afrique, very similarly fashioned in the cor. sages; the Aounce and sleeves looped up in the first in. stance, and in the fourth figure, a graceful ornament composed of bonillons and marahouts alternating.

The hats and capote of velvet, gros de Tour, and with feather and flower ornaments principally,




18 6 19 6


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