Pinnock's improved edition of dr. Goldsmith's History of Greece, abridged for the use of schools. Together with a short dictionary, explaining every difficulty, also questions for examination


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Página 264 - Apollodorus, who had been in tears during almost the whole conversation, began then to raise great cries, and to lament with such excessive grief, as pierced the hearts of all that were present. Socrates alone remained unmoved, and even reproved his friends, though with his usual mildness and good nature.
Página 257 - He does not swear to discharge with impunity whom he pleases; but to do justice where it is due. We ought not therefore to accustom you to perjury, nor you to suffer yourselves to be accustomed to, it; for in so doing...
Página 147 - It is even asserted, that he did not leave money enough behind him to pay the expenses of his funeral ; but that the government was obliged to bear the charge of it, and to maintain his family.
Página 261 - Presently after they entered, and found Socrates, whose chains had been taken off, sitting by Xantippe, his wife, who held one of his children in her arms; as soon as she perceived them, setting up great cries, sobbing, and tearing her face and hair, she made the prison resound with her complaints.
Página 256 - I should have been amongst the dead long ago, had I been concerned in the measures of the state, without effecting any thing to the advantage of myself or our country. Do not take it ill, I beseech you, if I speak my thoughts without disguise, and with truth and freedom. Every man who would generously oppose a whole people, either...
Página 463 - THE ENGLISH MASTER; Or, STUDENT'S GUIDE TO REASONING AND COMPOSITION. Exhibiting an Analytical View of the English Language, of the Human Mind, and of the Principles of fine Writing. By WILLIAM BANKS, Private Teacher of Composition, Intellectual Philosophy, &c.
Página 177 - Nicias to rely entirely upon himself ; and the next day when the people were assembled, and the ambassadors introduced, Alcibiades, with a very obliging air, demanded of them with what powers they were come ? They made answer that they were not come as plenipotentiaries. Upon which he instantly changed his voice and countenance, and...

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